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Emmcat - I hope today is at least a little better. Yesterday I broke down and cried for a few minutes because it's just so hard to feel so terribly all day everyday. Sometimes I feel like I can't do life. That I call I can do is lay there and wait for the day to be over and for the next one to come.


jjh - How rude! I hope he is able to be at least a little more sensitive in the future. It's not like you want to be sick all the time geez.


AFM - I feel like I am on a boat. Always.

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Thanks for you lovely vibes Mamas....  x x   I had a rotten day yesterday and I *think* it's cos I tried to skip taking the Zofron (cos I REALLY don't want to take it). Then I got sick, took it and it was a bit late. It's easier to avoid it by taking the pills early than try to get on top of it. I just really hope it's not hurting my baby in any way greensad.gif


JJH- what an ass your boss is. Unless you've had HG or severe ms then you cannot know how hideous it is. I envy every pregnant women who doesn't get it, must be lovely to be pg and only feel a bit sick sometimes or not at all! And then I hate saying anything about feeling unwell cos it sounds like I'm being ungrateful for being pg, and that makes my heart ache for all the Mama's who have struggled or can't get pg <3

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Sorry to all of those dealing with sickness... 


I feel queasy but not enough to actually get sick. I am hungry but then again I am not. I am not in the mood for anything. I am hoping it changes soon!

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sorry duplicate

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Thank you all for your sweet words, definitely makes me feel better that I am not a crazy going off about something stupid! I hope everyone is feeling better today, I know I am starting to!!
I haven't had to take zofran yet today so I know that's a great start smile.gif I'm going to go home and eat a pb and maybe j sandwich smile.gif
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*insert more whining here*

:)  I know I have it better than the people who are throwing up, but uggggghhhhh....

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