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Very Slow Fluid Leak?

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Hi, after many hours of irregular contractions yesterday, I began to have a trickley feeling like beginning your period while trying to sleep. It began like 4 hours ago, at 5 am. It woke me up several times and I still feel it now, lying on my left side. I can feel it coming out of my body and my pad is damp, not soaked, just pretty darn damp. I have not been having any discharge the past week, so that could be starting up again. But do any of you know from experience if this is what a very slow leak might feel like? If it is this slow, do you think it is better to wait it out for labor or to call in to MW to get it checked? I know that many times the test they give is not accurate and could lead to immediate interventions if it is a leak. But perhaps a leak this slow is not a big deal...IDK

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I honestly would leave it up to my midwife, if it were me. but I tend to be cautious. I can't imagine what else it would be, and you could ask them about their opinions on very slow leaks. I'll be following you avidly. lurk.gifgoodvibes.gifsmile.gif
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IDK, but it could also possibly be discharge, as you noted (mine is pretty watery and sometimes copious right now) and someone in another DDC went to the hospital with what she thought was a slow leak, and... let's just say she forgot about the fact that she and her husband had been busy in the bedroom.  Sheepish.gif

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Well, I wish we had been gettin busy LOL but alas, after  very long night with DS2 and a whole day of exhausting contractions, I was in no mood to even look in his direction. Actually, I felt totally furious with him last night, like seething anger, for the small inadequacies he naturally has that I can usually handle just fine. I was in tears while feeling this leakage and felt like I didn't care either way what it was. But now that I am up I called my MW and she wants me to come in for tests and u/s to check position. So, I'll update later. 

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Much love and good luck either way!! joy.gif
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Good luck, writermama! Here's hoping the news is good! :D

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Thanks for support ya'll. It doesn't look like fluid but she saw a lot of discharge near my cervix so it is probably that. I had to stay for an extra hour though to monitor baby's heart rate because it was racing (like 180 bpm) for a long time while I was there, then he slowly calmed down. I am going to rest today. I feel off.

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Good luck writer!  Enjoy your resting day as much as possible, never know when you'll need your strength!

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Bizarrely enough, almost the same thing happened to me yesterday too. I was convinced for awhile at church I was leaking fluid. I've had tons of discharge for the last 2-3 weeks and often feel "wet" but it has never been enough (total TMI, lol!) to actually make my undies feel damp until yesterday. But... then it slowed back down. I've had a few other moments like that since but I figure if it was really my amniotic sac it would make that conclusively known at some point, right??? I think it's either just a ton of watery discharge or else maybe a tiny hind water leak. I have an appointment tomorrow anyway so I figure I'll ask...

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