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I found this product to use for disposable home made wipes.  I have a friend making me a solution of just water/ essential oils/ natural preservative.  I'll let y'all know how it turns out.


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Originally Posted by dayiscoming2006 View Post

Best to get just one or 2 to try of the ones that look the most interesting to you and decide from there. You don't know how you will like something until you have tried it. My first diaper purchase was a stash of kushies(crappy diapers.) I got them because that's what the mom I heard about the modern cloth diapers from loved and used. Thankfully, they resold at nearly the same amount I paid for them. Anyway, don't buy a huge amount of any one thing or you may regret it. For a newborn though, either fitteds or prefolds or a mix of the two should suffice to get you started.
I am wondering how exactly I will do this. if I buy a bunch of newborn size for example, from GMD, then plan on washing a couple just to see how they work, and have the rest of them ready to be washed assuming I will know if I like them after just a couple times of using? and maybe supplement with disposables & a couple prefold I have while deciding? I have a feeling I'm not gonna want to do all that washing again the first week, but at least I would have the ability to return them if they didn't works out from the return policy if I wait to buy them, right? or is there another way? I want to avoid reselling, used ads are driving me mad!

I know this is a cloth diapering thread but if I am going 2 need the disposables, any recommendations of what brand is most cloth like, anybody else using them for short time? I think you're having a couple packs around might be good I want to check on prices. if for some reason they work out and they are economical I may end up deciding to return my newborn diapers and investing in the cloth small size. That is if i get fitteds, if i got prefolds i think i would keep for doublers , yes? Does that sound right? love keeping all my options open but the same time drives me crazy to not commit to anything, i wanna be ready for anything, but sometimes the effort doesnt feels exhausting.
And, anybody want to comment on the breathability of a good disposable vs a cloth with a pul cover?

I am loving the wipes solution/pail tips too. Thanks everyone smile.gif, i couldnt do it without you all.
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here we are- nickisdiapers.com has a 15 day refund policy, even if you've used (and washed) the diapers!

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so for the diaper trial there is this option. Someone else may have posted this already. it's basically a 21 day trial and you can return everything you don't want no matter what condition it's in.



I have mentioned these before but it kind of applies to your question so here goes again. Gdiapers can be used with the disposable insert which is biodegradable and was the only disposable that did not give my son a rash. Then when you are ready to move to cloth you can put a cloth pre fold or the cloth inserts they make into the cover. The cover is made of cotton and has a little PUL snap in pocket for the insert. Around here they sell them at Whole foods and other similar grocery stores so you could maybe go to one and look at them in person before you decide. oh they also have them at babesRus. So incase I was not clear (happens a lot these days) IT's a reusable cover with a disposable insert that can be replaced with a cloth insert when your ready to deal with laundry.



We are hoping not to use disposable at first this time. In fact we are thinking of signing up for a diaper service for the first few weeks or so. I hear you can "register" so people can make donations towards the service cost. But I'm also a don't draw lines type of person so who knows what we will end up doing. With our first we did use disposables for a bit in the beginning. We used earths best brand and actually tried a few other ones, but quickly discovered that he was allergic to something in everyone we tried which just gave us the push to switch to cloth faster. I must say it was nice not to have to think about the added pressure of diaper laundry as we were adapting to first time parenthood, so I fully appreciate why someone else would want to do the same thing. I'm hoping that the diaper service will provide the same "break".


In fact what are other peoples experience with diaper services. I remember not being interested in it years ago because of the amount of water and chemicals that were used to wash the diapers at the time. I need to do more research but for now the idea of someone else washing up for me is lovely.

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RE getting a few dipes to see what you like and buying more later....This is what I decided to do:


From what I have been told, even if you have big babies you will likely need newborn size dipes for the first few weeks (jr's mom, you must be an exception!!! that's a big baby!), so I bought a few second hand from area mom's - a couple fitteds, a couple GMD prefolds, a few covers, and a bunch of AIO's.  All together there is plenty to go around for those first few weeks, but I wouldn't get more in larger sizes until I learned which ones worked for us. (except the mom's i bought from had larger sizes and multiple sizes so I just took everything, lol, but you could just get newborn sizes to test out).  Then you can make a stash of larger sizes of which ever type was the most workable.  OTOH if you were looking to get one size dipes, then getting a a variety isn't a bad thing either, since both you and your baby's needs can change and having variations to try can be helpful.  


I feel like there is still more breathability with the PUL covers vs disposables, but some babies still prefer a natural fiber - again, that is part of the trial and error.  gDiapers are a great hybrid dipe to go with while you decide, I have a couple of those, but DS absolutely despises them. 

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Oh wow, I feel like I have just hit the blessing jackpot!  Someone just gifted me, completely free, an entire stash of cloth dipes!!  NB through toddler sizes.  Some haven't even been touched.  I am in a slight state of shock that it just occurred! Not all are in the best shape and I will probably still end up buying some flats (none included in this stash), but at least now I have a wide range of covers that I can use and see which ones I like the best.  Rolling into the third trimester with one less thing on my mind!  And DP is going to be so happy that I didn't buy anything yet joy.gif

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