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Is anyone else having slightly out of body/psychedelic experiences?  Yesterday I got all sorts of strange in my head and had to crawl around and act like a lion for about an hour before it stopped.  It wasn't a bad thing, just interesting.  Not what I was expecting!!


My mom had some good advice a few days ago after I said that I was feeling crappy and it's only getting worse.  She said "no, it's only getting better!  And you have to get yourself into that mindset.  If you think things are getting worse, they will.  Change your attitude and enjoy every last second of this because it will be over soon and the next step of the adventure will begin."  Thanks Momma, you always have the best advice!stillheart.gif

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I like your mama's advice, and I plan to take it to heart myself. It's easy to get wrapped up in the physical aches and pains, but I agree that it can become a sort of self-fulfilling prophesy. Thanks for the reminder to live in the present, and enjoy the little time we have left.


As for the lion thing, I've never experienced anything like that before, but it kind of reminds me of a chapter in Birthing from Within, about finding your inner animal spirit or something like that. Maybe you can tap into that energy during labor!

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raerae yes! I've been needing to get into the tub and curl up into a fetal position. or I sit there just pouring water on my shoulder while my mind goes elsewhere

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Well, after making it through my first pregnancy without any stretch marks on my belly, I think I might be developing one or two small ones on the underside of my belly. I'm only 35w4d so I'm pretty sure that if they are stretch marks then they will have plenty of time to gain some friends during this last month greensad.gif I was really hoping to get lucky again this time around. Oh well.

Even more distressing, however, is this PUPPS-like rash that popped up out of nowhere last night. It's red and blotchy, mostly on the upper part of my belly, and really itchy. Thus far I've managed to avoid itching it, because when it first started I made the mistake of scratching and MAN was it painful, and just made that area more itchy. Right now I'm using an ice pack and aveeno excema (sp?) cream, but I'm not convinced that either treatment is doing much. Strange thing is, I did NOT have this rash with my first, it DOES seem to occur on and around my belly button, and I'm having a girl. All of those things are contrary to what I've read about PUPPS. I have my midwife appt tomorrow afternoon so I'm definitely planning to see what she says about it. I can't imagine 4+ more weeks of this!
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It's getting harder for me to get out of bed and up from the toilet, I have pains in my crotch when I stand up out of a chair.  Baby hasn't dropped yet, so I'm getting pretty short of breath easily.  Only a few more weeks....

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Kitteh I also didn't get stretch marks with my first, but with this one they started a few months ago. I'm sure they are pretty bad at this point, but my friends put hannah on my belly for my baby shower so I can't see them any more :). I can feel them when they start, it's slightly painful.


I don't know what PUPPs is, but I've noticed my belly skin has gotten super sensitive and even a small crumb rubbing can cause an itchy sore spot for a couple days.


I've hit a wall. I'm crazy tired, can't think straight, and feel like I could use a cane to walk. 

surprisingly I have yet to feel lung restriction during this pregnancy, I think it's the way I'm carrying (which explains the stretch marks as well)

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Kitteh and little green lady. I have lots of stretch marks from my previous pregnancies and I will say they fade and aren't very noticeable later on. Just a bit whiter than the rest of the skin after they fade. I've not gotten stretch marks with any pregnancy after my first, I suppose since I stretched so much during that one that I didn't need to anymore?


I have found when I do pilates now, I end up breathing hard through it like I'm doing some cardio workout or something. LOL Third trimester is definitely more of a challenge, but at least it's the end. 

Sorry to those of you dealing with really bad discomforts. No fun at all.

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My breasts went from an A cup to a D cup with my first, so I have stretch marks all over them. I hate the resulting crêpe-paper look and feel they have now when they deflate. I just don't want the same all over my tummy!

