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Margot Jane is here!

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I've just been catching up with everyone's birth stories and am so happy for everyone on their new arrivals. My baby girl, Margot Jane, arrived on Valentine's Day afternoon weighing 7 lbs 9 oz. I was 40 weeks 1 day.
I was lucky to have a totally unmedicated hospital birth with the help of my husband, mom, and doula. Labor was around 15-16 hours- at one point I was stuck at 5 cm and when the doc broke my already leaking bag of waters it sped things up significantly. Like, from 5 to pushing in two hours. I enjoyed the serene, snowy view of the farm park across the street from the hospital as I labored on the birth ball, danced with my husband, and knelt at the foot of the bed. By the time I pushed- 30 minutes total- the doc and nurse joked that I'd "made midwives out of them" orngbiggrin.gif
Baby Margot's cord was allowed to pulse and I got my hour of skin to skin nursing/cuddling before any assessments were done. Apgars were both 9 and we've settled in really nicely as a family.
It's hard, but I've given myself a full 2-3 weeks to recover and bond with baby before jumping back into household tasks. My mom left five days after baby arrived and my husband had three med school exams right after, so I've had to keep my bedside stocked with water and snacks so I can stay in bed unless I need the bathroom.
All in all, lovely experience with labor and nursing. I am in love with this daughter of mine and can't wait to see her grow!
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beautiful and wonderful!


so happy for you all, mama!!!

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Congratulations!!! So happy for you that you got the birth experience you wanted as I know you were apprehensive about the hospital. Enjoy Margot :)

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Hurray!  Congrats and welcome baby!

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Wonderful! Congratulations!

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Awesome!  So happy your birth went well.  Welcome, new baby!

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Congrats!! :)

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Congratulations!! I'm thrilled that you got the birth you so desired! orngbiggrin.gif

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I knew there had to be a Valentine's day baby in this group. :) Congratulations. It sounds like you had a great birth on your terms. I'm so happy for you. 

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congrats! so glad your birth went well! love her name!

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congratulations! i am so happy for you! stillheart.gif

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What a lovely birth story!  Congratulations on having your natural labor, on taking such good care of your postpartum self with a generous baby moon period.  And most of all, congratulations on your baby girl! Welcome Margot Jane!

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Congratulations mama! So happy for your lovely birth!  Hope recovery is going well! Love her name!

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Congratulations!!  I'm so happy everything went well.  Beautiful name.  I considered Margot as a middle name for Isla. smile.gif

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