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Anyone else controlling their sugars?

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I had gestational diabetes with DS, and then developed prediabetes afterwards.


I have been taking metforming for a few years for the prediabetes, and so when I got pregnant this time I assumed I'd end up with gestational diabetes again.  And, sure enough, I flunked the fasting glucose test at 28 weeks.  But then I passed the 3-hour!


So I thought I was being spared. 


Not so much.


I never thought to call my endocrinologist because I saw him before I knew I was pregnant (another story) and everything was fine, and my OB never questioned my taking the metformin during the pregnancy.  I finally went for my twice-yearly appt with the endo last week and lo and behold metformin is not approved for pregnancy in the US!  (It is everywhere else.)


SO, he took me off it and gave me a glucose meter to start testing every day.  He wrote me the wrong lancet presciption so it took me a week to get THAT sorted out and just finally got everything filled last night and tested this morning:


Result - 126.  Supposed to be under 100. 


So I freak out and cry, but then I remember that I'd gotten up in the middle of the night and drank some diluted apple juice, which probably threw it off.


Anyway, anyone else out there going through this glucose testing routine?  Would love to get some mutual support going.

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I also had GD with my last pregnancy, yet passed my 1-hour this time. I sort of think it was a fluke and I'm kind of nervous, but I didn't save my monitor and no one is giving me a new one. I found the monitor helped me regulate my sugars/diet and this pregnancy I am not good about my diet at all. I gained a ton of weight (I'm guessing nearly 40 lbs so far), but I'm measuring at the right place and my urines have been OK so far. So I can't really be a support with the glucose monitoring, but I sort of wish I was :)

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Have you done the fasting glucose blood test?  They seldom find anything in the urine.  If you're nervous, talk to the OB and maybe they have a monitor they can let you use?  I'd be surprised if you haven't had the blood tests by now, though. 


Just did my 2-hr post-breakfast test and I'm down under 95.  Hopefully tomorrow morning will be better - don't know what I was thinking drinking juice at 3 am. 


Thanks for the comment - I'd really recommend at least touching base with the OB if you're concerned.  That's what they're there for.



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I didn't have to do the 3 hour, because I passed the one hour. It was such a nightmare, I don't think I would do it again. I really just need to watch my diet. I always gain a lot of weight with pg, but last time I stopped gaining at the end because I was watching my diet so well. 

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I don't have GD- never had and have actually always had normal BGL's pregnant or not- but I STILL regularly check my sugars! :)  If this group hasn't caught on yet, I'm very involved in knowing every little detail about my body. LOL  So yes, I check regularly but I don't have much to control, though I do like to know which foods affect me how, or how things like even just my thyroid meds first thing in the morning raise my levels to a certain degree, etc.

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