The rash pretty much covers my entire belly, from the belly button up to my ribs, with then worst welting being the spot I scratched yesterday before I realized it was a rash. Strangely enough, there is no rash on then underside of my belly where the stretchmarks seem to be cropping up. Apparently PUPPS usually starts as inflamed-looking itchy stretch marks. So maybe its not PUPPS but some other kind of rash? Ice seems to help, though.
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My breasts went from an A cup to a D cup with my first, so I have stretch marks all over them. I hate the resulting crêpe-paper look and feel they have now when they deflate. I just don't want the same all over my tummy!


My breasts also went from A-D with my kids and DD with my last one and I have stretch marks and they deflate when I don't breastfeed. So, I know exactly what you are talking about. If it makes you feel better, my tummy didn't do that. And with pilates and a good diet, I had a decent looking stomach again, not as nice as pre-preg, but decent. HTH

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My breasts also went from A-D with my kids and DD with my last one and I have stretch marks and they deflate when I don't breastfeed. So, I know exactly what you are talking about. If it makes you feel better, my tummy didn't do that. And with pilates and a good diet, I had a decent looking stomach again, not as nice as pre-preg, but decent. HTH
Ditto on both accounts here- with first two went from an A to a D (however this time barely pushing a B) and I have mild stretch marks on the underside of my belly. They are hardly noticeable and I still wear a two piece bathing suit with no worries. I haven't noticed any new stretch marks this time on boobs or belly- but with my first the stretch marks actually didn't show up until after he was born. Must have been there when he was in there just not showing yet...
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I haven't slept well in a few days (after a beautiful week of very good sleep!), and I feel I'm unraveling. Moody, weepy, tired and it is harder to move around due to pains in my thighs when I walk.

Yesterday my friends did a mother blessing for me and it gave me a huge boost! I feel like I'm going to get through this next year (and possible PPD) with their support. Also I have a good action plan for PPD. Kind of seems my PPD already started so I'm already working on it.


Suddenly I feel really sad that my solo time with my first daughter (who is almost four) is coming to an end. I am so aware of my many foibles as a parent. Of course I hope I have learned from my daughter and will continue to improve. I am trying not to be seriously beset with worries about the mistakes I have already made and the ones I will undoubtedly make as time passes, but I'm weepy about it all. I want to just sit and bask in her being, but the truth is that I have no patience right now and my first inner reaction to almost everything she does is to be annoyed with her and with myself for not always providing a scaffolding for her to do things that don't bother me instead. Today I will make the effort to be more mindful and present with her, even while I am working on sustaining myself physically.


Usually when I used to have PMS, I'd have all these heavy feelings, but then as soon as the flow started my mood would be 1000x better. I hope giving birth will do that to me, too, because I want us to revel together in our new family, not have a pity party!

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I am so exhausted. Just my daily activities not including my to-do list or anything extra knocks me on my butt. Trying to do yard work with DH today was pathetic, now I am laying in the house 'recovering' from my two hours of mild manual labor (weeding and scooping poop) while there is so much more to do. And i am the primary gardener so DH doesnt even really know what he's doing... i might go outside to find half my plants weedwacked and my starts trampled.
I have never been this exhausted in a pregnancy before- and I'm only 35 and 3 today!
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I hear ya Shanna-cat. I still have quite a bit to get done before my home visit in 6 days. I'm 35 weeks tomorrow. These past couple weeks I am really slowing down. It really annoys me because I just don't have any energy and need to do this stuff. Yesterday I did about 4 hours of housework. Now, I just gotta force myself to keep going throughout this week, so I'm ready. 

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Definitely slowing down here.  Feeling the need to climb into bed earlier and earlier lest I pass out on the couch, and 5 hours of errands left me sapped this afternoon.  SPD pain has been less bothersome this week, but now my SI joint is so out-of-whack that I was limping through the grocery store this afternoon. greensad.gif

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I figured I would start up on this thread again since I really don't feel like labor is near.  Actually, I'm starting to doubt that labor will ever really start.  I am 37wks today and don't feel a thing!  I feel like the baby is getting smaller, is it eating itself in there?! I sometimes find myself laying in bed in the morning not even feeling pregnant.  I almost feel as if this has all been a dream and I'll wake up eventually to find myself back where I was 10 months ago.


