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Show off your Baby Spaces

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Here's where we can show off our baby spaces.  I know not everyone is going with a nursery, but I'm curious how the space that's been carved out in our homes for the LO's looks.


I have a nursery (only because I had a spare room due to building an addition this summer - otherwise, no nursery).  LO won't be spending much -if any- time in it anytime soon, but it's stocked with DSS's crib, and a couple old dressers I already had.  It's on the main level of the house, so I suppose for nap time it'll get used. 


Bought a can of mis-tinted paint for $9.99 and used some left over stain on the wood floor. 



Painted one of the old dressers (found at the free store years ago) the same colour as the walls.  An old Teddy Bear of mine is hanging out, waiting for baby.




This dresser used to hold all my yarn for knitting.  It's been this colour for a long time (green is one of my favorite colours!!!)  The small circle picture frame was a Christmas gift from SIL, and I purchased the circle mirror.  My mom made the Dr. Seuss curtains and receiving blanket.



I already had the green sarong from some travels, so my mom sewed a little topper and I "installed" a friction fit curtain rod.  Making shelves for the closet is on my to-do list, since right now it's just empty and things are stacked in there.



It's a VERY small room (I believe that bedrooms are for sleeping and have no illusions that this will double as a play space.)  I can't remember the exact meaurements, but it's about 7 feet X 10 feet or so...


I'm still on Team Green, but I've had a couple people see the room and exclaim that I must have found out I'm having a boy... Grrr!!!  I think it's a perfectly gender-neutral room.


I would love to see what other mama's have done!

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Super cute!


All we have is a changing table in DS's room where I put all the diapers. All the baby clothes are in fabric storage bins, which I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going to put. I'm not very organized! We have to move in a few months anyway, so I just assume there's no point putting much effort into it. 

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Originally Posted by SamiPolizzi View Post


We have to move in a few months anyway, so I just assume there's no point putting much effort into it. 

Thank you.


That would be frustrating, moving soon after the baby, my mild nesting behaviour would be twitching out!

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love the fabric and color choices, scruffy!!! yummy. all of our spare spaces are being used as play areas for my toddler, but I have set up baby's hammock in the living room and it meshes into the space gorgeously, if i do say so myself. will take photos soon! our home is still in serious need of some mobiles and play silks - i might just have to do something about that wink1.gif

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Scruff, I love it!  Our bedroom is done, but not really "decorated."  It just looks like our bedroom did before, except slightly reconfigured + one ugly white plastic shelving system that we can replace with a nicer one whenever we get a chance (we moved in a year ago and decorated like 95% of the house within 6 weeks, except for our bedroom, where we only put a couple things up on the walls).  I would like to properly hang our full-length mirror and put up a couple more wall things, but it's really fine for now. 


Actually, it's slightly out of alignment until after the birth, since we have to put the tub in the middle of the room.  The crib is near the end of the bed, ready to be sidecarred with 5 minutes' work, but not actually sidecarred at the moment-- that kind of thing.


See if I can take a pic...

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scruffy, so cute! And I think perfectly gender-neutral.


I love baby rooms! I was on partial bedrest for most of my 3rd tri and compensated for all my nesting urges by making lots and lots of crafts for the baby's room. I had our theme (ocean creatures) picked out long before we found out it was a girl, and that's what we were going to go with in either case, but I did bring in more pink than I otherwise would have. ;)


The view from the doorway.... valance, silhouette paintings, and crib mobile all made by me.




after shopping around locally and NOT finding any good deals on used dressers, we got an unfinished wood one from Ikea and painted it. What we did not realize before we started was that Ikea's unfinished wood furniture apparently is left to try for 100 years before it's sold, LOL. I have NEVER had quite such a difficult painting project... the wood literally slurped the primer and paint right up! But I like how it turned out. The left basket on top of the dresser is for blankets & burp cloths, and the right one is for diapers & diaper supplies. To the left of the dresser is our diaper pail for CDing.



This banner was another of my nesting-from-the-couch crafts. ;)



And an up close on the mobile, just because it turned out so fun!




The quote on the wall back there is from the poem "Sea Fever" by John Masefield - "All I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by."


