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Marin, CA Todder Hang Out?

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Hello Marin Parentsjoy.gif


My two year old son is looking for some new friends.  He's very easy going and fun!  We live in Fairfax (just moved to Marin last year from NYC) and would love to meet with some AP inclined families.  


Have a great day!



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Hi Robin! My little one is older than yours -- she turned 3 in October -- but we are in San Rafael and would be glad to meet up sometime for a park playdate or nature walk. The weather's getting nicer now!


Gretchen, mom to a teen (1/98) and toddler (10/09)

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Hi Gretchen!  I'm sorry I did not reply sooner.  I didn't get any notification of any response.  Lets do a playground hangout and if any other Marin Moms want to come, great! 


What playground/days would work well for you?  


Thanks for responding!


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How about Peri park in Fairfax? It's such a fun place and we don't get down there often enough. We're reasonably open for days and times. Does your little one still nap? We could do late morning or lunchtime...

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Hi Gretchen!  Peri Park is certainly easy enough for us.  Thanks for making the trip!


How about next Friday, 3/22 at about 11ish?


Cool!  I'm looking forward to meeting you!



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Robin, I'm so sorry - I was sick all week and didn't even check this board. I totally forgot that we were messaging!

I hope you had a fun time at the park anyway -- and I will look forward to meeting you another time. I'll IM you my email address so this doesn't happen again.

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