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Weekly Chat Feb 25 - March 2

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I'll be happy when February is over! I feel like this pregnancy is still going slow, but I think time will pick up soon with some various things we have coming up. Plus I'm feeling much less fatigued at 12 weeks! So happy. Anyone else?


Our anniversary trip was great, and relaxing! We loved the B&B and got some sun and the beach/marine environment was lovely. We had some awesome food. I went twice to a restaurant to get pork belly with marscapone risotto and fried leeks. It was AMAZING.

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look at those frizzled fried leeks! they look delicious. 


i am ready for march, but also starting to feel like time is moving very quickly and we are not accomplishing enough quickly enough. 

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My 25th birthday is on the 4th of March. Bitter sweet!

I'm in Atlanta, Georgia visiting my parents right now with my sister, her son, and my son. I hope DH is enjoying his vacation at home. Haha.
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cookAMH, I'm getting less tired and less nauseated. I've upped my protein intake so not sure if that's it or the fact things are progressing, probably both. I told DH today we can probably start cooking again smile.gif.


AFM: we've agreed on going with the birthcenter and I'll be calling them first thing in the morning to set up my first appt there. Very exciting!

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Originally Posted by dakipode View Post


AFM: we've agreed on going with the birthcenter and I'll be calling them first thing in the morning to set up my first appt there. Very exciting!


Oh fun! I hope you love it.

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cookamh- I am feeling so much better! although I still cant keep my eyes open past 10pm.  your meal looks ah-MAZzing


dakipode- yey! so excited for you! We had a great birth center birth last time and hope this one will be great as well.



I finally feel like I can start really eating again, hoping my weight doesn't go crazy! My dad sent a huge box FULL of candy for my kids for Easter baskets (my dad owns a wholesale candy bussiness its his thing ) I have been dipping into it for the past 3 nights! not good.  I feel like I need a locker and my husband can keep the key for the stupid candy. lol I need some sweet tooth evening dessert ideas that are healthy the reast of my diet is pretty good I don;t want to mess it up every night!

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I wish I was feeling better! I thought it was getting better last week, but this 12th week has been a rough one so far. It could be worse because my dd has been sick and not sleeping, which coupled with my insomnia means I get no sleep at all. I'm also wondering if this will be like my dd's pregnancy where I was full blown sick until 15 weeks. I did clean my house yesterday. Even swept, mopped, and vacuumed. Plus made it to the grocery store and got 5 days worth of meals... So maybe I am feeling better? Or I'm just not letting myself be lazy anymore. Easter candy sounds amazing! I should have got some at the store yesterday!
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10 weeks today--I felt better for a few days (better energy, less queasy), but it was a fluke. Back to fatigued and queasy/food aversion. I've lost 7 lbs since my BFP (starting out overweight, so no biggie).
Now I'm fighting a terrible cold and REALLY missing my sudafed. I get sinus infections easily so fingers crossed I avoid that this time. Got chiro care last week and will this week, eating lots of ginger and garlic, neti pot, etc.
We have to get our tax return done today, and I really don't want to go to the appointment but I am the bookkeeper of our house and DH would be flying blind if I sent him alone! Maybe I'll wear a mask...
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CookAMH - OMG, that meal looks AMAZING! This is coming from a ten-year vegetarian, but I always crave meat in my pregnancies. winky.gif Sounds like a terrific getaway. Glad you're feleig better, and hoping to join you in that feeling soon!


mrsandmrs - Isn't that always the way these things go? Too slowly for some aspects, but much too quickly for others! I'm not feeling the too quickly part yet, but I'm sure I will once spring hits. We need to make a major decision about our current vehicle and car seats before it gets too warm (need new summer tires for our car, but don't want to invest in them if we're going to get soemthing new), so that will make March fly probably.


