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Getting my Wisdom Teeth Out

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I've been putting off having my wisdom teeth out for ages and it is feeling like the time to just get it done already.  


I would probably do it sometime this summer when I'll have lots of family help on hand.  


My one big concern is my son who would be 20-23 months by then and almost certainly still nursing.  (I nursed my older kids well past age 2.5, little dude shows no sign of stopping and I'm more than happy to keep on keepin' on.)  


What have other mamas done in similar situations?  Pump and dump?  Request/avoid certain anesthetics or medications?  


Any experiences, advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



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Not wisdom teeth, but I've had several oral/jaw surgeries while nursing over the years. It's better to ask in advance which drugs they will use and do the research yourself. There are very few that are are off limits but in my experience they are so worried about liability that the stock response is "just don't nurse afterward". Yeah,doctor, I really want to deal with a baby freaking out because she wants milk right after surgery.
Kellymom.com has a section on meds and nursing, & if you google Medications and Mother's Milk it will get you to Dr. Hale's website.
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Thanks for the leads.  I'll do some research.  And it honestly never occurred to me to ask ahead of time which meds would be used, but that makes an awful lot of sense.  Hard to give "informed consent" if you haven't had any time to process the information you're being given. 

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I just got mine out 3 days ago!  I have a EBF 5.5 mo old.  Obviously I wish I could have waited longer but I had an active infection in the one I got extracted.  I elected to do it with just local numbing injections (lidocaine with epinepherine) and it was FINE.  I didn't feel it at all.  I took 200c arnica and hypercium alternating every 2 hrs for 24 hours afterwards, and had to take one dose of 400mg ibuprofen, but just the eve of surgery.  Since then just warm salt water rinses.  I shopped around for an oral suregon who was willing to do it with the least meds possible.  I didn't even take antibiotics (he irrigated out the infected tissue after the removal.)  Sure, I am sore, but at least I didn't have any interruption with my nursling.

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call infantrisk (google them for number), they are amazingly helpful.

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I was put under general to have my 4 out and I just went home afterwards and nursed my 7 month old like normal! smile.gif. (Now the antibiotics they put me on wreaked havoc on our lives from then on out....but as for the anesthesia, it was no big deal! )
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I had my wisdoms teeth out under sedation before I had children but I wasn't given anything incompatible with breastfeeding. As a PP said, there are actually very few drugs which are contraindicated for breastfeeding.

I had my tonsils out when my LO was 16 months old. I fed her in the evening about 2hrs after surgery and then as normal from the following morning when I went home. I was on antibiotics for two weeks because the surgeon found pus under one of my tonsils and it wasn't a problem for us at all (although I know everyone is different).
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