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My Due Date Confusion?!

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Hello Ladies I am a first time mom & this hasnt been a fun journey for me Please help if you can with kind words no judging please, I will try to make this clear & short.


My LMP was 12/6/12 I had Intercourse on Dec 2nd with a Old "friend" & began my cycle few days later 12/6/12-12/10/12. My boyfriend came back into town 12/10 & we had sex Dec11/12 my ultrasound as of 2/5 said I was 11 weeks & 2 days as i can recall which makes me as of today 12 weeks & 2 days.


My EDD is now 9/4 who is the father? I am really praying my boyfriend is despite what I done & he is aware.


Thank you ladies for your help!

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Your dates are confusing. If you had an ultrasound on 2/5 and were 11w2d, you would be 13w3d now. If you got your period on 12/6/12, shouldn't you be 11w 1 day today (2/22/13). If you got your period on 12/6/12, you would be looking at a conception date closer to 12/22/12 (in a "normal" cycle), and all of the sex you mentioned would have been too early. Are some of these dates possibly incorrect? 

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My cycle date is correct 12/6 & Yes the ultrasound I was measuring 11weeks 2 days with a due date 9/4 this is from my new doctor I switched to.


Previous doctor I had on 1/15 (when i found out I was preggo) said at that time I was 6 weeks & 2 days with a due date 9/8/13.


This is all confusing :(

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When you got your period, was in completely normal, or lighter than usual?
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Also, have you been historically regular, and was the period on 12/6 on time. When was your LMP before 12/6?
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OK well my last period was on Nov. 26 and I 12weeks 4 days today my due date is for Sep. 2, So if you where to add 40 weeks for 12/6/12 you would be at 11 weeks 2 days as of today! I would call your doc and explain your concerns and I would say at this point it is your boyfriends child! good luck hope this gets straightened out.

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If you were truly 11w2d on February 5th, then your conception date was around December 9th (9 weeks, 2 days earlier). That would give you a due date of September 1, 2013.

If your first check was correct and you were 6w2d on January 15th, then your conception date would have been around December 16th with a due date of September 8, 2013.

Either way, intercourse on December 2nd is unlikely to have resulted in a pregnancy based on those dates. Hope that helps!
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@MATTIE my cycle was normal & I've always had a history of irregular periods my last cycle before 12/6 was 11/5/12


@mommamattie I go back to the doctor on 3/4 I will talk to her thank you :)


@livingsky I was still on my cycle 12/9 both first prenatal care check up from both doctors has been off :(

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I am counting 9 weeks 2 days back from 2/5 at 12/2. Which is why I wondered if 12/6 could have been implantation bleeding/spotting. Did your first doctor do an ultrasound, or just go by the calendar? Ultrasounds are far from 100% accurate, but the earlier you get one, the more accurate it is for dating. If your 1st doc was right, conception was 12/16. The real trouble is that we don't know when you ovulated. With irregular cycles, it is hard to even guess unless you do some charting.

Either way, at least your BF knows, so that part is over. I am sending you big hugs! You are in such a tough place, but try not to worry too much. What's done is done. You can't change the past. All you can do is your best moving forward.
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So confusing I just want to make sure this is my boyfriend baby
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Wondering if you had sex with your boyfriend after dec 11&12 and what dates.
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Not until Dec 27-31st

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If your LMP was 12/6/12, that'd put your ovulation around the 18th of December and you'd be right around 10 weeks right now. So none of those dates are adding up. To be that far along, 12/6/12 couldn't have been a true period. If you're 13 weeks today, that'd put your LMP at 11/28/12 and ovulation around the 12th, which is when you DTD with your boyfriend.
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I'm sorry I put 2/5 when I meant 2/15 ultrasound so basically I am 13 weeka today? Do the information you provided still stand?
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thanks for clarifying, that makes more sense. if you were 11 weeks on 2/15, that puts your ovulation around 12/14 and i would expect that your boyfriend was the father. i think it would be highly unlikely that you would be pregnant from sex before your normal period considering the gestational age of your fetus. i'm sure this has been stressful for you, so take care of yourself! 

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Yes. It still stands that I think your boyfriend is the father.
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My vote is for your boyfriend as well. I think CDsmom and mrsandmrs have it correct
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