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This is our first, so I kind of went crazy buying stuff when we decided to start ttc and then backed off because I didn't know how long it would take. Then I had a chemical, so I held off buying more stuff until after about 6 weeks when we had the ultrasound and saw the heartbeat. Now I've got too much stuff, lol. Had to make myself stop again! I've gotten a few things that other people have given us or are giving us that I didn't actually buy (carseats from my brother and hub's sister, a basinette from his aunt, a baby car kit from his sister, etc.)


So far for baby I have bought:

  • Start of a stash of cloth diaper prefolds & covers. Ok, so almost a whole tote full. :)
  • 2 Balboa Baby slings
  • 1 Maya ring sling
  • 1 Cybex u.Go wrap carrier (really liking this one, think I'll use it a lot the first few months and then maybe the Maya sling)
  • Some nursing covers that I'll probably not ever use, lol
  • A MyBrestFriend nursing pillow
  • A Balboa Baby nursing pillow


For me I have bought:

  • A new bra
  • New giant undies
  • Lounge pants for at home
  • A pair of maternity jeans
  • A body pillow
  • Prenatals, of course, and various supplements (calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, etc.)
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Thanks, I've seen those Cocorros mentioned before, I'll add it to my links to consider.  :)  I'm so lazy this pregnancy, I'd better get to work on stuff or I'm going to have to figure everything out at the last minute.  :)

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We gave in and traded my CR-V in for a 2010 Odyssey touring edition. DD is a pipsqueak and has a big ole Britax and DS is almost 13 but 5'10" so we needed the space. I have never seen myself as a minivan mama and neither could DH but we are so happy we traded. As for other stuff, we either need a king sized bed or a crib. After DD we gave everything to my brother and SIL! So we are starting from scratch! I love thrift stores and yard sales so I will have fun making the rounds this summer!
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We will have a 10-year age difference, so I have no baby stuff left!  However, this is just as well because I am planning on buying much less this time and also trying some new things.  I have also told anyone who has asked that I do not want a baby shower this time.  I figure anyone who wants to buy for baby will buy whether there is a shower or not. 


Anyone have a checklist of baby stuff that is minimal and geared toward breastfeeding/babywearing/co-sleeping/cloth diapering mamas?  Most of the lists I look at contain way too much stuff!  I may have to make my own...


So far I have bought:

  • Pregnancy test
  • Prenatal vitamins (and midwife gave me some free samples of vitamins)
  • Dr. Sears books (not that I have much time to read this time lol, but they are good to have for reference)
  • Exercise DVD (which I have been too tired last month to do, but hopefully can start soon)
  • Maternity clothes from Motherhood and Old Navy
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Potato chips. And a coconut. And whatever weird foods I get a hankering for.

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