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milk?? cheese??? help please!!

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Okay, Im sure this has been asked before but here is my problem.

 My toddler does not like milk at all. i have tried everything...and he only seems to like it if it is a smoothie...that's a lot of work.i give him cheese but he's not a real fan either. and we eat yogurt everyday but it's hard to make him eat two cups a day. i worry about him not getting enough calcium.


any ideas for calcium snacks that are pretty easy to make?

so frustrating and worrisome...

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Maybe he has a subtle case of dairy/milk intolerance.  (I was like that as a kid, so I'd go through phases where I'd totally reject dairy products and drive my parents craaaaazy, but I was and still am kinda borderline lactose intolerant, so sometimes it would make me feel "icky" so naturally I wouldn't want anything to do with it.). 


Fortunately dairy is not the only source of calcium (although it's probably the easiest). 


Here's a list of high calcium foods if it helps any:



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There is no NEED for dairy. My son is allergic to dairy and he gets plenty of calcium. Dark leafy greens are the best source, and he also drinks almond milk which is very high in calcium as well. 

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thanks for the replies

we try to eat in season and most greens are not in season yet here in oregon. we do eat spinach but im sure not enough to reach the daily allowance. my toddler is not eating nuts yet and i have tried almond,rice and oat milk and he refuses them also. it got expensive for a second there trying to find milks he likes.

im just a worried first time mom and worry about stuff lol

today he had a cup of yogurt with strawberries we picked this summer. at least i know he has already reached 70%. with a little spinach in his pasta for lunch and our flaxseed muffins i think we may make 100%.  i guess somehow im looking for something easier.

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Don't look at the percentage and numbers so much - you'll drive yourself crazy!  I eat what I crave and I find that if I listen to my body it will tell me what I'm lacking.  My 15mo is going down the same path and will ask for very specific foods - beans, bananas, spinach...I've alway offered her healthy foods and those are the things she asks for.  If you're super worried about the amount there are plenty of foods out there with added calcium, even organic options.  I buy organic OJ with calcium, and we use coconut milk which has it added in.

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i never thought of the organic orange juice!!!!! and coconut milk seeing that i make a lot of curry dishes...nice

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have you considered raw dairy rather than pasteurized? might be reacting to lactose/casein (all that's left when pasteurized). many people who are dairy intolerant can do raw dairy due to the natural enzymes and pre/probiotics that aid in the proper digestion and assimilation of the largest molecules in the milk (casein and lactose)

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i have not seen any signs of lactose intolerance. i am lactose intolerant and it started about when i was 20 or so years of age..same with my mom...same with my grandma...same with my brother. but maybe i should check into the raw milk for myself!! thanks for the info.

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Our daughter is the same way. In fact she will only drink milk if it has a bit of chocolate sauce in it. We give her the occasional PediaSure. They're pretty expensive but we mix them with regular milk. The PediaSure provides a lot of nutrients, including calcium.



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today all he asked for was cheese......go figure

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Our dairy is not the health ally we think of. Count it a blessing. Green leafy veggies or a simple supplement will be fine. Focus on a balanced diet. Less sugar, less processed.
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I have the opposite problem, my 2.5 yo wants to eat ONLY dairy, and I worry he is getting too much sat. fat and not enough minerals and vitamins from veggies. My efforts to cut back on dairy may involve some solutions that will work for you too.  I know you said smoothies are a lot of work, but with spring on the horizon try making green smoothies (banana, lots of spinach, blueberries or raspberries, or orange juice with a little almond milk or yogurt) then freezing them in a popsicle tray, my munchkin loves popsicles, even if they are green, but won't eat a leaf for anything (and I offer greens every day).  If you look up calcium sources you will find that many veggies are a better and safer source.  And don't worry about the numbers just offer a lot of healthy variety and let your little one eat what he will (I'm telling myself this too - still working on it.)  Good luck.

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yummm,green smoothies.....thanks

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