But then I work a full day (yesterday was my last full massage day! Yay!) and I remember that I've never had swelling my hands and ankles like this before.  Someone mentioned flinstone feet at some point and holy hell it's true!  My feet are so wide and flat and swollen, I don't recognize them as my own! 


I've been staying up late and waking up early, but luckily I have been napping every afternoon.  It's been in the 70's and I feel like it's 110 (my SIL is 39wks living in Arizona, where it really is 110, I should not complain!).  I have been eating magnesium ice cubes and frozen watermelon like crazy (which makes me realize I need to freeze more since they were intended for labor).  Even with all the extra cal-mag I've been taking I have been pooping less and have a little hemorrhoid that is causing big pain.  I feel like I have to pee every 10 minutes, and I figure this is from the baby being so low, but I don't have that "bowling ball between the legs" feeling that everyone keeps asking me about.  I do have intense pubic symphysis that makes it hard to walk, especially if I've been sitting for more than about 20mins at a time.


I was out in the sun for all of 20mins during the heat of the day and got horribly sunburned on my neck/shoulders.  Yikes!  The mosquitoes are also out and about, so I am itchy from head to toe.  Maybe it's time for an oatmeal bath.


DP's mom is here and she told me yesterday it would be great if the baby came early so she could be here for it.  Why does everyone think they are allowed to be around for this birth?!  Granted, she said she would just stay in her RV and come out only when she heard the baby crying, but still.  I don't know if I can handle her energy during labor.  DP knows he is in charge of telling her to vacate the premisses if I need her to and I think she will be fine that.  It just seems like a lot to ask of a woman who is 37wks along.  Am I being selfish?!


Honestly, I feel way too good to be anywhere near laboring.  I'm tired and emotional and grumpy at times, but I feel fine and not like anything is progressing towards birth.  I am still going out and doing things in public, working minimally (although slowing way down at the clinic, thank goodness!).  I have a few things here and there to get done around the house, but I don't feel any crazy nesting urges to get things cleaned.  As long as the basic clutter is picked up I feel fine with the shape of the house.  I should get out in the garden and weed, but I usually don't have the energy.  Women keep telling me to do what I want to do, whatever it may be, and just to enjoy the time while it's here.  So I nap and read and lounge around and eat and nap some more.  No one can tell me to do anything more than just that.


Hope the rest of you ladies are feeling well!  I know it'll be over before we know it, but it's feeling like this last month is going to last a lifetime!

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I don't think labor is ever coming either!  (Although at least once per day, I wonder if it's starting...lol!) 


Speaking of stretch marks, this is my fifth baby and they've all been big (last was 10# 11oz.) so I didn't think I would get any new ones, but oh my I have lots!  Watch this be my smallest baby.


I am feeling relatively okay, having lots of contractions every day that feel much more uncomfortable than previous BH, but so far hasn't turned into anything.  Physically I feel pretty well (swelling and just being big aside) it's just mentally I am so ready.  I hate surprises!  I want to know WHEN the baby is coming!  lol!

