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Tips/Things you've learned/Do different/Must haves for cloth diapering?

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Does anyone want to share any tips/things they've learned/do different/ must haves for cloth diapering? I'm always looking for improvments. :



- I bought XS, SMALL AND MEDIUM FB(fuzzi bunz). I bought them from http://www.fuzzibunzstore.com/ . They had the best price, free shipping and 5% cash back on your account to spend on your next purchase.

- To store my dirty diapers I got http://www.fuzzibunzstore.com/proddetail.php?prod=6278 to use in the diaper bag and http://www.fuzzibunzstore.com/proddetail.php?prod=HANPAIL to keep downstairs and in her room . I reuse these bags several times before I have to wash them. Once they get smelly I wash them and you just turn them inside out and wash them along with the diapers.I got several of each bag just to have extras. You can also find them on sale sometimes at http://www.clothdiapersinc.com/CLEARANCE!_16_cat.html . This website is owned by the same company that owns the FB store so you can use your rewards at this website also.

-I loved the XS FB however, they only fit our baby for 4 weeks- her legs became too chunky even though she was a skinny baby. A different option for cloth diapering a newborn would be to use prefolds and covers. I was really against prefolds when I decided to do cloth diapering because I thought they would be not as convenient as FB, however I was wrong. They are just as easy as the FB. I bought 17 prefolds and 2 covers. I wanted to cloth diaper her from day 1 and I was worried I would not be able to get that icky newborn poop out of her FB.  I read that you could get it out of the prefolds since they are just cotton. We used prefolds only for the first week of her life. I would use these randomly after the first week if I ran out of FB. She grew out of the prefolds at about 7-8 weeks. The prefolds I found to be most absorbent are http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/diapers.htm and we got them in the newborn size. We then bought 2 XS thirsties covers fromhttp://www.cottonbabies.com/product_info.php?cPath=36&products_id=1610 (free shipping!) . We would use the same cover for several days and then wash it and use the other one.  The prefold were absorbent enough that nothing ever leaked through it so the cover never got wet. We did have baby wipes to use to wipe of the covers if something did leak through but we never had that problem. We used a snappi with the prefolds and it was extremely easy.


- Baby was in the small FB at 5 weeks and could have fit into it sooner, although it would have been a bit bulky.


- Now as I write this baby is 5 months and will be going into the mediums next week.


- I choose perfect size instead of onesize because I felt that the diapers wouldn't get used as much and could last through multiple children.


- I have 33 FB in each size and then 12-17 prefolds in size newborn,small & med that I use also. I have actually gone to using the prefolds at home and when they are all dirty or I'm out in public I use my FB. I'd like to try some fitted workhorse prefolds for the next baby, although they are $$.


-My favorite cloth diaper safe diaper cream is earth mama angel baby bottom balm.

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- I'm never using velcro covers again. Ever. I. Hate. Velcro.


- I'm never using lay-in prefolds in velcro covers again. Ever. It creates saggy butt. I HATE saggy butt.


- I'm either going to go for flats next time around and try to master pinning... or Ima cheap-out and get a bunch of Dappi fitteds. I was informed when it was too late that everyone else would have *liked* to take part in diapering my child, but was never up front with me about it. So my final decision will be based on what's the most convenient for everyone that would like to take part. I might do halfsies.


- Next time around I wanna try going coverless unless the situation calls for one. I am no longer afraid of cleaning up a transfer mess.


- I think I wanna try the Motherease snap covers next time around... maybe the air flow between the snaps will reduce the humidity down there... If not... Ima use wool. I might use it anyway.

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I LOVE your idea of wool covers & snap covers(i didnt know they made them). I to am not in love with velcro. Does anyone know if it bothers baby to use wool in the summer? And how many wool covers would one need?
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Loved wool covers at night, even in hot FL.


Would probably invest in a hose attached to toilet. Seems easier than swish and flush.


Don't go more than a couple days without washing with dry pail.


Try to keep covers separate, or at least keep similar materials together for ease in washing.


Don't forget to close velcro before washing.


Look into making your own. Not that hard, and kind of fun!

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-Try different types of diapers. With DD and DS I was about 99% a pocket gal. With this baby I have a large assortment of diapers!
-NO VELCRO acccccck! I hate how gunky it gets!
-Cloth diapering from the get-go isn't impossible(ok, I actually haven't figured this out, but I think it'll be a-o-k ;))

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I have cloth diapered 3 littles. If I had to CD again, I would stick to prefolds & wool, motherease air flow covers for night & outtings and a few pockets for night/outtings past the infant stage.

I would not...get sucked into the CD hype, with my first two babies I was a CD junkie and needed to try eveeything. At the end of the day, a diaper is just a diaper!
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Originally Posted by Earthmoma View Post

I LOVE your idea of wool covers & snap covers(i didnt know they made them). I to am not in love with velcro. Does anyone know if it bothers baby to use wool in the summer? And how many wool covers would one need?

From what Ive read, wool from meat sheep is the wool that gets too warm. Wool, like Merino is from sheep specifically bred for their wool, and THAT stuff is cool in the summer because of the air pockets it creates, and warm in the winter for the same reason. I found this out myself...I knit my son a wool cover from wool yarn I got online. Not Merino... Just "100% wool".. I couldn't even get it on him all the way before he started screaming bloody murder. He's got real sensitive skin. Polyester fibers give him bumps on his skin that stay for MONTHS. Learned my lesson..... Merino from now on....

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Mother Ease Air Flow covers are super for HOT environments. I loved mine. You cant lay in a prefold/flat which is overrated anyways but Mother Ease Diapers and Covers are so durable and really really fabulous. Ive used them 13 years ago for my daughter and Now for my 2 year old and will use them with baby #3. They just WORK. They dont wear out. They DO get a bit funky from time to time and a tad of bleach and sun takes care of that problem.

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Bump...you all rock, thank you, youre giving me hope.
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I have ordered two Disana wool covers so I will keep an update on how I like them. I'm very excited! I also wanted to mention on here that: Yes pocket and AIO diapers are very tempting. They are easy and convenient. However, if you ever have to strip them or really clean them due to yeast etc (which at some point you probably will) it is very annoying because you don't want to damage your covers. My stash is mostly pockets but I've been buying more prefolds and fitted prefolds(GMD workhorse) because they truly are easy. And SO much easier to keep clean/strip.

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I wanted to comment on the wool covers I got: They are amazing! I take them off LO and her prefold is not all hot and feeling like it weights 5lbs. With the wool the prefold is wet but not hot or very heavy. Much better then PUL. I also think the wool is more flexiable for her. The covers I ordered are kinda bulkybut they do have smaller ones. I had to prep them and it was so easy! Spring break is comming up & I think I am going to try to knit some wool covers!
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