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Starting to vaccine 3 yr. old - please advise

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What are the most important ones? I understand we'll need less doses due to age, and I assume I should start with Dtap.
Should I also give HiB at the same time, or wait a month betwen the doses?

In addition to vit. C, what else can be given to boost immunity/ reactions?

In addition, I'm in my third trimester, can any be done now, or should I wait till after birth and have a newborn in the house?

I don't give chicken pox, flu.... The Hep. will be given later if needed, and MMR won'tbe done now either.

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You should be fine doing the vaccines now, and I would say having your 3 yr old have DTaP before bringing a newborn into the house is a great idea. 


Many people here like to do one vaccine at a time just to keep a handle on what their child reacted too in the rare case there's a serious reaction. Although in your situation (ie with a new baby on the way soon) I'd probably want to minimise Drs trips and would just get DTap and HiB in the same visit (also I'd go for MMR but you state you don't want to do that, so I won't mention it again!). You might consider also getting IPV. There are some combined DTaP/IPV shots. In fact in the UK there's a 5-in-1 DTap/IPV/HiB shot (given at 2, 3 and 4 months in the regular schedule). I don't know where you are located and if that would be available for your child. 

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OP we start at age 2 and then stopped for a while. DS did get a HiB (you only need one dose, ActHiB) and a DTaP (Daptacel). We're only going for tetanus protection really. He'll get his second DtaP in 2 weeks. DD just turned two and had a HiB (after 18 months only one is needed). We boost their immunity with fish oil (nordic naturals), multivitamins (Alive), extra vitamin d3 (rainbow light 1000IU gummies) and zinc/echinacea/bee propoplis (natural grocer's brand). As for C, they like Acai emergen-C which I spike with sodium ascorbate.

We will do measles only in Europe (available in Europe and Japan) since we go yearly do Europe. IPV is not a pressing matter since we live in the US and only travel to Europe. We will do it when we go to China to visit family since Chinese use OPV (research the country, e.g. Brazil uses OPV as well so you need to know). That's about it. We don't do flu, the Hep's, Garda, chicken, MMR and so on. 


In the US, you have Tripdeia, Daptacal or  Pediarix for DTaP (I prefer Dapta). There is a 5in1 that has DTaP-IPV-HepB (Infanrix I think) or Pentacel which is DTaP-IPV-HiB. Both are high in Aluminum and Pentacel has polysorbate 80 which I avoid like the plague in vaccines, and is also cultured in the medium from fetal lung cells.Our doctor orders what we want to use for us. Aluminum is a concern with all DTaPs. I wish there was one with none. 


Oh and I watch their diet more closely - very little carbs/sugar for 2 weeks. We eat little anyways but I limit it even more.

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Thanks so much everyone.


I give him fish oil, will need to get better about daily.  Vit. D - daily, multivitamin, and Vit. C. (he's low in iron, so also getting that.)


He gets 1,000 IU of vit. D daily, should I add more the days before and after the vaccine?


I'm in (QC) Canada, and I see they have the combination one, will need to ask what the separate ones are. It's harder here to get specific companies, I tried with the MMR, for an older child to get separate, and they refuse to, because it means more visits for vaccines, and they don't have enough medical man-power for that, so they do as much as they could at once, even if it isn't the best for the patient.....

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I don't vax, but if I did, I would make sure my kid was 100% healthy on vaccination day. Definitely up the vit C, D and fish oil. Also, Dr Russell Blaylock recommends immediate cold pack on the injection site after the vaccination and to continue to ice it afterwards. He also recommends fish oil, flavinoids, natural vitamin E, vitamin C. He also says to make sure you are not deficient in zinc.


Here is the article where his recommendations on how to avoid an adverse immune reaction to vaccines and their mechanisms are outlined in detail.

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I easily do 5000IU a week before and after a vaccine. As for MMR, they do not offer separate shots in North America anymore. Only in Europe and Japan (only measles and rubella, mumpsvax was discontinued as well). 

I think you can phone around to find a practice or health department that has the brand you desire. My office is a residency office which mostly serves low income people (I had the choice between them, terrible peds or terrible peds in the military...I don't mind residents, they are quite open minded actually). still orders my brands. Since they use them up anyways... 

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Here it's under the QC system. You don't choose what you want. The nurse will be in tomorrow, so the secretary will call me back with the info - for both the combination one, and separate ones - if they even offer the separate ones. (I pay $15 at my dr. to have it administered, but not for the vaccine itself, since the regular ones are covered by the health system. She won't order only 1 for me, since they vaccinate so many kids. People pay for the chicken pox, and the less given ones more since it isn't covered under the health dept. here. If I would get it at the govt. clinic, you wait a while for an appt. and no charge, but it's really annoying there.)


Thanks for the article.

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A quick reminder that this is the MV forum and it is intended as a support-only forum for those who are selective, delayed schedule or fully vaccinating. Members who have chosen not to vaccinate should not post here unless you are now considering vaccination. 

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I don't vaccinate but in my research I have learned some things you can do. Cilantro is good for detoxing. Green clay applied to the injection site will also help to draw out toxins. Detoxing can help minimize the chance of an adverse reaction. If you are still unsure about what vaccines to start off, you may want to make sure that you start with ones that do not shed ( since you are pregnant)
Best wishes and congrats on the baby.
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Shedding offers very little actual risk. Obviously do what you're comfortable with, but the only demonstrated risk from shedding is to the severely immuno compromised like people who are under going chemo.
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Good luck, Sunshine28!


Sometimes people posting here don't quite know how different it is getting medical care in Canada. We don't buy the vaccines (not even chicken pox anymore; that's covered in most provinces)--they're just around for the kids who show up to get them. That means things like the brand name of drugs you get isn't often discussed, and requests to get special vaccines other than the ones they have are uncommon. Going to a doctor in Canada is less like going to a restaurant, where you order things you want, and more like going to someone's house for dinner, where you eat what you're served. :)

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It's the same in the UK - we can't pick and choose, we get what's on offer (or pay to go private I suppose). Very different philosophy about health care when it's social, versus private I suppose. 

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In Germany you can order what you want. The doc will write you a rx and you take it to the pharmacy. They store it there until you pick it up and take it straight to the doctor for administration. Most people are insured under the socialized health plans. I never felt much of a difference in systems, just that it is more expensive here (US).

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