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sleeping advice (for a lack thereof?)

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Normally, I'm a stomach sleeper. But now, with my stomach growing as I'm almost 21 weeks, stomach isn't working so well (plus, I'm clearly cramping baby's style when I roll over). While I have been propping up one hip on a pillow for a while, it's just not working any more.


I've had some degree of insomnia throughout the pregnancy, but now I'm getting desperately tired, and STILL can't get to sleep (or stay asleep). While I recognize that the general stress level in my house (moving cross country this week) might be part of it, it's definitely not everything.


Any tips, tricks, or advice? I finally resorted to Benadryl last night because I was close to tears (and had done everything I could think of to make myself comfortable and sleep-oriented). I finally fell asleep on the couch around 1 - 3 hours after going to bed.

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My girlfriend loaned me this pillow http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0010BBN7M
And it's been amazing. I'm also a stomach sleeper and so far I feel like I'm still on my stomach when I sleep with this. That being said, my belly is pretty small compared to many of you since this is my first so don't know how it will work as I get larger. But I think it works better than propping with a regular pillow.
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I wish I had some advice but I am suffering from sleep deprivation too. I take hours to fall asleep and then wake up many times. Tonight I am going to take half a unisom and try to go to bed at 9 pm. I think a big part of it is that I stay up too late and get my "second wind". So 9 pm bedtime for me!
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I've been having trouble sleeping too.  Try taking Calcium before bed - also bananas.  Sleepytime tea is still ok and I find that's been helping a lot. 

If the problem is getting a second wind do everything you can to get to bed before the time that that usually happens. 

I got up at 2 this morning thinking if I dealt with some of the things that were bothering me (like finding the missing ultrasound requisition form) I'd be able to sleep.  Not so.  Worth a try though.  Managed to make the kid's field trip cheque out to the wrong school even.  Brilliant.

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I feel you all! I'm normally an insomniac and suffer from it frequently. But, my normal insomnia means that it can take several hours to fall asleep, but once I'm asleep, I stay asleep. Not now. I finally fall asleep, then wake up and can't go back to sleep. So frustrating and exhausting. Hasn't helped that my whole family has been really sick. This doesn't work for me, (because I'm weird and don't respond to things the way most people do) but it works for a lot of people, Rescue Remedy Sleep formula. Maybe some of you can get some relief from it.
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I've become a major pillow experimenter. I don't know what about belly-sleeping YOU like, but for me, it's all about feeling my face a belly snuggled up to something. So, what worked for me is getting all propped up on my side (firm head pillow, squishy lower back pillow under my waist, firm pillow between my legs) and then adding a "hugger" I put up against my belly, chest, and chin. It's insane, but the only thing that is comfy. Sometimes, my SO serves the function of hugger, but when it gets hot under the covers we usually part, and so I need the pillow again. I tried a Boppy to simplify this madness, but it was a waste of $60. I suggest you just go crazy with the pillows until you feel supported.
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I am SO GLAD someone started this! I cannot for the life of me stay asleep or get comfortable! I wake up 4 times a night to go pee, and everytime I turn around I am awake! I have 4 pillows around me. My hips hurt, I think from laying on my side all the time. My husband rubs them for me before we go to bed. I also started drinking camomile tea to help me fall asleep. This is horrible! Everyone keeps telling me to get the sleep now while I can, and I can't! 

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I've written this before, but sublingual methyl b12 on a regular basis has helped me regulate my sleep. It's still not perfect, but pretty good. I sleep most of the night with some waking for bathroom or kids if they need me. 

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Oatstraw tea is what has helped me sleep. I still wake occasionally and can't get back to sleep (suuuucks) Also an iron supplement. Also eating right before bed, (Which could explain why my rear end is growing so fast) but I find that when I wake up I am actually just plain old hungry. Again.
Overall I think it's the oatstraw that is helping knock back my anxiety enough to keep me asleep. I cook it for an hour and drink it in the early evening...
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Anyone know if Skullcap herb is safe for tea? I will ask at my next app. I used to love this herb, it really clicked with me, just a soothing feeling. On the nights I have trouble getting to bed, i sometimes find myself wondering about what it will be like when baby is here since I do so poorly with little sleep...I am trying to borrow a mattress topper in the meantime, maybe its the bed.
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