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I love all the pictures, these babies are getting to big to fast.

Ready for fall in his cute pumpkin outfit



Here is my little guy. He goes on all 4s and rocks back and forth and then does this, lol.


Yeah all fours! The hat. LOVE!

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totally have some amazing looking babies!  seriously, ladies, i'm partial to this crew!


my little guy (will get pics eventually) can crawl, but prefers to try CRUISING.  ???  suddenly he's convinced he's a biped.


i can barely get him to sit up, but he'll crawl when he wants, swims butterfly style across the floor too, pulls himself up on my pants/legs/chairs/couch/laundry baskets/ anything and then tries to scoot along standing.  and his foot is only one size smaller than his 2 1/2 year old sister!  AAAAAAGHHHHH!

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Too cute KB! We have that onesie too ! <3
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love all the photos!

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Clarissa showing off her new skill - waving!

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Originally Posted by Jenny01 View Post

Clarissa showing off her new skill - waving!




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Thanks typebug! Here is another one that sort of shows her teeth. She's gotten three up top in the past two weeks and the fourth one is almost out. That gives her six teeth in one month ! Poor baby! Kinda glad she's getting it over with though. Maybe she will get a break for a bit now.

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Happily yelling at the fountain in the park while "petting" (destroying) the flowers


Loving couscous in her mouth, hair, ear, and eyelashes!

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just a couple weeks ago!!! summer is long gone now....


it was a legendary year for apples.  my kids used them as balls, ate them long before they were edible, our compost pile is filled w/ them, and i've done 6 apple butter batches of 12 gallons total!  some apple sauce in there, and a couple of pies too.....


My almost 4 year old and her beloved little brother.  she sometimes does a great job helping w/ him, and sometimes is too rough or wants to carry him.


my oldest and my youngest- happy to be reunited.



AAAAAGH- his sparkly little lovin' eyes just wreck me!


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Miss L with my uncle-- her great-uncle.


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seriously, everyone is so cute!  I dont have any really recent ones to share, but this one was from our family shoot when he was 6 months old.






I just love this one of DH and the kids. I feel so lucky.  They are to cute for words.

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That's amazing, CM.

KB, in the half-dark te other day, I thought Miss L looked like Naomi. I think I see a tiny resemblance.
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buko-the eyes/brow line and nose. :loveeyes


naomi hasnt slept for more than thirty minutes total today. we've taken 2 steam showers and i've sucked out a lot of snot. she liked the chest/body massage, then i ruined it by assaulting her with the booger sucker. at least that's how she saw it. and i'm all out of eucalyprus oil but have leaves that i will put in a muslin bag in the shower for us next. hubby will have to clean humidifier out and hook up when he gets home. 


there were like 20 babies/toddlers at our moms club meeting monday all putting the same toys in their mouths. i'm sure this is the culprit. there was some sneezing and snot noses too.hello kelly, welcome to motherhood.

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Sorry you guys are sick.... we just got over a 3 week virus that all of us got BAD except for DD1, who didn't get it at all.  


I use the humidifier, saline, bulb syringe , and oils for his chest and back.  I was having to do saline every time I tried to nurse him.  Also wearing him upright and sleeping semi upright.  


Hope it gets better soon.   It was about 5-6 nights that were really bad, then it got better.  Hope it doesn't last that long for you.

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This one is just killing me.
I just bought some hair things, since I know we'll need them, so she will get used to me messing with her hair. Never had to do this before, the boys both got haircuts after their first bdays.
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Oh, wow. I managed to miss this whole page?! They are all. amazing. These babies are all so ridiculously cute - I can barely stand it!

(CM, those professional shots just slay me. So gorgeous.)
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All our babies are cutie pies! Chloe'sMama I love the family shots, just beautiful. Has me hoping and wishing...

Very happy I can share some pics on the FB group now smile.gif
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We need some good halloween photos!

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