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Any Nub guesses?

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Anyone wanna take a shot at guessing my baby's gender based on the nub theory?



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I'm not familiar with the nub theory. Fill us in?
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I've not heard of that one either.

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Apparently the angle of the dangle (giggle) can tell you what gender your baby is - as early as 12 weeks. Here is more info on it. 

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Hi Thebyr - nice to see you here:) I hadn't heard of the nub theory before but read the article and my guess for you is boy!  

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My scan doesn't show a nub, so it's still a guess for me!

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Oh wait, the other picture looks like it does, but it's hard to tell which angle it's pointing; quite possibly horizontal, but it could be at a very slight angle. I'm really not sure!

Edited to add; I compared it to the pictures in the link and it's the same as the boy picture! I wonder if there's truth in it. I originally didn't expect to have a boy at all, but now I'm starting to wonder, partly because I keep being told that it must be due to morning sickness lasting longer this time.

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I had never heard of this 12 week gender prediction before, but it's fascinating! I was just showing DH this article. http://baby2see.com/gender/external_genitals.html  We are both in the "wait until it's certain" camp because I know I would go crazy not knowing for sure if it was a boy or a girl! 

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Interesting! I've never heard of this before.


Based on the theory, I'd guess you're having a boy. Please update us when you find out! thumb.gif

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Yeah- I thought this was kinda cool too. Since we won't be finding out the sex until birth - I'll be sure to update then. ROTFLMAO.gif


Feel free to add any nub scans to this thread - maybe we can all become pros!

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Good plan. I'll post mine when I get the chance and see what you all think.

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i'd love to hear any guesses about mine. I am so curious about them. The photos should get bigger if you click on them. I was 13w on the day these were taken (does the age matter?) 


This is Fetus A



And this is Fetus B 

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mrsandmrs - my guess is A = girl and B = boy. Would be fun to have one of each! Will you be trying to find out for sure at a later scan?

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Suzie - I would be happy with any combo, but boy/girl would be so precious. We do plan to find out as soon as we can. I am SO curious. 

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Oh, I'm not too sure, but I'm leaning towards girl.

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Originally Posted by Serafina33 View Post

Will ya'll please guess my babe's nub?  Pretty please?

Ditto what nettlesoup said - my guess is girl:) This is fun! Anyone else? Will be cool to see the outcomes!!

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I think girl too!

I went at 11 weeks and my pics were not great. I didn't have a full bladder so my uterus was very low. I do have sort of a profile of the bebe. But you can't really see any sort of nub :/
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Right, here's my ultrasound for the nub guess! I think it looks just like the example for a boy on the link.





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I'm looking at the other link now and I have no idea any more! It's all very confusing! I wasn't taking into account the angle of the back compared with the nub, so now it's starting to look more like a girl. Well either way I'll know for sure on the 17th April.

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