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Except, maybe, a baby... :P
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I love the (look) of having a huge belly too :)  I swear, people forget SO FAST what a full term pregnant woman actually looks like, although some women really do carry smaller than others.  With DS, I was *always* getting the "are you sure there is only one in there?" type comments, and when I posted my 40w2d picture on facebook (mostly for family who we don't see regularly) I got several comments that were just: "holy $%!^!" I was actually bigger than my cousin who was actually carrying twins (albeit a month behind me). I just carry big babies, and it's obvious, lol! I don't mind being more buxom at all...it's just harder to move.  I was trying to maneuver around someone else's shopping carriage the other day, and I made a joke about not being able to fit anywhere, and they made a joke about it being "any day now, huh"? Well, nope!


In terms of how I am feeling, I realized that the number one factor in how good or bad my days are is....SLEEEEP!! I have been getting more of it lately, but I'm afraid to jinx it.  DS has been sleeping through the night for almost two weeks straight now.  It's incredible!! (He's almost 2.5).  I still wake up to pee and because I need to change positions, but it's a lot easier than having to wake up for/because of him.  They say pregnancy insomnia/sleep issues are getting us used to the lack of sleep that comes with having a newborn...and I feel like that's not a bad take on it. It can take some practice getting used to waking up so often, but also learning how to take breaks when you need them during the day.  Fortunately I've avoided holding onto water weight (as evidenced that my wedding rings are still on my middle finger eyesroll.gif), and I can't WAIT until the weather warms up enough to start wearing slip on shoes, since it's getting harder to reach my feet every day!!

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"are you sure there is only one in there?"


I've been getting that question too lately!  I've been asked by family members if I'm carrying twins or if baby is just big.  He's been a few ounces heavier than "normal" on ultrasounds, but nothing abnormal.  I'm carrying high, but still sticking out a bit further than I thought that I would since I have a long torso.  I don't mind!  I do get self-conscious about the comments though.  

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I'm so happy that I'm not the only one getting the "You sure it's not twins?!" comments. I DO tend to carry OUT and a pretty big belly, so all of these comments were starting to make me feel like a freak of nature.


Last Sunday at the 5k I ran a woman with a 3 month old in a jogger came up to give me high fives and say how awesome it is that I'm still running etc etc, and she was like "You've gotta be what--6 months or so?" and I was so happy to have someone guess CORRECTLY for once that I damn near kissed her.


I've been having some pelvic and butt pain on one side (which I had due to running, before getting pregnant) and I think I'm finally going to bite the bullet and go see a chiro for it. My insurance doesn't cover chiro care, so i'll have to pay out of pocket, but I've heard so many good things about seeing a chiro on the regular during the 3rd trimester, so I think it will be worth it. I might double splurge and go for a prenatal massage too, while I'm at it. Oh, and I've been thinking about getting a pedicure one of these days. I'm feeling big and round and want to treat myself!

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I saw a few people tonight that haven't seen me since before I was pregnant. They were like "holy sh*t- you've got 3 months to go still"!! They even touched my belly as if to confirm that it's all baby and are surprised by the the fact that my bump is all firm and baby (I think they were expecting squishy fat)....
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Trying not to totally freak out. After two enormous emergency vet bills and a few other emergency expenses, we learned of my husband's pneding sequestration furlough (which will be a 20% pay cut). We won't be able to rebuild our buffer....and now we just dont have the money we thought we planned on. Cherry on top is that ...this morning...i discovered our finished basement full of sewag from a main drain backup. not only do we need an emergency plumber, but a restoration crew to clean the contaminated carpets....as well as to replace oyr main line out to the street. Already we were seriously seriously cutting back, including HALVING my maternity leave. I just dont know how we can handle this. :,(

I feel absolutely sick about all if this. Can't stop crying.
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JNajla, people are just rude even without trying to be rude.  I keep looking at mine thinking it's huge and a freaking lady about a MONTH ago (I'm 24w4d) looked at me and said "oh no, you're not going to need a Dr in here are you?" and I was like UM I'm only 20w pregnant.  RUDE!!


