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Midwives serving the northeast TN area?

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We will be moving to the Johnson City/Elizabethton area next month. I know of Angie Neis, DeEtte Nicolson, and Kathleen Davies. Was just wondering if there are any other options. Angie hasn't returned my emails yet, hoping to speak with her... didn't really click with DeEtte in the way I want when I have met with her previously... and Kathleen was great, but a little far (I had a really fast labor last time).

Would be open to birth centers too, but I don't think there are any in the area.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Angie delivered my daughter last year. She was wonderful. She stays super busy though and you might have better luck calling her than waiting for an email.

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I talked to Angie yesterday, and Karen Benfield contacted me also, she's only about 40 mins from here. We are planning on meeting with them both.
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