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When do you hire a doula?

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Our second child is due at the beginning of September and we want to hire a doula this time around. When in the pregnancy do you begin interviewing a doula? Do they usually schedule now or prefer to wait closer to your due date? I don't want to find out too late that everyone is booked, but at the same time it seems early to begin the search.

Also, what do you think was the most important question that you asked a doula?

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I haven't hired a doula before, but I do think earlier is better. There needs to be time to establish and develop a relationship.

I would contact any doulas you are interested in working with and ask when they like to begin meeting.
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I work part time as a doula and I've hard people contact me from around 17 weeks on to 38 weeks. I  only take 2 clients per month, max, but I primarily work as a lactation and childbirth educator, so I think I see more clients for education than actual doula work.

My colleagues who take many more clients per month (5-6) usually book their moms around 28-34 weeks (ideally) which gives time for 1-2 prenatal appointments and time to "click" personalities with their choice.  Having said that, if you want to interview and decide on a doula now, I think any good doula would go ahead and see you/book you whenever you feel you're ready.

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while we are talking about doulas, maybe i could ask one of my big Qs. i think it would be great for us to have a doula who has experience with multiple births. there is one in town who does (i also believe she is also be queer-friendly), so despite living in a small town, i think we have a promising candidate! but what happens if we have a c-section? what role does a doula play at that point? or is she just suddenly no longer your doula? how do you pay her if she can't actually be at the birth? 

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I am a doula and I like to connect with my clients as early as possible so we have lots of time to get to know each other. You would generally meet with your doula two to three times before your due date. Plus she can be very helpful with finding you info and resources, product information, questions about caregivers etc. The sooner you choose one the better you will know her before baby arrives. Some doulas are very busy and we can only book a certain number of clients per month. I would recommend you start looking, giving yourself time to meet with several so you can find someone perfect for you. 


Try starting with a google search of doulas in your area. Also www.findadoula.com or www.doulamatch.com will help you locate doulas in your area. 


Good luck! And Congratulations!

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To mrsandmrs...great question!  Most doulas have a clause in their contract about c-sections. Just ask your potential doula what her policy is, and don't be afraid to bargain with her if she doesn't have a policy. In the event of an emergency c-section your doula will have been with you for the duration of labour up to that point, and she will wait until your are in recovery and then will stay with you still for a couple of hours afterwards...so she has still supported you even though not at the actual moment of birth. Some hospitals will allow the doula into the OR with you. In the case of a planned c-section after signing on with a doula, I for example, offer a reduced fee if I have enough notice of the change in birth plan (two weeks), and I still do prenatal visits to help prepare for the birth, attend pre-op and wait for mom after surgery, or I offer twelve hours of postpartum support as opposed to the standard 1-2 hours follow up visit, in lieu of not being present at the birth but still receive the full fee. So my point is I am flexible, and many other doulas are as well......just ask ;)

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Thanks LeeAnne. Lots of food for thought!
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