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Originally Posted by ESPMadre View Post

I am 16/17 weeks pregnant with a 6 year old special needs son (relevant because he could not walk until a year ago and is only now independently walking.)  I actually have a question at the end of the post between the Boba 3G and the ERGO

From 0 to 3 months:  Over the Shoulder Baby Holder Ring Sling:  When ESP was newborn/infant, he was a winter baby.  We loved the OTSBH, the extra padding all around the edge was more comfortable for both of us. Nursing was a bit tricky because I have very large breasts.  I actually got  a wedge meant to go under the breast to give it some support for feeding! At first we had an Infantino sling, but E got over heated in it - later it was recalled for just that reason.  I learned not to buy slings from companies that were just jumping on the babywearing bandwagon, but stick to companies that had been doing them long term.

From 3 to 12 months:  We used the HotSlings SolarVeil material sling.  The material has a texture but is not scratchy.  It is very breathable and we could use it comfortably even in the summer.  Took summer trips easily with this sling.  I actually still have this one! and am excited to get to use it again.  The new baby is due in Feb, 2013.

Ergo with the Infant insert (the 2007 design which is different from the 2013 design).  Both of us LOVED this carrier.  Too hot during the summer but awesome once the weather cooled.

My husband like the Baby Bjorn but I always had to help him get into it.  Was not my favorite because the position of the baby's legs did not seem natural.  Also got hot as we moved into Spring and Summer

From 12 months and older:
ERGO:  This was a fantastic carrier. I had to stop using it when ESP got taller because he did not have neck/head control.  I was never able to wear him on my back which I think would have been a very freeing option for me.  

This time I may try a Boba 3G, I have heard it comes up higher on the baby's bac/neck than the ERGO. Does anyone have confirmation of that????  Hopefully, this new baby boy will not have special needs but if he does, I may need the highest back option.
My son is a tall 21 mnth old and I felt my month 18 that he could flip out when he was on my back. I now am using the Noba 3G and I love it and he loves it also. But up until he grew out Ig the ergo we lived it too!!
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My comment will be based on experienced in this thread


From 0 to 3 months : Have not used any.. why? I'm not aware that a newborn can be wear already!! I totally missed this one and would surely wear my second as soon as possible smile.gif


From 3 to 12 months : My nephew is 4months older than my DD and I saw how a carrier has been so helpful in carrying so I COPY her. LOL I also use the Brand/Style she had used. It was a dangling style carrier with no hipbelt use it for front carry and front facing.  I started wearing DD when she was 3 months, were enjoying it but I have noticed that my back is aching and I had thought it was just normal until it was totally unbearable so I had stop wearing.

But, not wearing DD has so many disadvantage. So I got a new one, the Action Baby Carrier this is a lightweight SSC which is cooler and more comfy which is best suited for our hot weather specially  for my sweaty DH and DD.

In structure : ABC structure suits me and my baby well. The straps can be criss-crossed on the back so my baby's weight is evenly spread to the back so it is not giving me backache plus it has a hipbelt for added support. With regards to DD's opinion she just totally love it, she even cries just by the sight of this carrier because she wants to be in it.

In the position : I can do front, back and hip carry in this carrier, though front facing position was not recommended by ABC it was just okay I stop doing it anyway. I have read that front facing has so many disadvantage such as over-stimulation and a high risk in Hip Dysplasia. you can check it here.. http://www.hipdysplasia.org/developmental-dysplasia-of-the-hip/prevention/baby-carriers-seats-and-other-equipment/

Breastfeeding in the carrier : I can breastfeed in my ABC easily even in public and others won't even notice.

Accesories : Yes, the toyclip and a hip pouch was very nice and helpful!

Origin : It was made ONLY in USA! 


From 12 months and older : DD is 22 months,25lbs and still love being wear in our ABC. DD's knees is longer now and we are still using the standard size,so I'm already planning to have the toddler size of ABC because it is wider and support extends to the knees. DD loves the back carry and still falls asleep in this carrier fast. So I guess when our toddler carrier arrives my "Happy Design ABC" will be given to my sister in law who had just given birth last January. Hope she enjoys it too like I do. Goodbye standard size, Hello Toddler size!! ROTFLMAO.gif

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For the 0-3 month stage I like using a stretchy wrap around the house and a ring sling if I'm out and about. As my babies get older they get heavy quickly so we outgrow stretchy wraps pretty quickly. I also don't use ring slings for long because it's hard to keep them in as they get squirmier and tend to lean and pop out the bottom.


As soon as they are a little bigger 3+ months I LOVE the Kinderpack. You can get infant adjustable ones now that can be worn with a very small baby. They are very comfortable for me and the child I'm wearing. Kinderpacks are of a very high quality and I love that the sleeping hood is attached and can be stuffed inside the body of the carrier when not in use. I would definitely recommend Kinderpacks for any age or size of child since they come in four sizes. 

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Originally Posted by jujubee752000 View Post

My son is a tall 21 mnth old and I felt my month 18 that he could flip out when he was on my back. I now am using the Noba 3G and I love it and he loves it also. But up until he grew out Ig the ergo we lived it too!!

I also have a tall son! I agree the Boba 3G is excellent for carrying him on my back - really comfy.  Have just started using the foot straps too and he loves bouncing up and down :)

I have to say I have never found the Boba very comfy for front carrying - the shoulder straps seems too wide for me - but ds is too big for front carrying anyway.  

