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hair dye?

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So my OBGYN told me it was safe to dye my hair while pregnant….but I do not feel comfortable with this. I would love to hear what other mama’s think?


I refused to dye my hair, use nail polish, or use any other chemical during my last pregnancy (11 years ago). I was kind of freaky what I would use & put on my body.This being said, I have mellowed out significantly since then & I have used black “natural hair dye” that I purchase from the health food store (made in the UK) for the past 10 years. It is called tints of nature (& it is ammonia, rosorinol, and paraben free…but it does contain low amounts of PPD (p-phenylenediame).


I am naturally dirty blond (& from my regrowth over the past 4 weeks I am now totally streaked with grey) but aside from my roots I have jet black hair. I tried to use a black henna from lush on Tuesday but it did absolutely nothing….


I do not want to use any dye (even ‘natural’) until after the 1st trimester (3 more weeks to go)…but I do not think I can handle wearing a toque (beanie) until then. And even then...i do not feel 100% comfortable using a product with PPDs.


I am having a total hormonal 'I feel old and repulsive funk!'

Aside from feeling bloated & fat, I feel OLD (with grey roots that contrast deeply with my black hair).


Does anyone know of any effective black henna dyes?

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I did it during my first 2 pregnancy. OB said it was fine just to make sure the room was airy.  I didn;t dye at all during my third, I had become much more crunchy and didn;t want to mess with it, but my color difference wasn't as drastic as what you discribed.  Maybe you can just get a root touch up kit and only color your new growth?


I may not be a huge help though, i am about to cut my mid back length hair to a pixie to cut all the dye out and start fresh :)

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I'm not crunchy.  I would dye my hair away.  I hear that Manic Panic is vegan and PPD free, and a lot of my super crunchy friends use it.

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i'm not very crunchy either... i guess i am more punky...punk crunch perhaps.jammin.gif

BUT i do opt to go natural when i can...especially with hair dye, body products, & herbal/alternative remedies/medicine/ organic foods...


with regards to hair dye i figure years of funky chemicals seeping in my brain was probably not a good thing (regardless of pregnancy or not)...


aidenn: i love manic panic for bright vibrant colours (i've always used it for streaks on bleached or lighter hair)...i might try to find a dark, dark violet...great idea...i wonder if it will cover grey???


now that i am pregnant i question the negative effects of PPDs on my developing fetus.

from what i read online, it is 'safe' to dye your hair (in a well ventilated area) try to avoid ingestion (no doubt), and it is better to avoid direct contact on scalp/skin for long periods of time (streaks/highlights better).


i dunno....if the vegan, non-chemical dyes do not work, i think i will wait until the second trimester to fix my roots.


bohenianmama: i love pixie cuts. i did the same thing last summer (i always find it so liberating to cut off all my hair). mine is now grown back into a 30's chin length black bob.


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I also have awful grey along with dark brown hair so when I don't dye regularly it looks awful!!! Here is an option that has worked for me over the years. It comes in a variety of henna colors as well. It is a 2 stage henna color verses the one stage. A bit time consuming overall but it does work.

Good luck smile.gif
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Thanks letnialynne! i am going to see if i can get it in canada!

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I get highlights during pregnancy and have during two other pregnancies so far. I probably wouldn't do dye that rests on my scalp though - the foils I get don't go completely to the root.

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I have just started thinking about changing my hair color! I'm naturally blonde and I did blonde highlights when I was pregnant with my first but since then have hennaed my hair for the past 3 years. I love the red because it looks so natural and is cheap and safe but I feel like it has aged me. I got a huge vote for blonde when I asked my FB friends and family. Lol I guess they miss the blonde too. I'm afraid to kill my hair trying to change it from red to blonde in one session so I may just go in stages with all over foil color so it doesn't touch my scalp and start off going strawberry blonde and then later go golden blonde. My stylist is really good with color so I trust her.
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This is the only place I buy henna from: http://www.hennaforhair.com/. There is a wealth of information available and I feel pretty safe using any of the henna they have tested. That said, I am going to wait until further on to henna my hair... even though the gray is overwhelming! 

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thanks for the henna link georgiapa...the site is incredibly informative!

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i just found the best henna at planet organic (in canada)... it is called rainbow henna (from rainbow research, bohemia NY).



i tried the dark brown (but they have tons of colours) & it did an amazing job on my roots (oh & it was only $13.00 bucks to boot!) 

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Glad you found something you like! I'm sitting here with henna on right now! 

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