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What are you thinking of buying/bought for this pregnancy?

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And its started...our poor bank account..

Tonight I purchased all my supplements for the new few months: Nettles, RRL, Rainbow light multiv, vit d drops, horse chestnut (I don't know if the veins in my leg can handle another preg without it), and then a pack of undies and a new bra and a couple shirts...


The undies/shirts/bra are things I've really just put off purchasing since babe #4 was born (9 months ago)...I think I will get a haircut soon. It has been nearly 3 years and I feel due. haha.


There are two things I am going to buy this pregnancy: A comfortable pair of birkenstock style sandals, and some hoop earrings..cause I haven't worn earrings in so long and I want to feel pretty :)

Oh, and another Boba3g that way my husband and I can both have a carrier. Love that baby carrier for long time wearing.


I think I will make some 'swing shirt' style dresses for myself for summer.


So, any one already thinking of purchases for the pregnancy?

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Birkenstocks are amazing! Highly recommended! I think I will be okay on clothes for a while as I was losing weight before I got my BFP so most of my clothes are too big in the waist anyway. Have my eye on some maternity/nursing dresses for later though. 


I already have a huge list of things to buy! I'll post some of the interesting bits ;)


I have a Beco Butterfly and am looking for a ring sling for me and maybe a carrier for DH so I don't pick up the Beco and find the waist 8 inches too big for me! We're carfree and are planning to babywear exclusively so carriers are a big deal. 


I've also been looking at car seats and freaking out about the (lack of) options in the UK. Rearfacing only to 13kg?!


We are planning to CD so I have been looking at different types and am overwhelmed by the options! I found some that are one-size (from 7 lbs), all in one, and the insert comes out in the wash! Those sound really interesting. 


I have also been looking at pack and plays / travel cots with bassinets because I want a safe place to put baby down sometimes and also am not planning to bedshare 100% of the time. We have a small flat so I think this is our best option. 


I'm really curious to hear what others are planning to buy!

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I will get back to this when I have more time..but so far I have bought my prenatal vitamins, prenatal dha, and a pregnancy journal. :)

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I've purchased my vitamins (Prenatal Vitamins, Vegetarian DHA Supplement and a B Complex) and of course my home pregnancy tests!! Technically all before knowing smile.gif I ordered some maternity clothes online this morning (super sale and I know I will need some things for a trip I'm taking in April). Many of my usual outfits are pretty flowy and loose fitting but I already feel bloated. My DD is 9 so I have given away most of my maternity clothes and baby things. I'm planning to buy an Ergo carrier, a good friend has one and I love carrying her little guy in it. I do still have my ring sling (love, love, love it!). I'll need new cloth diapers (used Motherease and Kissaluvs with DD and LOVED them). We used Kissaluvs Newborns, the Motherease One Size, from ~4 weeks through age two, when she stopped using them, and multiple sizes of Motherease Sandy's (for heavy wetters) at night. They were all fantastic! I didn't care for any of the all in one diapers we tried, only ever had leaks with that style and they took forever to dry. A good friend uses the G Diapers and likes them a lot. There are SO many choices!! I will be starting my official list tonight and will update later when I've given it more thought.

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I was thinking about this the other day! I feel so lucky in that there isn't much at all I am planning to buy if the pregnancy goes to term. Hopefully I'll be able to borrow maternity clothes from a friend. I still have my mei tai wrap packed away somewhere. I have plenty of baby clothes and diapers.


I will need to buy a carseat and a crib (we won't co sleep, we have an attic room and it gets freezing in the winter and hot even with ac in the summer). But pretty sure I at least still have crib sheets from my daughter.


I'm sure I'll end up wanting to buy a few things, but right now I feel totally set and secure!

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Hi, I'm new here, but aren't we all??  I introduced myself on the other thread.  I have a 10 year old and a 7 year old and so I need to buy everything!  (Or I'll be counting on all the friends I gave our stuff to to give it back :) )


I sew, and made most my of kids' cloth diapers back in the day, so I'll be doing that again.  There seem to be so many more available now than when my kids were babies.  That seems like a bazillion years ago though! Otherwise, we are pretty minimal baby gear people.  A carseat, a couple of carriers (ring sling and wrap), diapers, clothes, especially winter gear since we live in the frozen north and winter will about about to set in when this baby is born!  That's pretty much it.  Baby will sleep with me. Neither of my kids would sleep in a crib and I'm guessing it won't be any different this time!  Both my kids hated strollers like crazy too so I don't even think we'll bother with that.  I would like a bouncy seat or something like that I guess.  I'm still digesting all of this!  Doesn't seem real yet ;)

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Im excited planning what we'll want to buy! The only big things we'll need are a cot, a steriliser and from past experience with 2 preemies, I found a breast pump really useful. We've never used cloth diapers but i'd be happy to try, will look into it. Othewise we have quite a few baby bits already, so just excited to have fun with dreaming and planning! 

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I'm glad my surprise pregnancy happened this month instead of next, I was just gearing up to purge all our baby clothes/gear. I think we have all we need cloth diapers, covers, carriers. I need to check the date on our carseat. If its a boy, we have all the clothes we need. If its a girl, we'll need some baby clothes, I gave away most of them. Not sure if we'll have a baby shower this time, it is number 4. Though if its a girl, I can see my family insisting, cause its so much fun to buy baby girl clothes! 