CDsmom - Happy almost Birthday! Enjoy your visit with family!


dakipode - Exciting news about the birth centre! I think, had that been an option for me in my first pregnancy, that might have been my choice as well. A perfect compromise of homeyness and security in case of emergencies. Alas, we don't have birth centres here in Ontario (yet!), so we went with homebirthing. Not that I'm unhappy with that decision, but it's always nice to have more choices! Glad you're feeling better.


bohemianmama - Oh, man, I can relate on the candy thing! I ate TWO mars bars last night. Bad idea, but damn, they were goooood! ROTFLMAO.gif


As for me, I'm still feeling pretty miserable. greensad.gif On the plus side, I just threw up today for the first time in this pregnancy, which is an improvement over my last two pregnancies. On the minus side, I'm now throwing up. Ugh! And if this one goes like the others, I won't be feeling good again for at least another five or six weeks... Shoot me now. 


Other than that, I'm tired. Not sure if that's the pregnancy itself at this point, or the Diclectin I'm taking for the nausea. Probably both. Definitely just getting through each day as it comes, not putting big expectations on myself. If my big kid gets to school on time and with a lunch, then I feel like I've accomplished my day's work. wink1.gif Other than that, I try to keep up with the dishes, make some meals, keep the little one somewhat entertianed (though, admittedly, the tv is doing most of the work these days), and try to stay awake long enough to talk to my husband about his day for a bit before napping in the evening.

I cannot wait till this stage is over!

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Geez, in the time it took me to finish my reply, two more people posted! LOL!


MamaMash - I envy your energy! I really need to clean my house, but can't seem to make myself do it. I swept my kitchen yesterday and did dishes, but that's it. Good for you for pushing through being sick! Hope you feel better soon.


haurelia - Fingers crossed for you that you don't develop a sinus infection. Being sick while you're pregnant and can't take meds is misery. Hopefully, you win the fight against that virus!

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We had our first prenatal appointment yesterday and it went great! It was mostly filling out forms and talking about the weird nature of the organization we're giving birth with (South Community Birth Program if you're from the Vancouver area) but I am pretty pleased at how everything went.


Other than that my nausea has mostly gone although not my food cravings or aversion (I only have one aversion and that is to hummus. Hummus is WAY off the list of acceptable foods right now.) and I've been finding that I can only eat smaller amounts of food at a time than I could before I was pregnant. Now I just have to last until Easter when we can tell all the family.

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Bromache- don't envy me. That is honestly the most I have done in one day since I got pregnant. Pathetic. The tv is doing most of the entertaining for my dd too. I feel so bad about it. I do try to get down on the floor and play with her at least a couple times throughout the day. I was sick until 15 weeks with her pregnancy so I'm anticipating the same with this one. I stopped taking zofran last week, I couldn't stand the constipation anymore. I tried b6 and Benadryl yesterday evening and ended up passing out on the couch. I kind of expected it. Benadryl has always knocked me on my butt. Thank goodness my dh was home to look after dd. unfortunately it looks like that's not going to be an option for me to help with the nausea.
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Originally Posted by Bromache View Post
mrsandmrs - Isn't that always the way these things go? Too slowly for some aspects, but much too quickly for others! I'm not feeling the too quickly part yet, but I'm sure I will once spring hits. We need to make a major decision about our current vehicle and car seats before it gets too warm (need new summer tires for our car, but don't want to invest in them if we're going to get soemthing new), so that will make March fly probably.



i just keep thinking "that bathroom is not going to remodel itself!" unfortunately ! 

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mamamash - i hope you turn the corner soon! i know you have been suffering.

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For those of you suffering with awful morning sickness (specifically vomiting), I've been reading the All Natural Pregnancy Book - Aviva Jill Romm, MD (midwife and herbalist) and came across the following suggestion that I hadn't heard of before: 


"Apply a warm salty pack to your stomach (not over your belly, just directly over your stomach). To do this, heat 1/2 cup of sea salt in a skillet for 3 minutes. Put the salt into a pillowcase - it will be very hot. Fold the pillowcase (or other suitable sack) into a small square or rectangular "pad" and apply. If it is too hot, wrap the pad in a  towel before applying. This Japanese treatment sends penetrating warmth into the stomach, decreasing spasms and cold, reducing the frequency of vomiting. Do it when you feel a bout of vomiting coming on, or if you have been vomiting repeatedly." 


