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Pregnant with hypothyroidism

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I have hashimotos and was just getting started on new meds (Naturethroid) when I found out I was pregnant now at 9wks. My doc strongly suggested I continue to take the medication. So I did.

My TSH is going down for around 2.5 to 1.2 and I feel terrible. I know pregnancy has the same symptoms I'm experiencing. Extreme fatigue, insomnia etc. but I also am experiencing some crazy dry skin (it even hurts to close my hand I'm so dry!), constipation and feeling EXTREMELY cold, especially my hands and feet. I will be talking to my doc about all this by wanted to see what any of you mamas might have experienced.

Also-- there are studies or articles out there that suggest a specific range for TSH while pregnant? Rather than just a blind google session I was hoping someone could share that info. TIA!
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I have Hashi's but normal TSH, so my low(er) dose of Armour to control my antibodies (my only indicator and likely the cause of 5 of my 7 losses) brings my TSH really low, like <.5. I never experienced really obvious symptoms though. (I am also on adrenal support though so that helps).
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I had my thyroid removed about 5 years ago and this is my second pregnancy while on medication. They always aim for me to be between 1 & 2, but I'm not sure if that is because of pregnancy or just because that's where my body feels best.  My first pregnancy I was all over the board and felt terrible most of the time.  This go round I've been between 0.7 and 5 (normal!) with just one test outside of that normal range and it's been much better.


With that said, I've still had symptoms that could be thyroid or pregnancy - especially dry skin and fatigue.

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I have Hashimotos, am pregnant, and I have really dry hands, insomnia and get very cold at night. I'm sorry I don't have much to offer but I thought it was interesting we have the same symptoms! Best of luck to you.
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I have had two pregnancies since having my thyroid removed, and my docs (in two different states, we moved) have always aimed for a TSH of 1.  The symptoms you mention are hyperthyroid symptoms -- itchy, constipated, cold, etc. -- it's something my endocrinologist asks me every time he checks my TSH (and could also include nauseous, headaches, and other things).  I would check in with your doc to see if maybe a little higher than what you have is okay; perhaps it would ease some of those nasty side effects.

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Thanks for the replies ladies. Apparently my TSH is normal and I am not anemic, so these are some strange symptoms for me. Cold all the time is certainly NOT me, I usually run hot blooded. 

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Could it just be pg in general? Even before I had thyroid issues I generally got chilly a lot in those pregnancies, particularly in my 1st tri. I was always afraid it would "give me away". wink1.gif
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Published in 2011, there is more info than you'll ever want to know about thyroid health and pregnancy and postpartum:




Most people need to increase their hypothyroidism medication in the first trimester since the baby is totally dependent on your thyroid during that time.


Best wishes.

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Thank you! Yes I believe my symptoms are pg related not thyroid related. I'll be doing more research but so far haven't upped my meds. My number is in the range my ND says he likes to see in pregnancy. So that's a good sign!
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Every pregnancy I've had, my TSH went out of whack like clockwork and I had to double my dose of Levothroid (I'm hypothyroid).


This is the first time I've been told to start seeing an endocrinologist for thyroid issues during pregnancy. I had my very first endo appointment about 2 months ago and I learned a lot! I'm kind of pissed that my nurse practitioner made it seem like having her monitor my TSH was enough with previous pregnancies. After meeting the endo doctor I realized just how little she knew about hypothyroid and how you may need to alter your dose at certain points in your pregnancy. Grr.

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