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Hi RaeRae and Jr'smom-I don't feel like labor is impending either. I am 38 weeks today and I have definitely hit the wall in terms of feeling more uncomfortable and tired. Tomorrow is my last day and work and I cannot wait! This has been the toughest week yet. It's been really busy with work and with trying to get everything wrapped up for my leave. I'm not sleeping as well and I feel a lot more pressure in my pelvis and belly. I don't have the "bowling ball between my legs" feeling either. My belly feels tight all the time. It hurts in spots. I'm not sure if that is ab muscle pain from the baby's body pressing against it or if my uterus hurts, but it's usually just in one spot where his body is pushing out the most. I don't have back pain or hip pain per se, but I am starting to feel it in my pelvis. Perhaps the chiropractic, acupuncture and yoga really are working to keep away the pain because I don't have any to complain about. That makes me happy. But being stressed and having my stomach hurt do not make me happy. I just want to be home so I can relax and focus on getting ready for the baby to be born.
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Yay for being done with work!  My last day was a week ago today.  I'm 40 weeks even on Saturday.  Even though I've had my bouts of thinking maybe labor was coming on, I never go early so planned a lot in my "last" week.  (The week between being finished with work and being 40weeks pregnant.)  I've seen my OB (of course), finished a root canal (oh joy), and tomorrow I have my last chiropractic visit before baby comes (I drive an hour or so into the city to get there, so it will be quite the outing for me tomorrow.)  I've also completed (or had my husband complete) so many things around the house this week.  I feel like we're living like we're about to have a party at any moment (I guess we kind of are) and that makes the waiting worse.


On top of all the appts and chores I already had planned, wouldn't you know that I've gotten a call every day from my office with things not going right, that I've had to take care of!  I own the office (I'm a chiropractor...but yes, I drive to one an hour away for my own care) and it wasn't an hour into Monday morning when I call about our computers system being completely down.  We ended up needing to invest in upgrading software to put on a new server to get back to running.  Hours of work arranging everything and of course thousands of unplanned dollars went into it.  My dear hubby made one "last" trip to the office late  last night to take care of an associated internet problem.  Well, an hour into business this morning, I get another call with our printer being down that seems to be unrelated to these other issues (even though it was working late last night.)  Arghh!!!  I suppose I'm glad it's happening before the baby is born, but seriously can it all stop now?!


Okay, sorry for the rant...I actually just stopped in here to check for more births and see baby pictures!!!  Back to the good stuff!

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My OB wouldn't sign the paperwork to start early maternity leave. They said as long as there isn't any medical issues, I should be able to work up to labor. Thankfully the last day of school is next Thursday (I'll be 39 weeks on the last day of school- June 13th) so I'll have a week off before my c-section, but it would have been nice to have next week off too. Oh well. I've also hit a wall with my energy and movement. If it weren't for my SP pain, I would feel decent. I'm tired during the day and moving pretty slow... 2 more weeks to go. Hope everyone can find some relief and comfort in the last few days/ weeks of pregnancy.
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I am 36 weeks today and was excited to hear my MW say I was 'officially' ok to go into labor and have a home birth now. Which I great! But I also feel not very close to having this little one... My last day of work is tomorrow and I've never felt so ready to have a baby.
My feet and hands are also pretty swollen with this weather (Rae Rae- I think you are in the pacific nw too?) but in general I enjoy being prego in the warmer weather, I love lounging around in skirts and sports bras and being lazy.
I have had very little notice when labor started with my last two so I guess I'm not surprised to not feel much- I would really love it if my DH would dtd with me but he wants a July baby (SO not likely) so is abstaining until July 1st which he thinks will keep the baby in until then. I keep telling him that is just going to make me more grumpy and annoyed and we should be dtd as much as possible now because wont be able to much after the baby is born.
All in all DH and i are feeling really disconnected lately, which is bothering me a lot as I am worried about going into labor while we're in this funk. He asked me today if he could be in charge of watching our two boys during labor instead of being with me because he feels uncomfortable being around me in so much pain. I burst into tears and unfortunately this was moments before our MW appt so we still haven't gotten to really talk about it. I know he has some old feelings of resentment that during my first labor I didn't 'need' him as much as he expected but instead asked for my mom a lot. Honestly , I WAS IN LABOR so don't really remember asking for anyone or wanting anything at all. DH doesn't like to talk about his feelings or anything mushy like that so it's hard to figure out what is really going on with him. Sigh. Sorry to dump all this but he just mentioned it today for the first time and I am heart broken even thinking about him not being there, and even more upset that he doesn't WANT to be there.

On a happier note I'm glad I'm not the only one anxiously still waiting on my LO! With all these births I'm starting to feel left out :-)
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