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Aquadoula advice wanted

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I am about 90% sure we will be using an Aquadoula for this birth. Our midwives are renting it to us and part of the contract is we set it up, clean it up and take it down. I am wondering if any of you have experience with it and any pointers to share to help us prepare for that process.


We considered buying a kiddie pool and all that but really think we don't need more stuff- I have a blow up pool already too and the other concern is our pets (my dog loves to jump into the pool and I worry about her ripping it or driving me nuts!) The aquadoula just seems like a good fit because the dog wont be able to jump into it. lol.gif


Thanks so much for any input you might have to offer.

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We found the Aqua doula easy to set up and take down. You are buying a plastic liner, I am assuming. We put a few cushions in between the tub and liner so I would have a little bit of support on the floor. It held the water warmth well and was generally comfortable though I did miss the head support offered by the inflatable versions.

I've birthed in inflatable fishie pools, aqua doula and another brand I cant remember at the moment.

Aqua doula was good because it was deep and there was room to move around in. I did miss the cushiness of the inflatable, but think that a deep water was more important for me.

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Sounds like something I will enjoy. I am going to think of creative lounging tools to help in case I want to lounge.
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