It's totally my favorite room in the house now... I decided kids' rooms are inherently more fun to decorate than regular rooms, because really, could you get away with this kind of theme in your living room??? ;)

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scruffy!  Sooo cute!  And TOTALLY gender neutral.  To me, blue can go for either sex, so I LOVE it!!!


Storygirlcindy- BEAUTIFUL!  :D  I love the mobile.


Our "baby room" is just our bedroom with a basket of diapers and wipes thrown in.  lol.  We'll prob co-sleep for around 2 years or however long until I get pregnant again... like we did with our last two. orngtongue.gif

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Scruffy, I love it! Yay Dr. Seuss! And totally appropriate for either gender. Your mom is talented with the fabric work. smile.gif But I love how you've run with the circles theme!


Storygirlcindy, also an adorable room! You both those crafting urges to good use! And I love the quote you chose for the wall.



We're also not really going to have a baby's room, because we wanted to keep the guest room for guests until the baby leaves our room. But once we have the dresser/changing table setup in our bedroom, I can take a picture of that for you all. lol.gif  I did find a really cute dresser on Craigslist, but it won't be cute through anything *I* did! I should get out some stuffed animals though - I like that idea. 

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Cindy, I have the same glider and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It's the first glider I've sat in that feels small enough for me. 

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StoryGirl - such a calming room, it's BEAUTIFUL!  And your crafts are all great (especially the mobile!!)


Buko - our master bedroom isn't set up correctly yet, either.  The co-sleeper is in there, but not at the proper height nor the correct position next to the bed.  I figure there's no point moving a night table that DP currently uses just to put an empty sleeper in its spot.  Plus, I believe we're switching sides once LO is here. 

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Thanks guys! I agree it's totally calming - I love sitting in there. And I discovered today that the glider is the perfect place to do my hypnosis tracks, LOL. Comfy and supported but upright enough I don't fall asleep... which didn't use to be a problem when I started practicing hypnosis halfway through the pregnancy, but I haven't had great sleep through my 3rd tri because of all my prodromal labor, so now they always seem to put me right into a nice little nap!


Sami - I really like it too! At first I didn't want a glider, having only had experience with the old, less-cushy models with bare arms. I liked them, but wanted something I could really snuggle into during night feedings and possibly even fall asleep in. I actually really liked a chair from Ikea, but my husband wasn't a fan, and I finally figured out it was because it was basically a chair made for a 5'2 woman and not a 5'11 man! We both liked the glider, though. I think it will work really well for us. And I figure those nice padded arms will be good for holding baby and nursing....

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Scruffy--it totally looks gender-neutral to me! I love the bright colors and circles, it feels like a very welcoming space.

Storygirl--yay for comfortable gliders (i used to have one but it got old and raggedy so i gave it away), and the amount of sun that room gets will definitely keep your spirits up and make it an enjoyable room to be in.

AFM, i'm going to co-sleep (bought an extra mattress for that) and i've made half of the closet the spot for all the baby stuff (maybe i'll take a picture of it soon and post it here just to be cute) smile.gif.
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Here's a picture of my little baby corner--

Its not much but i like it. Every time i look at it i get a warm, cozy feeling and a big grin on my face :-D.
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Yeah, I don't have much for this baby either!  Still working on our bedroom and can't set up baby stuff til the renovations are done!  (Trying not to stress!).  Here is my baby stuff:  (plus a small bin of clothes and a box of Homebirth supplies).  That reminds me-- gotta get the breast pump and car seat out of the garage to clean!



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Sunshinelove - I need one of those fabric hangy things!!  Or closet shelves.  I don't have a diaper pail yet, but I have a billion 5 gallon buckets and will probably use one of those.

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Scruffy, if you have an Ikea near you, they have great hanging closet organizers for $7. ;) Hubby and I just got one for our closet.

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Thanks StoryGirlCindy, unfortunately I do not live within 3000 km of an Ikea.  Walmart is probably my best bet bag.gif.


I also have an assortment of circle mirrors to put on the walls to accompany the circle theme.  I just keep forgetting about them. 


Seeing SunShineLove's corner makes me anxious to make my corner in our bedroom.  Maybe this weekend.  Maybe I'd sleep better knowing it's setup?  Worth a shot!!  And it would warm my heart seeing it all set up!! heartbeat.gif

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