SweetHuck, I'm feeling your pain!!  I'm so sorry that you're experiencing all of these things.  My DH is a DoD Fire Fighter and they are debating and 8 hour loss or 28 hour loss a week because of all the hours that are required (he works 72 hours a week) and if he loses 28 hours we might (along with a lot of other Fire Fighters) but put in a detrimental position as far as paying for necessities.  Hell if he loses $1400-1500 a month we'll qualify for food stamps (I hope at least).

I hope you get some positive news in the very near future, mama!!!

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My heart goes out to everyone experiencing financial setbacks and unexpected expenses. It's so so stressful to have to deal with this stuff while pregnant! With DD we were flat broke and deeply in debt, and DH spent half the pregnancy unable to work due to visa restrictions, so I was shouldering a lot of the financial burden myself (while waiting tables! Man, that sucked.) I definitely look back and wish that we could have avoided the money-related stress, because it definitely cast a bit of a dark shadow over our pregnancy and new-baby joy. I hope everything works out for you mamas.


Physically, I've been feeling pretty cruddy lately. I haven't run since Wednesday due to some persistent Braxton Hicks contraction issues. Even if that weren't an issue I don't think I'd feel like running these last few days due to an ongoing headache that has been slight to moderate in intensity, but coupled with shoulder pain/tenseness and occasional nausea. I'm hoping to see a Chiro on Tuesday, and she specializes in pregnancy migraines so hopefully that provide some relief.

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I have also started getting headaches lately and find that an ice back on the back of the neck/head helps.
Kitteh are you drinking enough water? Dehydration (even just slightly) can lead to both contractions and headaches.

I have been feeling pretty good, some of my common prego side effects are kicking in as I near the third trimester: constipation, tiredness, headaches. But I still feel WAY better than I did my first tri so will take it! My sexual appetite is out-of-control though! I always get this crazy horny in the second/third trimester and am already driving DH a little batty (you'd think he would be happy!! Go figure...). Oh well, could be worse.
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HUGS to all in the financial strain department.  I am right there w/ you.  Living in the DC area and working for a federal govt facility I am facing cuts owing to the sequestration - details remain unknown at the moment.  On top of that my husband is b/t jobs.  He was, for all intents and purpose, furloughed from his airline and is now looking for engineering work, which is what his education background is in.  It sucks, though, b/c no one is hiring in this area b/c of the sequestration.  I was hopeful I could take the full 12 weeks FMLA but if I am the only income earner I will have to go back to work after 6 weeks when my short term disability is up.  On the plus side, we wouldn't need to pay for daycare since daddy would be home. :-)


Gaahhh, anyway, yes, the stress is overwhelming and really hard to look past.  Hang in there everyone.  I don't know how but we always find our way through these quagmires of life ...

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"HUGS to all in the financial strain department"


I'm right there too (in a similar position as spotty).  DH and I work in local and state government and things are unstable.  I'm almost bitter about the fact that I really won't have much/ if any maternity leave after baby is born.  I have to teach a class this summer just to be able to pay for daycare for the fall.  I have summers off from my primary job, but then teach a course at a private college in the summers for extra income (I have to teach 2 days a week 2 weeks after I deliver).  If I don't teach this summer, we won't have any money for daycare staring in the fall (and to pay for some much needed maintence on both of our used cars- about $2k worth).  I have no paid vacation or paid maternity leave.  My options are paid sick leave (I have 10 days available) or leave without pay.  DH makes enough to cover the house payment, insurance, and utilities and that is it.  We wouldn't be able to afford groceries, car insurance, diapers, etc without my income, so maternity leave isn't an option.  It bums me out, but it is what it is.  We're trying to scrape as much as we can now, but I'm sure most of that will end up going toward baby needs.  We're planning on decorating the nursery with all second hand items/ vintage/ rummage sale, but we are buying a new crib.  I know that we're not the only ones- many companies in my city (public and private) are forcing employees to take paycuts and pay for more of their benefits.  It is a very unstable time.  As much as I would love to have 2 children, we may have to just be happy with 1 because of the cost of daycare and all of the other increases (utilities keep going up, property taxes keep going up, wage freezes, having to contribute more to benefits).  Sorry to be Debbie downer today.  It's just been a stressful time. 

