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My little chili pepper!

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Originally Posted by Teles View Post

My little chili pepper!

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Oh my gosh!!! Totally too cuteTeles!!
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another lobtsa!!!! my friends last night have a lobster costume that they put on all their babies and take pics in the pot.  i love that you have the (in my mind gloucester) fisherman and the cook.  everyone's here!



I've had this silly little vintage sailor costume... finally put it to use!

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Love all the cute costumes and babies :).

Our little guy was an aviator puppy inspired by snoopy. We had the aviation theme going for all the kids, the two oldest boys were Orville and Wilbur Wright and the girly was Amelia Earhart.




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Love these, mama3blessings! What a cutie! He looks particularly grown-up there, too.

I've been sharing pictures on FB, but I feel like I owe this thread at least one good shot. So, here:


I put her in an old hand-me-down sleeper from the boys, and giggled all night until she got her legs stuck in its bagginess and I had to take it off. She saw me giggling at her and gave me a big goofy grin. I can't believe how baby-ish she looks! Aahhahahhaha!
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(oh, hey, speaking of aviation - the screenprint! orngbiggrin.gif )

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So cute!  Here is my crew!




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These Halloween pics are crazy cute!!!
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9 months old today!
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