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I am hoping someone here might be able to help me with a recommendation of a pediatric dentist in the Pgh area that is hip to breastfeeding. My 17 mo DS is starting to get decay on his front teeth already! I've heard stories of nursing moms of toddlers being told by dentists to wean their child or to nightwean or to wipe off their toddler's teeth after every nursing. I have gotten the impression that most dentists equate long-term nursing with the same problems as taking a bottle to bed and "bottle mouth" and aren't very educated on the differences with breastmilk and/or aren't willing to work with breastfeeding. I'm not willing to wean or nightwean at this point, and it isn't very practical to wipe off his teeth after every nursing for as frequently as he nurses (especially at night when I'm not always cognizant of him nursing or willing to risk waking him to wipe off his teeth).

I don't even understand how this is happening. I bf my daughters til 4 yrs old (DD1) and 2.5 yrs old (DD2) and they never suffered any tooth decay.  We eat a wholesome, mostly organic, vegan diet. DS does not eat a lot of sweets. He does like fruit, but he never drinks juice (only water and breastmilk and an occasional sip of almond milk--he hasn't even really mastered drinking from a sippy cup well yet--most of his fluid intake come from me). He rarely eats cookies or cakes. He gets maybe a few bites of coconut ice cream maybe about once a week on average. He never eats any candy. We completely avoid high fructose corn syrup. He pretty much eats whole grains, beans, veggies--usually little bits of whatever we are eating, or toddler-friendly finger-food snacks like oyster crackers or organic cheerio-style cereal.


I'd really like to get DS seen by a professional before this gets really bad--it's kinda bad on one tooth already, but I honestly just noticed it a few weeks ago. I am hoping there is a dentist who can work with us to find solutions without contraindicating breastfeeding. If any of you know of anyone, please let me know!