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Mucous Poop, Known Food Intolerances in 10 month old, Any Ideas?

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Brief History: At about 6 weeks, bad baby acne so I cut out dairy (my oldest has bad history of eczema & allergies); it made a noticeable difference. Poops seemed relatively normal, yellow mustardy newborn like. Then they never really changed, until the became mucousy. She spit up the first six months, nothing major, but still happened fairly regularly after feedings. Tiny patches of eczema here & there, randomly occurring. Poops seemed to be getting more mucousy. Doctors weren't concerned at her check-ups. My oldest was scheduled for his allergy testing in December, so I talked to our doc to get a referral (have to travel for these), & was able to get her in the same time. She was prick (IgE) & patch tested (IgG). Everything was negative on the prick. On the patch she had 13 foods show up (dairy, wheat, eggs, rye, peanuts, peas, green beans, corn, beef, chicken, turkey, pork & rice). I eliminated them all from my diet & it's now been 8 weeks, with absolutely no differences. I had already been dairy-free for the 6 months prior, & the couple times I did eat dairy, there was obvious reaction. But this also means I've been eating a lot of soy & potatoes because they both showed negative & I need protein from somewhere (the soy of course, not the potatoes). I know both of these are highly-allergenic/inflammatory, & hoping she hasn't developed intolerances to them. I'm now considering going on the TED diet, because I really don't know what to do, but I'd need a meat on it & she tested intolerant to all the ones they tested her for. 


She also currently has a weird rash all over her body, except her face. She had a cold last week & the rash sprung up out of nowhere a week ago (she didn't have a fever, only runny nose, cough, congestion, etc.). So I'm torn between it being part of her cold or a reaction to something? The only thing I did different with her, was give her a dose of Klaire Infant probiotics the night before, which I hadn't given to her in months. So I thought she was reacting to them, but she still has the rash a week later. It looks almost like baby acne all over her body, more tiny little bumps, not patches of eczema. Back to the poop- sometimes it's green, but mostly yellow. Almost always mucous, no blood that I can tell. There's been a speck of black here & there, but it's usually after she's found a black olive or black bean on the floor (she has a 3 & 6 year old big brothers). She would love to eat solids, but I've given her very little, because I can't get her to baseline :( She's 10 months now. 

I've been reading a lot about digestive enzymes & probiotics for me to take. I'm really interested in the digestive enzymes path, though, those have made a huge difference in my 6-year old's health. I also take probiotics, not always regularly, but don't notice any difference in her, whether I'm taking them or not. I used to be on here a lot, probably 4ish years ago, searching for answers for my oldest. He did have major yeast issues. I really want to avoid going down the path we went with him, it was miserable. So any insight, suggestions, etc. are greatly appreciated! 

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How is every thing now? 

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I don't know how this got past me originally. I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time.

I am also curious about what is going on now. I am wondering what you have been eating, since that was a lot of foods to cut out at once!! Corn and dairy are in many things, some hidden, so it's possible that you hadn't elminated them completely.

Please let us know how you are both doing!
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