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Flying during early pregnancy

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Ok I've read thru a bunch of older threads on flying during early pregnancy and beyond and most are not worried about it so much. I usually fly a lot 75K+ miles/year for work but have avoided it since December. I'm facing a x-country flight to SFO at about 9 weeks that has me a bit crazy. After IVF (and previous loss) i dont want to mess anyhing up for stupid reasons.

In part I don't want to go do the project, as it involves heavy test equipment setup (uh cant lift anything heavy!) and loooong hours on my feet. in part I just don't want to fly. I also don't really want to tell my collaborators I'm pregnant but it might be my only way out. And the tests can't be rescheduled. Argh.

I really just needed to vent but welcome thoughts from anyone else out there who's been flying in first tri?
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I flew for a quick overnight business trip a few days after my BFP, right around 14 & 15DPO. It was only two hours each way, and I skipped the body scan machine of course and opted for the pat down. It was exhausting, but fine. I'm also flying around 11 weeks, cross country on a week long vacation with DW to Vegas. I don't fly a ton, but I do travel for my job occasionally. I have an opportunity to travel to SFO in May for a conference, but again that would be cross country for me, and I haven't decided yet if I'll go. 

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Looks like I'm definitely going... Not my first choice but will just drink a lot of water, etc... just hope the babe hangs in there that long this time... nerve wracking... ugh.

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Compression hose, baby aspirin and move a lot during flight get up and walk. I have a blood clotting disorder so dvts scare me.
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