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second baby, new diaper questions

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With DS1 we used BG 3.0 (he's 5 now). But only had 12 so the pul got completely worn out by the time he was out of them (2.5 yo). I tossed the outter parts bet kept the inserts thinking they'd come in handy some day.

Now we have DS2 who is 2 months. We've used cloth since day one including a varied stash of FB AIO, Charlie Banana one size, BG 4.0, fitted WAHM cotton things, a Thirsties fitted, prefolds then a Thirsties duo cover, a couple Thirsties pro wraps, a couple soft bums covers and one sprout change cover.
I had thought that I'd go with all prefolds this time, since they're the cheapest, but so far I'm not living them and I'm missing the pocket diapers when they're in the laundry.

Moving forward i need to modify this stash and i have questions about how to do this.

This new LO seems to be very sensitive to feeling wet, so the prefolds need to be changed super often, creating the need for even more of them than usual. Is there any way to modify a prefolds system so that babies don't fell so wet? I'm imagining the use of micro fleece here, but have no idea how. Also, I'm really unhappy with the Thirsties covers. The Velcro doesn't hold well and the snaps on the duo come undone with the slightest tug. These are brand new so that's not the issue. The sprout change cover is cool except that only the leg holes adjust, not the waist. Weird! I like the soft bums covers because they're lined with micro fleece which seems to help keep liners in place, so I'm able to use those old BG liners.

Here are my questions:
1) can i make prefolds more comfy for my dry-loving baby?
2) any clever/cheap ways to use my old BG Inserts, keeping in mind that baby wants to fell as dry a possible?
3) what are some good, affordable cover brands?
4) have any of you gone from pocket diapers to mostly prefolds and not missed them?
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You can cut up fleece to use as a barier between him and the cotton or I think Bummis makes some. I love SweetPea covers. They are cute and less expensive. Thirsties covers are great too but come in two sizes so thats frustrating. Flip has pretty nice covers and very basic. I do love my wool covers for night time. They really keep baby breathable, absorb moisture and are just awesome. I Love Grovias new bar soap and Lanolin spray. works great! Good luck mommy.

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Personally since you really seem to like pockets I would just go with that rather than try to mess with a new system that you may still not like much. Are you opposed to china-made diapers? I have some Alvababy pockets that I love and use for most of my stash. You can do a Google search or look on Facebook for a co-op buying group to get them cheap and the bigger groups get them without inserts, lowering the cost even more. That way you could use your inserts and prefolds in them and still get the stay-dry benefits.

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