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Low Blood Pressure

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The past couple weeks my already low blood pressure has been dipping down into the danger zone. I check it a few times a week - 94/48 was my last. It's definitely taking the "honeymoon" out of the "2nd trimester honeymoon" concept; I can hardly move! I get dogged headaches that go on for days and days, and have fainted twice. Yesterday I went ahead and ate a SERIOUS quantity of salt, and felt much better. However, I can't help but suspect that ODing on salt is not the world's best way to deal with this. Any suggestions? Any other ladies have experience with this? And at what point exactly is it supposed to start going back up? I am finding conflicting information - some (including my doctor) say after 20 weeks while others say during the 3rd trimester. I'm 17.5 weeks at the moment. I'd like to feel a little more alive sooner than later!

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I have no experience with this, but wanted to say I hope it goes up soon so you can feel better.  Fainting does not sound fun.

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I was going to say lots of fluids and salt. You could try increasing iron as well.
When I was in the hospital it was horrible because they would wake me from a sleep to take my bp and it would be in the 70's or 80's. so then 3 people had to come in to take my bp until I woke up enough for it to be in the 90's and them to let me go back to sleep if I could.
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I'm dealing with similar issues at 16 weeks, no advice yet! It's kind of a pain.
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Hmm, not sure, but I do know that headaches are really common right around now...  I thought I was getting a sinus infection until I realized it's just that time of the pregnancy where I get a daily headache.  I have no great advice other than if salt helps, I'd do it.  I don't think salt is the demon we've been told it is (but I do prefer "Real Salt").  And I take tylenol for the headaches - it may not be popular, but I'd rather take a few tylenol and drink a little caffeine than spend all day going off on my poor kids. :(

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My blood pressure was always lower than that with my last pregnancy. I made sure I drank a lot of water, I've always used plenty of salt. And I made sure I got up slowly. I've always had a low BP. I'm not a physical stress carrier and I was getting my BP taken by an equally calm MW in the comfort of my home. I know that it was higher when I was active.

All that to say, aside from being a little dizzy if I stood up too quickly, it wasn't a problem.

If you are finding it problematic, my understanding is that Hawthorne is good for BP regulation (not just lowering a high BP). Ask your midwife what she thinks.
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Oh gosh, I had low BP last pregnancy into the 3rd trimester. At its lowest it was 80/40. It's coming out again but so far it's more moderate than last time. All I can offer is to take it easy and sit down when you can. I was into normal territory by the birth for sure. Don't know how I'll manage with a two year old though!
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Thanks for the replies! It's becoming manageable again as I approach week 20, but the past month or so definitely surprised me. I've heard so many stories and warnings about high blood pressure in pregnancy, I never expected this. Still, I am very curious about the Hawthorne. I have a dear friend who is an herbalist, and he made me a Hawthorne tincture a few years ago for my heart (in the literal and poetic sense). I really enjoyed taking it and felt that it opened me up to loving life more. I haven't fooled around with too many herbs since being pregnant, but recently have felt like researching how to safely get back into my old habits of experimenting with teas and tinctures. I'm starting to miss being my own guinea pig!

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