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I'm sorry you ladies are going through this! greensad.gif W/ our 3rd baby husband was medically retired from the army moving us from a care free $40,000 a year to $900 a month. It was tight for 4 of us, tighter w/ 5 & now w/ 6 to support (DV) I'm glad we went poor when we did. I can feed the 5 of us on $40.00 a week plus what we grow & times have changed that fast in just the 3 years we've moved out here that's it's a learning curve I wouldn't care to repeat. The VA finally recognized our 3rd baby 3 years after she was born so that's an extra $50.00 a month to be grateful for. It's easier to already be poor than have the initial stress of downsizing & selling off. We bought a house where the cost of living is low & have ended up learning to live like great-great grandma did. Suprisingly life has ended up happier & more wholesome (though certainly not easier) for it. It's not easier when a bullet is cheaper than a vet bill for an animal you raised. And bullets have gone through the roof too.

More onto the thread topic, I am officially too big to reach down & gather eggs w/out touching the droppings covered roost so the 4 year old has taken over that job & after an initial high breakage rate has become proud & proficient at it. My mother in law gave me a bottle of something called Beyond Tangy Tangerine & I've replaced my prenatal w/ it, though at a half dose. W/in 24 hours of drinking it, my gums quit bleeding after a brushing & my varicosities & veins have quit throbbing. Although now I can't sleep. Onto fun stuff, a wonderful lady at church has put together a baby shower for me! I'm excited as I've not had a shower since our first was born & after 3 babies a lot of our gear is in sad shape. It's the best kind where everyone chips in & presents me w/ an Amazon gift card so I don't have to spend time registering for things.

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I can feed the 5 of us on $40.00 a week plus what we grow


Wow...  snaps to Voondrop!  I wish that I could make our food budget stretch like this.  My DH and I spend $500 a month on food and it seems like there is never anything in the fridge.  I admit, we buy a lot of organic items and I don't clip coupons.  I know that we could cut more corners- and will since baby is coming.  

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It would not be possible w/out Aldi's & the Hillbillyhousewife!

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grouphug.gif to everyone who is struggling financially.  I hope things work themselves out in a good way.  We're doing well now, but this day care search is hard.  Two places that sound great cost $2200 a month or more for full-time care.  That's ridiculous!  The search continues...

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day care is no joke. Expensive and  it seems so hard to find a place that feels perfect. Good Luck!!!

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It does make me ill to know that we'll be spending the equivalent of half of DH's take-home pay for daycare, but we're afraid that if we had DH stay home with baby for 2-3 years that he wouldn't be able to find a good job again (the job market here is saturated/ competitive with over-educated 20 somethings).  After looking carefully at our budget, between getting rid of our smart phones and satellite tv, that will give us almost 1/3 of daycare cost right there.  We also spend too much on groceries and eating out, so I'm confident that once we buckle down with our budget and 'trim the excess', we'll be able to make it. It won't be easy.  The sad thing is that we'll probably be limited to just having one baby because there is no way we could afford 2 in daycare.  Considering that I'm almost 37, waiting until this one is in school, will likely not be an option.  (Unless we win the powerball or one of us gets a HUGE promotion).....  

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It would not be possible w/out Aldi's & the Hillbillyhousewife!


Great advice!  I'm going to check out the hillbillyhousewife site!  :)

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Yeah, daycare was what clinched me being a SAHM.  Where we lived daycare would have been essentially my entire salary.  It was double what our rent was.  If we were going to be living on just one income, it made sense for me to just stay home.  I do wonder what I will do for work once the "kids" are in school...

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