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Hi Maria :) nice to meet you!

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Hi there!  My name's Cait. I'm pregnant with my partner and I's baby number 1, conceived at home with a known donor, and we are so, so, so excited!  After a year of struggling to get pregnant, major lifestyle and diet changes, acupuncture and chinese herbs (I have PCOS), and a very sad early miscarriage last cycle, I think we finally have a sticky little munchkin. I'm due November 20th.  Right now we live outside DC, but will be relocating to Houston, TX at the beginning of my second trimester.  I'm doing pretty well so far except that I have a food aversion to...every food on the planet which makes eating highly unpleasant ;)  Looking forward to getting to know some folks! :)

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Hello ladies!  This is my first child and my first BFP after 2.5 years of struggling with infertility.  We are so blessed and thankful! ROTFLMAO.gif  I was put on Clomid to treat low progesterone, then we changed insurance so we actually weren't trying for the past 6 months and got a SURPRISE BFP on April 1.  I'm due around Nov. 28.  I have my first appointment on Friday the 12 and I'll be 7 weeks, 2 days.  I've had morning sickness since the end of week 5 and can't wait to make it to the second tri and have it ease up.

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My name is Janae and I'm due with our third on November 5th. We weren't trying because I was absolutely convinced that I could not get pregnant. My luteal phase is totally messed up, maxing out at 9 days with spotting for the last 3 of those 9 days. When I hadn't started my period halfway through 10 dpo I knew something was up. Needless to say I was shocked, but super excited. I was ready for our next baby, and early November is awesome, but I was literally shocked to get the bfp. I have a 20mo and a 4yo. I'm still breastfeeding my 20mo and breastfed the 4yo until he was about 3.5 (I'm still surprised that he stopped before high school, lol). Nice to meet you all!

I was convinced I couldn't get pregnant either.  I was diagnosed as having a LPD too, low progesterone, and tried for 2.5 years to get a BFP.  It happened when we weren't trying too. 

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I'm Caitlin(you guys could probably figure that out) and I'm about 7 weeks with #3! I got the BFP about 3 weeks ago. I have a 4.5 yo DD and a 16-month-old DS. This pregnancy is a BIG surprise. I had been charting to avoid but obviously didn't do a very good job of that. We've always planned on having a third baby but had originally said we would start trying sometime after DS turned 2. Instead, I'm due right around his 2nd birthday at the end of November! I tried finding this DDC once before but it wasn't showing up I guess? Anyway, glad to have found you ladies and nice to meet all of you!

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Hi, joining in even though not completely relaxed yet. I'm due in mid Nov. We had a loss a few yrs ago so a little anxiety. But I thought to join the reg dd club.
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Hello! I'm an older mama, lol. I'm 41, been with my husband for 14+ years, he has a DS 3/91, I have a DS 5/93, and together we've had four UC babies, DD 2/00, DS 8/02, DS 4/07, and DD 2/11. I'm due 11/27, but the last one was born @ 42w 3d, so I might be a December mama. We cloth diaper, don't circ, don't vax, bf, family bed, some are in school and some homeschool. My six year old has Sensory Integration Disorder, and has more testing yet to be done.
I'm super crafty, love making stuff, books, cards, collages, crochet, sewing, etc. I'm also a burner. (burningman.com)
I am EXHAUSTED, already gained 9 lbs, and feel huge and depressed about getting fat again. Also I've never been this tired in my entire life and have no idea how I will make it through 9 months of this. And for the record, I never anticipated having this many kids. It still seems weird to me...
Nice to meet you all!!
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Hey Mama's!


This is our third little one to come this decade. We have a DD which just turned 9 this month, and DS who will be 5 in June and now we are expecting in November, the 5th they say, never hit the date and always late sometime by two weeks...DS! So joined a DDC everytime and loved it, even just the browsing. We live in Israel, just moved back from Costa Rica, I am from the States and DH from here. We have oved allot in our lives, but hope to settle this time. 


Looking forward to meeting you all and sharing this amazing journey together!

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Hi, I'm Bekah. I'm due mid November --by ovulation Nov 10th, but since I'm a first-timer, I'm padding that a bit! We're planning a homebirth with a midwife who happens to be my cousin and a close friend, so I'm very excited about that!


I am starting to feel like myself again at 11w4d or so, after weeks of morning sickness, though thankfully it never got super bad. I had felt great in most of week 10 and then at 10w6d I started feeling icky again, but I'm sure it was because I was trying to do too much since I felt so much better and then was having trouble sleeping. Thank god for that crazy mega garage fan my hubs insisted on buying, because that has been the trick to me getting to sleep easily the last 2 nights.

