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what kind of carrier is best for us?

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i have a maya wrap but my lo is 9 months and any carry in that thing for very long hurts my back. i was thinking of getting an ergo because i love the idea of being able to do a back carry (which i think would help my back) but my budget only calls for a used one at best.


can i do a back carry in my maya or should i opt for something else? i want something i can do housework and go for walks in for up to an hour or so at a time at the least.


owen loves being held and im glad to do it but i feel like i cant get anything done at times, but he loves watching me!


im 5' 2" and about 115 lbs. my son is 9 months and around 20 lbs.

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Has anyone used the BobaAir?


I was thinking of this but when I saw it in a store it seemed to be plasticy and not breatheable.  Is it nylon?

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I loved my Ergo and used it for a long time with my second child (needed my hands free much more than with the first!).  I tried lots of carriers - I had lots of back issues due to my two close pregnancies - and found the Ergo to be the most back-friendly.  I was also on a tight budget, so I got mine off of craigslist.  You'll have to watch closely, as they go quickly!  Good luck!

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I vote for ergo!


ESP - I heard the boba air is best used as a "back up" carrier as it lacks any sort of padding.  it looks pretty uncomfortable.  the people who I know that have one keep it in their car.

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To my knowledge, a maya wrap is too streachy to use safely and dependably for back carry.
I think you might just love the ergo smile.gif
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Wearing my son on my back has literally saved my back. The Ergo is comfortable and easy to use that way. I also use my woven to put him on my back. It takes more practice but it works also. I just saw a couple of Ergos at a resale shop. They are definitely out there.
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If you're looking for a SSC you might want to try a Beco Butterfly. It's supposed to fit petite mamas better than an Ergo (the waist belt on the Beco can be made quite small). It's also good for secure back carries. 

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I'm also 5'2, 110 lbs, using a lightweight SSC the Action baby carrier which is cooler and more comfy for my baby. It is also easy to put on/off. The straps can be criss-crossed so baby's weight is evenly spread on the back plus it has a hipbelt for added support preventing backache .  I started using DD on our ABC when she is 3mos until now that she is 22mos though I'm already planning to get the toddler carrier. What is the weight of your baby? Their toddler carrier has a weight limit of 15-45lbs...and it is wider and support extends to the kness. And they have a 10% discount going on in the site. We always use this carrier whenever we are out and DD will usually fall asleep in it. joy.gif Hope this helps!

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