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We've told most of our family and a lot of our friends. I'm quite open and have told anyone that we would tell if I had a miscarriage...so not my ILs but almost everyone else in our lives.


I'm really struggling. Even being on here to post is hard. I'm feeling quite nauseous and have wicked indigestion (holy trucker burps) and my hips hurt like they did by the end of pregnancy with the other two, but I'm struggling much more with feeling so down. As in I've been depressed before and feel like I'm teetering on the edge of that black hole. I'm terrified. I'm can't go back down there. I'm in tears just typing this. Both other pregnancies I've actually felt more even, more balanced, and happy. This pregnancy was planned and wanted for quite some time. I spent much of the previous six months getting healthy, losing a few pounds, improving our diet, running again, and getting better routines around the house. All that is gone. I'm convinced I'm going to feel this bad for the entire pregnancy. I have two kids to take care of all day. I just can't go down this road. I know my life is good but i can't shake just feeling really sad. I can't even say what is bothering me because it's not like I'm spinning thoughts. I'm just really sad. 

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Aw, gray, I'm so sorry you're having such a hard time. The ickiness will pass and routines will be reestablished. It's a strange transition to go through, no matter how much planning/wanting went into this baby! Can you see a doctor who might be able to prescribe something to you, since it's something you've struggled with in the past? Big big hugs to you!!

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hug2.gif Huge hugs to you Gray, that is not a nice space to be in. Usually I am not one to go down the medical route but I have severe anxiety and it was deeply impacting on my daily life, I was unable to leave my home. In the end I went and spoke to my dr and she has prescribed me medication, to which I am eternally great full, I have my life back. I am back to being happy and healthy because of the meds. I leave house confident and unafraid. If you think you are at a point where you can't see a way out I would suggest talking to someone about it, even take a support person to your dr to help you convey what's really happening. I hope you see improvement soon. 


AFM- I am on bed rest, and my husband is AMAZING! I am getting lots of knitting done. And catching up on lots of tv episodes. Have had no more bleeding thank goodness and the absolute bare minimum of spotting. Feeling cautiously optimistic but doing all the right things in the hope of a positive outcome. 

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Gray I found tthe adjustment this time brutal. This is pregnancy #6, god willing baby #5. I'm in pain, my legs are swelling, my asthma is brutal, I think I got a uti. I cry. I sleep. The house well its in "camping" mode - clean if we were camping. Haven't washed floor in 2+ weeks. I half want to deny I'm even pregnant. There's a huge loss of control when we are pregnant. Everyone gets excited but we have to do the work, beaar the pain etc. It might be harder in a planned pregnancy because you chose and wanted this. 5 of 6 of mine were not planned. Hugs and love feel free to vent.
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Gray, do you have a therapist you talk to? Another support network? That place you are sounds frightening, I know because I've been there before. Please reach out or find your IRL support people and seek proper medical attention. I hope you find some relief soon.
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