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Those are some wild dreams. I've been under so much stress lately. My sister was in the hospital on the East Coast for anxiety  disorder and my mom had to fly over to be with her.....this has happened in the past and the way that the medical doctors deal with it is to drug the hell out of her, we have almost lost her into the mental system this way twice. It is a very very scary feeling. So between work and having to deal with my sister's situation long distance, not to mention doctor appts two to three times a week the stress has been intense which I thought would lead to more vivid dreams but I stopped dreaming all together! It was very weird...


But as of Tuesday my sister and my mom are both here with me and my sister is recovering fully, I am off work and I had my last doctors appt....so last night I had the weirdest dream!


My aunt Linda who I haven't seen for years and years was carrying my baby for me...we actually went back and forth between carrying her (in womb), then Linda ending up giving birth to her feet first. I delivered/caught her but then kept losing her to my family that wanted to cuddle and love on her. I felt conflicted because I just wanted my baby but I didn't want to seem like the crazy new mom.......I was so frustrated. 


I am sure that this has to do with all of my family being at my house and in my space. I don't really have a choice as if they want to be here for the birth they need to be in town as they all live far away. They are very helpful and I am relishing that my sister is here, alive and recovering as I thought we were going to lose her. However it in itself can be stressful if I get caught up into all of it.....uuugggg family innocent.gif


I wonder what tonights dreams will be.......

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I had a dream last night in which i was holding my baby and someone asked me about the name and i said "Elizabeth". When i woke up from that dream, i thought, "Huh? A girl??" And then i was amused because i've heard so many stories of people believing their baby is going to be one gender and then to find out its really the other one--what if thats me? I've been sensing a boy vibe this whole time but i could be wrong. I also really like the name Elizabeth, its my middle name, it has a nice ring to it and its versatile when it comes to nicknames (Beth, Liz, Lizzy, Eliza) which is cool. Now i'm thinking that if its a girl we'll name her Elizabeth Grace (if i can talk DH into that) smile.gif

Delilah--i'm glad your sister is doing much better, anxiety disorder can be pretty scary (especially the way they often treat it, like you mentioned). I understand how hard it can be to have family in your space, hopefully they wont be too overbearing when your baby is born.
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Thank-you...sometimes all it takes is hearing someone on your side.
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