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HELP!! How do I get dad involved?

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Hi all, so my son is a year (tomorrow!), and for the first six months or so I was a single parent. Dad had a little growing up left to do, and has since wanted to be "the perfect father." The problem is DS is a very big momma-boy. I mean HUGELY attached to me. I'm the only person besides my mother who can rock him to sleep. DH wants to be more involved and wants to be able to put him to bed and for DS to listen to him more, and I just don't know what to do. I include DH in just about everything. He just can't change diapers because of a squeemish problem. But I don't mind that, diapers aren't an issue. Its more of how do I get him more involved in day to day living when DS only wants Momma?
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Have dad be a close presence and be there with you two as much as possible. Bathtime is a great thing for bonding and at our house it's daddy time. I'd start with DH being there for the bath and slowly take over until he's doing it all. Then you can slowly extract yourself and have a break. Take it easy, 12 months was pretty high on the separation anxiety scale for us. Daddy can also help at mealtime, or simply sit on the floor, reading books, playing and let DS approach him when he's ready. Around 15 months DD really started to loosen up and got much more comfortable without me for short periods. Good luck!
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My first LO is extremely attached to her father and we have still gone though periods where she would only want me. I agree with the PPs suggestions and I would also suggest that he start taking your son out for short outings, just the two of them. It need only be a walk around the block or a quick trip to the local park at first. But it's a great way for them to have some special time and I found with my daughter that she may have been a bit reluctant to leave me but within a couple of minutes it was "mummy? What mummy?".

I'd also suggest that he learn to change nappies. Your son is going to need them for at least another year probably. He could start with wet ones only and work his way up but I really think he needs to conquer that. Especially if its possible you may have another baby one day.
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He doesn't mind wet diapers, it's something to do with the soiled ones. He does try though, it generally starts with a "here goes nothin" and ends with a "sweetie I need help" haha.
But thanks all for the great ideas!
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