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Removed for privacy. :)

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You look so full of light and happiness!
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Joel at 8 weeks old. He's my most content baby yet. Always full of smiles!

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ahhh! he looks so happy! i love it.

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Top pick is from almost a week ago, and this bottom pic i just took after getting back from his 1 month appt.  10lbs 11oz!  the scale said 9lbs 9oz at first, and i was like 'there's no way he's lost weight!' and the nurse was great and moved the scale to a larger surface and he weighed in over a lb heavier.  glad i spoke up!  

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What a sweet little man, HouseofPeace!

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just born...he is 1 week old today

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Adorable babies, everyone. Love Joel's blue eyes, and that is a great pic Gray's mommy. HOP, he looks like a big guy!


Here's Violet, on Sunday (the day before she turned one month! Oh my goodness it goes too fast!) and then yesterday on a walk.




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So beautiful! Love seeing the babies! Keep them coming!
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here is ds and the girls




both are from this morning... He is 4.5 weeks.


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Oh my goodness...so cute Guy! Love the fox!

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So much cuteness in here. This is my second time attempting the ring sling. Can anyone tell me if it looks somewhat right??

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Wow that's a lot of fabric!

mine was given to me and was a small that the original owner hemmed even shorter.

there's a really cool back carry you can do later on if you have a super long tail on your sling tho.


anyway, I'd say if your LO has a good seat and good posture and if you're comfy then it's good.

i think I usually have dd up a little higher and more to the center of my body.  I also try, but usually fail, to get the rings to land a bit higher toward the shoulder.

i had to practice a lot with it, but it is very nice for quick up and down carries.  Indispensable for getting through a parking lot while holding hands with my crazy 4yo.  :)

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Here is Cale on Saturday, 8 days old.

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[Picture moved to facebook]


3 days old!

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Karate Baby!


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I love all of our beautiful babies! This is the best part!

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