Thought I'd pass it on in case it's new to any of you in the hopes it will help ease things for you... (fortunately I'm not throwing up but thought it might be of help to others). If anyone decides to try it, please let us know how it goes for you:)


dakipode - glad you guys made a decision, hope your first appointment at the birth center goes well, how exciting! We were planning on using a birth center as well but the midwife we ended up meeting with and loving only does home births, so we changed our plans. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out with all of our critters (2 dogs and 4 cats). But, overall I think it's the best decision for us because then we wouldn't have to worry about someone else having to care for them while we're away.

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Hello everyone! I am due with #2  Sep3rd. This pregnancy has been awful but I am trying to stay excited about the baby. I posted in the hyperemesis thread last night but it seems only 1 or 2 mamas have it. I have been stuck in bed since about week 5, been in the er 3 times and admitted once.Currently im on zofran, phenergan, medrol, and we're working with insurance to get iv's set up at home. Its pretty lonely in bed all day so I decided to join the DDC! joy.gif  Glad most of you are feeling pretty good!

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Oh MadameXcupcake, I am so sorry for you. I have taken care of many mamas over the years that suffer as you do. I hope it gets better soon for you. hug2.gif


Wish we could hang out because thats all I do is stay in bed when I am not at work. I was sick as a dog with a horrible respiratory virus and as soon as my cough was gone I got a terrible head cold now. I have so much sinus pressure. I am hanging out in bed watching movies. I am so sick of tv. I just watched Ever After for the first time, cute.


I totally agree, Thank God for MDC!!!

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Hello to all my fellow mamas!  This week started out very productive: the nausea has mostly gone away and I feel more energy.  I still require a daily nap, but the main discomforts of pregnancy are gone.  However, last night, my older DD and I started coming down with a terrible sore throat.  Better this than the stomach flu, but I really need to find something to boost my immune system.  I've been sick twice in less than a month and I'm just over it.


On better news, I've been a certified Lamaze childbirth educator for about 6 months now (I've been teaching childbirth ed for about 3 years now, but I was certified with someone else) and I have had a slew of people call about classes in the past 10 days.  Primarily, I have just been teaching private classes in-home, and I volunteer with WIC by teaching the childbirth and breastfeeding classes at two of our local offices, but now I think I need to get my act together about finding a location for group classes.  Our local birth centers can be very cliquey, so it's proving difficult to lease their locations, and I don't know of many other places to try.  Any ideas?  Places that are out are churches and the library - they both have restrictive policies that aren't conducive to what I want to do.  Another motivating factor is that I am presenting in a birth professionals fair in March and I'd really like to have something to invite people to by then!  I've already knit a bunch of boobie beanies and I need to sew a ring sling for the raffle.


I'm loving seeing all the u/s photos from everyone!  I live vicariously through those of you who contribute, so it means a lot to me!  And for those mamas suffering from hyperemesis, my deepest condolences!


And lastly, for those moms feeling guilty about using the TV as a babysitter, I am right there with you.  My kids, who usually watch about an hour a day are up to two and a half hours daily, not counting another 30-40 minutes of time on the Kindle or the Nintendo64 (which my four year old just discovered and wants me to play while she watches!  I am feeling a bit old!)

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Aidenn - Check your local community college or even university if you've got one. You can often rent times in the classrooms or conference rooms during evening or weekend hours. I work in the library of a college in my city and there's a prenatal organization that does birth prep classes in the board room twice a week.

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Sometimes schools are available after hours as well, Aidenn.
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