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Collective prayer.

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A friend delivered her twins last night. She was just under 26 weeks. I don't know many other details from her husband other than "the twins are strong and she is doing well"....  but I wanted to ask for a collective prayer for  them all. Those are little, little babies and they will need all the strength they can find for their long road ahead. And the parents, too.


It also has me thinking, as I start my 25th week tomorrow, about my own pregnancy... and about all of us here in this DDC who are hitting the viability mark.


May we all continue to have healthy pregnancies, or as healthy as we can, and may we all carry our little beans safely to term.


Sending love and light to all.

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Sweethuck, I hope your friend`s babies are just fine, healthy and strong! God help them!


And yes, we are all here hitting viability mark. I wish to everyone here healthy pregnancies!

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joy.gifgrouphug.gifjoy.gifTo everyone!



Keep us posted on those little ones Sweet Huck.

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Agreed, sweet message, Huck.




Good luck to your friend and her babies.

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Wow, thoughts of health and strength for your friend and her little ones.

What exactly is the point of viability these days? With technology it is getting earlier and earlier (of course, not without potential complications and long-term repercussions)
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Lots of love to your friend's fam.
I just saw a video on you tube of a baby outside the womb the same age as my fetus. That made quite an impression. Also it had updates on a normal childhood. Baby did spend 4 months in hospital. I'd really like to avoid that. I think it's like a 50% survival rate at 25 weeks. So hold on to your fetus.
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Sending love to that family. Hoping those little babies have a long and healthy life.

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Sending prayers for your friend and all of us to keep our babies growing healthy and strong.

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Sending healing thoughts to those little twins. Peace be with all of us as we continue to grow these little ones.

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Prayers and good feeling and strength to all of them... and to all of us!

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Sending love and healthy blessings to your friends!

Reminds me to be thankful for every moment, even when things get rough.  I have a friend whose baby came out at 25 weeks.  He is now a happy, healthy, strong (body and mind!) 8 year old and one of the greatest kids I know.  I can't even imagine holding this little one that's inside of me in my hand already! But sometimes they are on a different course than we expect them to be.


We are all blessed, no matter the outcomes. Love to all.

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Huck, any updates from your friend or her husband?  I am curious how they are doing - I hope well. :)

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No word from them. : / they must be quite overwhelmed. will share news if/when I get it.
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Just wanted to update that twins James and Langston (born at 25 weeks and a few days) are doing great. They still have a long road ahead and many more weeks, if not months, in NICU, but here's James showing everyone that he knows how to rock on.

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Rock on James. Thanks for the update. So neat, and tough, to see those little ones on the outside. I will continue sending prayers and rock ballads thier way.
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OH wow!  That is incredible.  Thanks for sharing that picture w/ us, Huck!  So glad they are rockin' on!!


I am sure others will agree w/ me but this photo really hits home as that is the rough age of most of our babies on this board right now.  It is amazing to see one that tiny, the size of our babies, right up against mama.  Spectacular.

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Such a tiny baby. But there`s no doubt, he`ll grow a strong healthy boy!!!

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I do pray that they will continue to grow strong and healthy and that their momma will have grace and strength during this difficult time when they are in NICU.

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How are they doing noy?

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