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my son was born on the larger side, so that may impact my experiences with carriers.
0-2 months: had no luck with hot sling or infantino 5 in 1 carriers. Ended up loving baby bjorn.
2-4 months: chubby monkey is now over 16 pounds and my back was starting to hurt when he was 2 months... so tried a Boba 3g. I love it! It's so sturdy and makes it much easier to carry him (he's a cuddly little one and loves to be held). It's also better designed than the bjorn, it supports his body in a much more comfortable and natural position.

I've been wanting to try moby or a ring sling... But I'm not sure if He's too big (18 pounds now).
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As a plus sized woman I have to say its Boba 3g, hands down. My husband who is average sized loves it also. I wrote a review here.

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Originally Posted by mom of B View Post

We have friends who were missionaries in Africa, and gave me a kitenge.  It is basically a big piece of fabric.  I used it for front carry, back carry, hip carry, blanket, nursing cover, sunshade.  I wish I had more, I may see with this baby if I can find fabric that I like and trust to hold up and make a few.

I had a ring sling, regular sling, and ergo, and used all some of the time, but the kitenge was my favorite by far.  It isn't as intimidating as it seems to learn the ties, but I did have the advantage of having my friend to show me.

You might be able to find this type of carrier also called a kanga. I have seen them on ebay and etsy! They are definitely less expensive than German-style woven wraps. =)

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0-3: Ring sling (never could get into the Moby)

3-6: Ring sling & SSC

Going to try Mei Tei and the K'tan with my twins this time around, should be interesting to see what I like best!
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Maya Wrap padded for all three and Scootababy for young toddler. My Scootababy got so much use, it was GREAT for hip carry until baby's legs grew and really began to dangle.

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Maya Wrap padded for all three and Scootababy for young toddler. My Scootababy got so much use, it was GREAT for hip carry until baby's legs grew and really began to dangle....at that point Maya Wrap was better for hip carry.

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Love Líllebaby COMPLETE. Have been using it from day 1 with the insert. Now, 4 month later Im still using it and can't imagine my life without it. It fits me and daddy perfectly; adjustable and organic. Very easy to adjust and nurse in. 

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I loved my Moby wrap when my daughter was an infant. I could just put it on in the morning and keep it on all the time, even if she wasn't in it. I'd take her out of the carseat and just pop her into the Moby. It was great. I actually wore her in it until she was almost a year old. She's petite, so that wouldn't work for all babies.


When she was an older baby/young toddler I wore her in a 2005 style Ergo, which I got for her brother when he was six months old. I like the Ergo but don't love it. I do really love the pocket on the front, though. Ergo no longer claims this, but, when I bought mine in 2005, their upper weight limit was listed as 60lbs. I've actually tested this.  We were on a long hike in the hot summer. My 18 month old had been in the Ergo but wanted some walking time. My 7 year old was exhausted. So I let him try out riding in the Ergo. It was basically like giving him a piggyback ride with extra support. I wouldn't want to do it for a long time, but it's doable.


My new favorite soft structured carrier, which hasn't been mentioned yet, is the BabyHawk OhSnap! It has a much higher back than the Ergo (even a little bit higher than the Boba), and is wider than both the Ergo and the Boba. It supports my two year old perfectly in the preferred "knees higher than butt" position. In the front carry position, the straps are crossed, which makes it quite comfortable. I found the clip dug into my back in the front carry with the Ergo. In the back carry, the straps go over your shoulders like a backpack and the chest clip is highly adjustable. As a bonus, the OhSnap has the largest variety of fabric panel and strap color choices I've ever come across. You design it yourself from a choice of about a dozen strap colors and dozens of fabric panels. You can even send them your own fabric and have a completely customized look for an extra fee. I think the OhSnap is hands down the best carrier for toddlers and preschoolers, and would work for infants starting around 6-9 months.

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If I could only choose one carrier I would choose a Woven wrap with enough length (5m at least). That would fit for all ages and there so many possibilities on how you can wear it. Use it as a sling, hip carry, front carry, have baby on your back, two shoulders, one shoulder etc... 


However, If I could have more than one carrier...

Infant to 6 months:
- I use a sling or wrap. Mostly a Sling.

6 months and more:
- A sling for hip carries and nursing
- A SSC for back carries

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For newborns, a ring sling.  They are quicker and easier than wraps in my opinion.  I recommend a Sakura Bloom or any Sleeping Baby Productions sling, or a Maya Wrap Ring Sling.


For an all around newborn to toddler carrier the absolute BEST, hands down is the Beco Butterfly 2.  It has a newborn insert that comes with it... no need to purchase extra accessories.  It has an internal harness that makes back carries a cinch for newbies.  You can use it from birth to toddler and is weight rated to 45 lbs.  It is the most comfortable carrier I have ever worn.  The only down side is 1.) To open the buckles you have to use 2 hands but once you get the hang of that it is second nature.  and 2.) They don't make them anymore.  They stopped making them in Dec. of 2012 but you can still find new ones on Amazon and at Frogmama.com as well as other online retailers.  You can also get used ones through swaps online as well.  They are just so awesome I can't imagine why they stopped making them, but I would recommend them for anyone!!!

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