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baby number 4 due July 23

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Hi I'm 35 and due with baby number 4 in July. I have a 15 year old DD and a 6 and 3 year old DS. This little one was sooooooo unexpected that even now i can't seem to get over the slight shock of it. I feel so tired, stressed and unprepared this time around. My kids are excited but the thought of a new baby makes me feel more tired than I already am. I saw this DDC and figured I see if there were other moms out there for support and great ideas.

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Welcome! :) 

And congratulations! Surprises are the best, momma. Once you settle into it! And meet the babe, of course. Best to you and your family, I look forward to sharing your pregnancy with you. 

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Welcome! And you're not alone in the surprise babies category. There are several of us here.
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Welcome. Yeah, I planned my number 4, but it was a random plan and I was immediately successful, miscarried and then immediately successful again. After that though, I went through pretty much the whole first trimester thinking to myself, "What have I done?" "What was I thinking?" LOL 

I was pretty upset about it and wishing I hadn't been so hormonal. I know I wanted this baby because I was hormonal for like a couple days and then the loss made me sad and I wanted to have another to take that bit of pain away I guess and then I thought I was nuts after it was all said and done. But, now I'm all on board and super happy to have another. Hope you get to that point as well. I'm sure once baby is here that will happen anyway. :) I had a friend who stayed in denial for her whole pregnancy and then once baby was here she was happy as can be. It's funny how that works.

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Congratulations!!!  My first was a big surprise too but after a while, it sunk in and everything was great!  :)


Hopefully you'll adjust to it all quickly!!!  It helps that your kids are excited...it will catch on!

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Thanks for the replies :) It seems like in today's day and age plus bad economy people just never seem to think kids are a good thing. I love my little ones and I want so much to skip over the stressful feelings of sleepless nights, one more car seat and diaper bag and being able to meet all the needs of the house. I wanna be excited but there just keeps feeling that lingering ... when will I get to be an adult again.  I'm also considering trying some new things this pregnancy and delivery so I'm hoping that will put a more peaceful approach to the whole thing.

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