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Hi everyone!  I am D. and I'm pregnant with my second baby.  I have a 9yo son, so I haven't done this in a while!  This pregnancy is an exciting time for me to think about the things I would like to do the same (like breastfeeding, although I'd like to get better at public bf this time).  And the things I would like to do differently (I'd like to try cloth diapering).  There are also things I did last time that I would like to do more of from the beginning (babywearing and co-sleeping), rather than doing them as a response to a fussy baby like last time.  I am also seeing a midwife this time instead of an ob doctor.  I noticed I am a bit late in posting to this forum.  That's because I have been so exhausted and nauseous this month, it has been hard to focus on anything!  I am 9 1/2 weeks now and starting to feel better.  According to my last period, the baby's due date is November 30, but when I got the ultrasound done, it was measuring ahead and my due date has been changed to November 17.  So I am due sometime in November.  Looking forward to chatting with other mamas and sharing ideas!

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Hi!  I'm joining this group a little on the late side, mostly because I have trouble feeling like a pregnancy is "real" until about now.  That has nothing to do with symptoms or anything, actually, it's all mental for me.  I have had hyperemesis with each pregnancy and this time around am using a couple of different medications to keep it under control and having my best pregnancy so far.  I was actually going to dig around and see if there's a hyperemesis thread after this.  It tends to subside, for me, around 24-26 weeks, so I'm still totally in the thick of it.  Otherwise things are going smoothly.


I'm due 11/18/13.  This is pregnancy number 7 for me.  I have four kids, ages 13, 11, 8, and 3.  I've had two miscarriages, one at 8w and the other at 12w.  This pregnancy was a surprise/oops after we'd already given away all of our baby stuff and wrapped our heads around not having any more kids.


I'm a Licensed Midwife/CPM working in Washington state.  Our kids 'homeschool' (technically they are public school enrolled under a distance ALE program, happy to run at the mouth/keyboard about that if anyone's curious, basically it just saves us the expense of purchasing our expensive preferred curriculum - Calvert).  My husband Francesco and I have an alternating schedule and share parenting and household tasks very close to equally.  We're a curious blend of very crunchy and I-don't-so-much-care, which is probably true for a lot of moms on this board from what I'm seeing so far.  We're very heavily AP oriented, but not so much "by the book" as according to the philosophy that solid attachments to Mom, Dad, and siblings are important and should be nourished and kept positive.  We check most of the boxes for very crunchy parent status but don't necessarily think of ourselves that way, particularly as we gain distance from the throes of early parenting as our kids get older and that stuff just seems to matter less.


Anyway, I'm hoping to dig in here and get to know you ladies.  I still keep in touch with at least a few people from each of my other kids' DDCs.

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I have posted on a couple of threads here the last few days, but forgot to introduce myself!

I'm Laira, and I am pregnant with #3 after thinking we were done! DH and I have two children, 5 1/2 and 3, who were both born before we finally decided to get married last fall. We joked about having a third baby now that we were "legit" but as I'm 41, we didn't know that it would even be an option. I'm happy to see so many other "older" moms, and other people who are on a surprise #3 after giving most of their baby stuff away. I guess I may have to start hinting about a shower...

I had two fairly easy homebirths with my kids, and planning the same for this one. Our midwife for those two, who is now a good friend, is on sabbatical, so we are interviewing midwives she recommended this week and finding out that my EDD of November 26 might be a little off.  I thought I was about 12 weeks yesterday, but the midwife listened to the heartbeat and said between that and my measurement I may be closer to 15. We're going to get an ultrasound just to get a better idea of date. Never done that before, so kind of excited for that whole adventure.

I'm excited to join this DDC and hear about how everyone is doing. I never did it with my other two, although I've been lurking since I was pregnant with my first 6 years ago.

Happy baby growing to all!

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Hello Everyone I am Lillith, I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with baby #4 , we are planning a homebirth, My life is kinda hectic right now. My partner is in the National Guard and he has drill weekend this weekend. I can't wait to see him tonight!


I have been super emotional this pregnancy, I cry over everything, Really happy to join the group and meet everyone.




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Welcome.gif Lillith!! I've also been super emotional, I feel like a teenager! Everything is just crazy intense. Looking forward to getting to know you, mama!

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Thanks so much SparkleMaman !!!

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Hello! My family has been blessed and I am currently 14 weeks pregnant with our second little one. This pregnancy has been completely different. I have been sick and uncomfortable from the beginning. Very excited to get to know you gals!
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Hello everyone! I've been hanging around and reading bit, but after a few losses wasn't comfortable joining quite yet. Yesterday's scan revealed a healthy pregnancy at 13 weeks, so I'm thinking I'm ready to jump in here. This is my second baby, and will be due at the end of November.


Happy to be here, and excited to get to know everyone!

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Welcome.gif to all the new Nov DDC members!

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Our group is growing, and I love it!
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Hello - this is lovely to see you all going through the same as me! I am Emily and am 16 weeks pregnant today with our first baby - due 12th November. I am just so happy and excited. November seems like such a long time to wait though so i am pleased there are many of you to pass the time with. I never thought i would enjoy being pregnant but i am just finding it the most amazing time.  xx

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