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Single Mom RVing

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I was wondering if anyone here is a single mom who full time RV's?

I am a single mom to a little boy and have contemplated RVing full time but have not been able too thus far 


any tips?



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I am a single mom with three kids and RV full-time. We all have our reason for wanting to RV, my list is VERY long. I have a teenager and two toddlers. This is what I did:

Step one: I looked a my budget and decided I would need to face my biggest hurdle - I needed to be PATIENT if I wanted to be successful in this. This is not an easy thing for me as most of my mistakes in life were because I jumped in feet first thinking I could wing it. Had this ever worked for me? NOPE !!! No, I needed a game plan and I needed to STICK WITH IT !!!! I named it 'The Plan' and for the first time in my life I didn't deviate from my goal.

Step two: While working at my normal fulltime job, I started a business of my own and did it after the kiddos went to bed. There have been a LOT of sleepness nights. I started it knowing I had to be able to take in on the road. My goal was to make $1500 of steady income per month (I have other sources of income so this was my goal).

Step three: Pay off those debts! I was lucky enough to have a truck already that could tow my travel trailer, but I had to pay it off - according to 'The Plan.' I also was lucky that I didnt have any credit cards, so that was a non issue. The goal was to have no or as little debt as possible when I started out on the road. So, my side business money went to paying off that debt. It is very hard to not go crazy and spend that money on stuff you've always wanted, but if you keep the goal in mind, the last thing you need to do is get more stuff - it won't fit in the RV anyway.

Step four: I used the majority of my tax return (mine was $6500) on an RV down payment ($5000) and put the remaining $1500 in savings for an emergency. This really isnt much of a safety net, but since my RV was new I hoped I didn't need that much of a net. The total cost of my new RV was $18,000 - $5000 down = $13,000 loan making my payments $475/mo for 3 years including RV insurance. I don't have good credit - only about 625 and I still got a loan. My interest rate stinks but that's what happens when you have no credit and pay cash for everything.

Step five: Get rid of all your stuff or put it in storage. I put mine in storage and that was a huge mistake looking back. I did it incase I ever changed my mind about RVing, I would still have my stuff. Well...all it turned out to be is a $80 bill every month. I don't miss anything in that silly storage, honestly if it was flooded and I lost everything or it caught fire, I wouldn't care LOL.

Step six: Stay at a campground close in your hometown for the first month. I say this for two reasons. First, you are going to discover you only need/ use about 1/3 - 1/4 of all the stuff you initially squeezed into your RV and you either need to sell, give away, or put into storage all the overflow. Second, it a transition thing. Get used to living in the RV first while you still know your environment. I did this and am so happy I did. It is a HUGE adjustment. You may not think it will be, but it is. I am a very laid back, take it as it comes, and adventurous person, but it was hard for even me.

Step seven: Relax, slow down, take your time, and enjoy your children. Yes you'll have to work still, yes there will be hard and frustrating days, but there are hard and frustrating times before you get the RV too. Oh and if you can find an extra awning puller outer (sorry I dont know the name - long metal rod with a hook in the end) it makes a perfect thing to woosh around your black tank when you get pyramiding happening. Just make sure you don't mistake it with the other one and use it to pull out your awning - yuck.

Hope this helps.

I'm 34 and am now LIVING life instead of merely existing.

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