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Anyone dealing with feeling down or being depressed?

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Anyone else having these feelings? I'm 14 wks right now and have had a really rough go. Basically been in bed most days for about 2 months. My mom and fiancé have been taking good care of my 2 kids so at least they are doing well! But I on the other hand am a mess! I lost about 10% of my body weight, dealt with vertigo and the constant nausea and heartburn. I guess if I still felt that level of bad I would not be questioning that I would feel some level of depression but over the past 2 weeks I have been starting to feel better. All my symptoms are finally manageable!!!! I'm gaining weight verses loosing it but I still feel emotionally as bad as I did when I was truly awfully sick. I'm very depressed right now and not sure how to get out of if. I am at the point where I don't want to talk to anyone, take a shower, get up for anything etc. Just want to sleep all day. greensad.gif
Any thoughts how to change my perspective? greensad.gif
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hug.gif, first.  This is a hard way to feel. You aren't alone.


I've been coping with some depression and anxiety since pre-pregnancy (had a very long TTC, and other stressors) and am now 10 weeks and still coping.  I have a friend who dealt with the same, from about 8 weeks PG til about 30 weeks.  You're not alone in feeling like something more deep and big is happening beyond the usual moodiness of pregnancy.  Like you, I've lost weight and been dealing with some first trimester symptoms, really anxious and depressed, angry and withdrawn from my DH and very impatient and at times, unkind to my DS.  I'm not proud of it.  It sucks. I have little energy, little patience and little desire to get up, showered and dressed most days. I'm a SAHM, mostly, and have been relying a lot on my lady friends to take my kid to hang out with them and their kids a couple days a week. I don't really want to see/visit with friends, but am grateful that they're understanding about what's going on and keeping an eye on me (and helping with DS, of course). 

I've been depressed in regular non-pregnant/postpartum life before. This feels kind of like that. 


Talking/journaling about it helps. Letting people know what's going on helps.  I've been forcing myself to get some exercise on the treadmill or going to spin class a few times a week.  Self care measures (I get craniosacral therapy and chiropractic).  I use a hypnosis app to help me if I'm too troubled by anxiety to sleep.  Allowing myself to sleep whenever I can has felt right, even if Netflix is babysitting my kid at that time, or I haven't really talked with DH in days, or I have to ask for more help than I ever normally would from friends.  I'm paying more attention to my nutrition, adding lots of protein and less sugar, within the bounds of what I can tolerate preparing/eating.  I practice simple yoga at home a few times a week, and try to meditate a few times a week (sometimes I'm more successful than others).  Doing the self-care can feel overwhelming sometimes in terms of leaving the house, being showered, etc. but I know that it's helping me, so I just do it. I allow myself to feel prickly/crabby without judging myself (and not to a point of running roughshod over my loved ones). 


I don't really know how to answer your question about changing your perspective; I've drawn a mental "line in the sand" for myself that if I don't feel better, or DH doesn't see improvement by 12-13 weeks, I will seek mental health support with a counselor. I'm not going to take medications unless things get drastically less manageable. 

I hope you start feeling better soon.  

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