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Snacks during labor

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What are some good snacks to eat while laboring? 

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I love fresh fruit like watermelon - unfortunately not at all in season right now. I've been trying to think of other snacks that will be light and refreshing. I will probably feel crampy and nauseous during labor and won't want anything too  harsh. Maybe a fruit smoothie...

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I have dates, energy bars and I asked my dad to make a couple loaves of bread when he gets to my house for the birthday (my dad makes the most incredible scratch bread, muffins, cinn rolls, anything and everything baked...) I am picking up some recharge drink. 


Not sure what everyone else is doing though. This is my first home birth so I am just going on what I like to nibble on, but I don't know if I am going about it all wrong...

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Ooh and definitely ice cold coconut water.


Babytoes, does recharge taste like gatorade? I've been meaning to try some but keep forgetting to look for it...

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I have a fridge stocked full of oranges and grapefruit. They are some of the only things I want to eat when I am very nauseated, including during the intense nausea that has accompanied many of my bouts of pre-labor, so I figure they're a safe bet! But wow, now I'm REALLY craving watermelon! ;)

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Originally Posted by LightForest View Post

Maybe a fruit smoothie...

I'm planning on fruit smoothies.  I drink them quite often normally (although not so much this pregnancy...) but I figure it's a good way to get nutrients and stay hydrated during labor.

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I've never been in labor before, but I hear it's a good idea to have foods that are easy to eat and don't require a lot of chewing, because you're working so many muscles in your body that you don't really want to add in making your jaw muscles work hard too! Smoothies sound great. I imagine we'll have fruit around, cheese, clif bars, that sort of thing.


I have to say, I know watermelon isn't in season right now at all, and usually I try to stick to more in season produce, but I got a small seedless watermelon the other day (on my search for foods to help my digestion), and it was actually super good. Might be worth it, since it would be hydrating too!


LightForest, Recharge is like Gatorade, only I find it tastes a lot more like fruit (less chemically) and a lot less sickly sweet. I drink Gatorade on occasion when I need to (heat exhaustion or over-exercised kinds of contexts), but I much prefer the Recharge.

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I have a feeling i'll only want coconut water again, like last time. Maybe a banana but definitely nothing heavy or anything that requires attention to eat.
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Both my midwife and my doula warned me not to eat anything I didn't want to taste again going the other way.  That seems sensible - I DID barf during transition last time and you don't really know how long getting there is going to take - plus digestion during labour is really slow.


I'm making up a bunch of juice and coconut water kefir, and watermelon sounds like a good idea too. Bland and light - that's what's needed in my world.  Ooo!  I should make some pannacotta.

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Clif bars for early labor and smoothie makings for active labor. Tons of frozen fruit!
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Ooh, I just had a snack idea! I have a juicer that makes amazing ice cream-like frozen treats from any frozen fruit. Some banana-mango (or pineapple) frozen treat would be so yummy during labor. Only problem is you can't make it ahead of time. Hopefully these cold/refreshing treats will sound appealing during labor even though it's cold outside...

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Oh, man. Fresh fruit sounds like an amazing labor treat, especially melon. Om nom nom.

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Great thread! I had a hard time keeping anything down during my labour with DD so I would second the suggestion that bland and not-too-acidic foods might be a good idea. I usually have a stomach of steel and was SO surprised when I started tossing my cookies with every contraction... so bracing for more of the same this time around. I really ran out of steam part way through last time and I remember my midwife sent someone out to get some miso soup and some antinausea homeopathics. Those two ingredients really helped turned things around for me!

I also drank this last time and it was great (recipe is from my midwives):


1/3 cup fresh lemon juice

1/3 cup honey

1/4 tsp salt

2 calcium-magnesium tablets, crushed

3 1/2 cups water


Mix in blender, can be made ahead and frozen.

*Last time I doubled this and made it without adding the water. It was syrupy and I froze it in an ice cube tray. DH would just add a couple cubes to a glass of water for me...

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Ooh sarahb, miso soup is a fantastic idea!

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