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When would you test again?

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First of all, we're not really TRYING to conceive, as I have the copper IUD  (it would be a nice surprise but we're in no financial position for another baby right now) ...but I just have a suspicion, so I figured this would be the best place to ask smile.gif


My baby is going to be 11 months on Sunday but I never really got my period back after having him. I had something start on January 24th which I thought was my period but it turned out not to be much compared to what I was expecting as on the copper IUD, you're supposed to get the mother of all bleeding...  


Long story short, February 21 came and went, so I did a test on Sunday the 24th which came back neg. This morning I woke up to spotting and then nothing else (can it be implantation bleeding?)


I've been on some kind of hormonal birth control for almost all of my adult life so I really have no idea what my cycle is actually supposed to be (without any hormonal birth control) at this point. 


How long after this bleeding would you test?

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The IUD is over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. It would be quite unexpected if you are pregnant. While some women experience heavier periods/cramping, many women note spotting between periods, irregular periods or loss of periods all together. Good luck to you!
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I have the mirena IUD. It was placed 5 months ago at my 6 week check. I have had cramping and spotting, so today I took a wondfo test, it has the slightest faint positive line. Will be seeing my doc tomorrow.

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My coworker was either conceived with an IUD in place or her daughter was conceived while she had an IUD in place (I don't remember which).  If it's a true positive, remove it STAT!!!  Best wishes!

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My beta levels were 6 "positive" Looks like I caught it at a very early stage of my pregnancy. I am really surprised that my wondfo tests showed positive at such a low level. I have always tested at 8-10 dpo and been able to see a faint line, but a level of 6 is very impressive. I highly recommend these tests to everyone. 


I go in Friday to have the IUD removed and the HCG levels checked again. Tubals are common with IUD's so I'm pretty nervous.

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Best wishes, NSusan!  Congrats!!

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Congrats NSusan! 


And thanks everyone for the responses smile.gif


I have everything all sorted out now... I'm not sure if I should be relieved or disappointed shrug.gif

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