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Mothering › Groups › March 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › 2 time (or more) moms: Are you taking birthing classes to "refresh your memory"??

2 time (or more) moms: Are you taking birthing classes to "refresh your memory"??

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Just wondering if any of the second (or more) time moms are doing anything special in the way of readings, classes, etc. We took Bradley classes during my first pregnancy. Got a lot out of the experience but loaned out my books to friends so I haven't been able to revisit any of the readings. DH and I are attending a "labor comfort class" at a local yoga center tonight, which will serve as our only real "refresher" for this pregnancy. We took a similar class with my last pregnancy and enjoyed it a lot. I tried to revisit some of the Ina Mae books earlier in this pregnancy (loved them when pregnant the first time) but I just got this "been there done that" feeling about them and didn't read very far through.

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Yeah we're not doing much - the midwife went over the basics of what happens at each stage, and our doula as well - I just don't think a refresher course would be of much value.  DH remembers a lot more of the last birth than I do (which is both good and bad, LOL) and he has access to my bookshelf of birthiness so he can look stuff up if he wants - but I think once you've done it once, in more or less the fashion you planned, it's not one of those things you forget.  And if you have a good doula and a communicative midwife, I think that's most of the battle.

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We haven't taken any classes this time around.

I did the home study hypnobabies course with DD and a ton of reading.


This time, I revisited some Ina May, Birthing from Within, the pregnancy book and some others.

Since we're UCing, I also picked up a couple midwifery books.


I feel ready and I'm excited to get this show on the road.

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3 of the 5 couples we did our classes with when I was pregnant with DD are all pregnant again and due around the same time and actually in the same order as we were the first time. Our teacher organized a "refresher" class for us to all do together and it was a ton of fun. We revisited the stages of labour, breathing techniques and the importance of the recovery period. I found it really good to talk about how different recovery will be this time around with 2 year old toddlers running around our houses and not being able to just lie around with the new babies. I think all of our husbands really liked the refresher stuff too as they hadn't really been as focused on this pregnancy as we had them the first time around :)


Even myself being a Doula got something out of it. It was good to just be an expecting mom again and not the teacher/supporter that I've been since having DD and becoming a Doula. 

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Ah, LDoulaSteph, I'm so jealous! I would love to be able to do a refresher class with some of the same couples who were in my original birth class! That sounds ideal in so many ways!


The labor comfort class that we took last night was nice, but by no means mind blowing. I think we were expecting to really get into the nitty gritty of practicing positions, counterpressure, accupressure, etc, when in actuality the class was mostly the doula doing a LOT of talking, and covering a lot of more basic stuff that your doula would normally help you out with in labor (hydration, pee reminders, keeping cool/staying warm). I'm kind of regretting that we spent $95 on a 3 hour lecture eyesroll.gif.

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We've done this workshop http://www.pattiramos.com/birthpreparationworkshop.html with each of our pregnancies. It's such a great refresher course too as it's highly focused of strengthening your relationship with your partner and mentally preparing for your labor journey. SUCH AN AMAZING WORKSHOP, I can't even begin to describe it. And the group of other parents was absolutely amazing this time around. luxlove.gif

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We haven't done a class this time around, but we did a one night/week two month class with my first pregnancy. I've been doing hypnobabies home study which has been great. I'm thinking a refresher would be a good idea though, especially for DH. He was a great source of labour support last time around, and I really think our class helped with that. 

I'm already 38 weeks though, so I doubt it's going to happen...

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We had a private childbirth class the first time around b/c of DH's crazy schedule.  This time around we've sat and talked a few times but we are relying mostly on my research and reading and my friend who is serving as a doula for us. 

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