For me, I still have most of my maternity clothes from my last pregnancy I think. I should double check. Though I will be buying some comfy shoes for sure!

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As I haven't completely lost all the baby weight from my 10 month old, I just bought some new maternity clothes. Couldn't resist as motherhood had a BOGO sale.....ugh.

Our big purchase will be a new home ... Ha. Hopefully this summer, as we will definitely have outgrown our cute little house:( it will be fun shopping for that!

If we have a boy, we will need some clothing. But we bought all gender neutral toys/carriers etc, so goo to go there. Maybe some blue diaper covers or some camo...

I do want to get a new pAir of birk for work
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I've bought some cute onesies at goodwill :) unisex except for one that I just couldn't pass up that is very mod/girly.. but I know at least one mama having a girl so I can always pass it off if needed! 

I've bought my prenatals and some anxiety/depression supplements since I'm weaning off of Celexa and going through a really stressful time still with losing two girls that were very close to me last month and my freak outs over my husband's health (had cancer..scared of coming back)


I don't need to buy too much stuff, since I had Max 15 months ago ;) I'll probably buy some skirts at goodwill... We may have to buy a carseat... I'll probably get an addition baby wearing item... and I need to buy as many SNS feeders as I can, since I have insufficient glandular tissue and will need to supplement.

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I went with a pair of danskos instead on birks. got a practically new pair on ebay for $50.

Love ebay and thrift stores :)

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Danskos are fab! I got a pair almost two years ago and they still look basically new (and I wear them all the time). 


I've been outgrowing my bra and have been looking for some nursing camis--I figure if I get them with some extra room in the chest I will be able to wear them later on for nursing. However I can't find any in my size as I'm petite but with big boobs. Everything is either too large, too long, or just doesn't come in my size at all! I suppose I will just have to wear a bra with a regular cami over it, but I still can't find anything with a 30 band. greensad.gif

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Jonesies..Thank you for the info on the Danskos! I have super high arches and I was told those were the best shoes for my kind of feet. I just got the professional series black clog...I have the opposite problem as you. I need every thing big. I wear an 11W on my feet and have since the 8th grade. blush.gif

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Mamaecho, I have IGT too--what do you supplement with?  With DS I had to use formula (he was a NICU baby anyway), but I had a friend donate milk for DD and I'm going to try that route this time too if my friend is willing to pump for me.  I didn't know about the IGT until after I had so much trouble the 2nd time too.  This time I'm hoping it will be easier knowing from the beginning so I can start with the SNS immediately after birth and we won't have the 1lb in two days weight loss and then FTT like last time.  Do you also do any meds/supplements?  The only thing that works for me is dom, but it works really well.  I get almost twice as much with dom.  Still not enough, but close.  BFing is so stressful and takes so much work for me, I almost wish I didn't care and could just use formula like so many other moms (who could easily breastfeed but don't).

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Omg with 7 year age between my DS and this baby I need everything! My poor hubby is freaked out when I finally have energy to start shopping! I will do most Craigslist since I dislike spreading so much on things that won't last long

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Originally Posted by landensmommy View Post

Omg with 7 year age between my DS and this baby I need everything! My poor hubby is freaked out when I finally have energy to start shopping! I will do most Craigslist since I dislike spreading so much on things that won't last long

i feel you on this one, there is a 9 year difference with my DD and this baby..  I'm buying things gradually... i figure I have nine month.. 

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I am truly hoping that I don't have to buy a single thing smile.gif. We have tons of clothes for both a boy and a girl, slings, an ergo, a stroller, swing, a breast pump, etc.

We also have tons of CDs too. In fact, if anyone wants some gently used ones, we have tons because I bought too many with DD! Those suckers are so cute and irresistible.

I've been taking per-natals, blood builder iron supplements, flax seed, and B6. I'd gone off the B6 a while ago but should I go back on it?

I think any purchases we make will be toward moving our two kids now into a different room.
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Originally Posted by mommy2julia View Post

i feel you on this one, there is a 9 year difference with my DD and this baby..  I'm buying things gradually... i figure I have nine month.. 

I am waiting to determine if its a boy or girl before I go crazy and I'm letting my poor hubby adjust to the shock. If its a boy my cousin has lots of baby stuff for me

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I will have 8 year age difference too--I'm glad I'm not the only one here!  I'm worried about it actually, not immediately, but for the next few years it's going to be hard to have such a huge age gap.  8-12 year olds and a toddler.  

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I'll have a 10 year age difference between DD and this little one and I have almost no baby things anymore. I did hold onto my sling, couldn't ever bring myself to give it away or sell it. Other than that, I'll be looking for clothes, CDs (finally gave mine away about 3 years ago) , a new carrier (Ergo), breastpump and other assorted items. And I hear you Starfish, I had a bit of a CD collecting habit (perhaps obsession) with DD winky.gif We had some awesome Fuzzi Bunz with adorable designs and vibrant Kissaluvs colors. Too fun! And Sleepymama, my sister and I are 11 years apart (there's just the two of us) and we always got along really well. She was a big help to my mom.

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