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Interviewing Sibling Doulas

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Any tips for interviewing a sibling doula? What kind of questions do you ask? Do you interview with the kids present? Thanks!
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A sibling doula is such a great idea! My older child was 7 when the younger one was born and could have used someone.


I would interview with older children present to make sure they know the person and are comfortable. I'll have to keep up with this thread because I'm really interested in this idea.

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Bumping! Really, has no one else done this?
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When I hired my doula I asked her if she would watch the other children if needed. She did a couple home visits while the kids were all home to meet them. I showed her the bedrooms, kids bathroom and basic instructions. As in she could let the kids watch tv to keep them distracted if needed. smile.gif well, baby was born in the middle of the night so she just ended up being with me as the kids all slept. It was nice to have peace of mind though.
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I had a really hard time finding anyone who was willing to do it and in the end sent my kids away :( Most doulas are in it for their love of birth and didn't want to have to "take care of " children even if they were 8 and 5 and fairly idependent.  It's a much needed service and I'd train and do it if I was more fit for something like that.

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Couldn't a grandparent or other family member step in and make the sibling(s) their special priority for the time surrounding the event?  I agree with the pp, that probably most doulas are in it for their special talent in helping birthing mothers and mommys/newborns get into their groove, and it would be quite a coincidence if they also were gifted at relating to older children and helping them have a great journey into welcoming a new sibling into the world.  If there are no family members in your extended biological family who is up to the task, what about the child/children's godparents?  Any adult they have a special relationship with already (like, your best friend, etc....)?    

If only hired help is an option, then perhaps a temporary part time sitter/nanny/mother's helper who adores children and who clicks wonderfully with the sibling(s) in question, and is highly available to come by to help for some hours or full time during the sensitive time before/during/after birth?  

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