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ITS A ... (now contains nuts... I mean birth story)

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Our sweet girl arrived earth-side at 3:58 am on February 24th. She was 7lbs 6oz and 21 inches long. I had a wonderful delivery and labor. I got to the hospital after 2 am and she was born just before four. It was fast but not furious or out of control and aside from my own anxiety issues it was wonderful! she was almost born in the toilet . I didnt feel puushy but I really had to pee and as I sat on the toilet she slid down and crowned as my body pushed on it's own. The midwife and my husband carried me to the bed where she was born in one push.

I suffered a severe post partum hemorrhage and that was scary. Even as bad a it was though I don't feel traumatized  from it because there was never any panic in the room. My care provider was loving and caring the entire time and baby girl stayed on my chest the entire time with DH and a nurse helping her stay latched as they worked. I felt incredibly cared for and safe despite the drama involved. I plan on writing up the birth story soon until then here she is



Miss Evangeline Simone





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Hurray!!!  Congrats!

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What a beautiful shot!  Congratulations!  joy.gif

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She is beautiful. Congratulations. So glad to hear that despite the drama you had a wonderful experience.

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congrats!!!  love the name!  and so glad that the drama was well handled by your care providers.  that's such a huge blessing.

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She's beautiful! I'm glad your care takers were so calm and assuring. That makes all the difference, doesn't it?

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A good care provider can really make or break the entire birth. I wish there were more providers like mine. I dont have a great relationship with my mother so trusting any woman has always been difficult. I have had the same midwife for the last 3 of my 6 children. She is probably the ONLY woman I really trust.


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Congrats, mama!

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congratulations! such a beautiful photograph stillheart.gif

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Congratulations!!  I hope you are healing and feeling well!

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i am finding I super emotional. I keep trying to process having two daughters and being so thrilled about it when I had always said i didn't want girls. I dont feel sad per se just emotional and weepy.

so the actual birth story.
I had an apt with my midwife on Friday (39w2d) and baby was super low. It was getting difficult to walk around between the SPD and having such a low baby. We went over my birth plans which essentially came down to " don't touch me unless you need to or I ask for help" I laughed and told my MW that I would see her Sunday (my last 3 babies before Evie were born on a Sunday) I left and double checked my apt. for the next week and told the receptionist I likely wouldn't be there for it. i just really felt like baby was going to come very soon. 


Saturday I didn't even have so much as a Braxton Hicks and I was not thrilled. i was starting to wonder if my intuition had been off. My 8 year old son had a major behavior and as a result broke his brothers metal toddler bed. we decided to go shopping at an IKEA for a bed set I wanted for the boys to replace it. I had no idea that IKEA was like the Labyrinth and you couldn't get in and out quickly. The littles had a blast and we found what we needed. It took us hours to find the exit and then the lines were INSANE so we opted to leave without what we came for because at that point my hips hurt so bad I wanted to cry. I lost the remainder of my plug while walking around IKEA. We stopped at a panera on the way home and I had half a sandwich but didn't really feel that hungry.


Suddenly I began to have a panic attack and I realized Baby would be coming sooner rather than later. I felt that way before each of my babies births. We went home collected the older children and went to church. I met up with people I hadn't seen in a while and they were all asking when I was due. When I told them Wednesday but I felt baby was coming tonight  everyone was excited. I felt especially anxious this time and asked our deacon and priest for extra prayers.

We got home and fed the kids and I just wasn't hungry. I kept going back and forth to the bathroom. I also felt like I had a hand poking me really low and as a result also needed to pee every 10 minutes. Around 11 I started to feel some real contractions and really got nervous. I just felt like Something wasn't right and there was some sort of impending doom. I tried a half glass of wine and all it did was give me heartburn. I started to feel hungry but everything I tried to eat made me gag. I was so mad that I didn't nap earlier because now I was tired and too keyed up to sleep.

I put on my birth music (full of eminem and fort major as well as some great praise and worship music) I sat on my ball and tried to be calm. I wasn't in any pain yet and the contractions weren't even time-able yet. I just wanted to nap and it was making me so mad that I couldn't. Around 1 am we called the midwife to let her know that yes I was in labor and would head over when I felt ready to. At about 130ish my legs started trembling and I started gagging after every contraction. The hospital was 25 minutes away and it was snowing so we called the midwife and let her know I was heading in.


I got in the car and prayed a rosary with my husband and that brought some relief of the fear and feeling something just wasn't right. I didn't have one single contraction in the car at all on the ride there. As soon as I got out of the car however I had one on top of the other across the parking lot into the ER.It was now just after 2 am.

I got up to L&D on my own without a wheelchair but had contractions every 10 feet. It felt good to be moving and to have something to focus on outside the fear. I got hooked up to the monitors and had my stress test (hospital policy) it felt nice to hear squish on the monitor and see baby was doing fine. it calmed my fears some thankfully. i was still gagging and puking after every contraction at this point. My MW checked me and said I was 4 stretchy to 6 so we were in business.there would be no other checks for the rest of labor! I got in the tub and it felt lovely for about 30 seconds.

I started to feel trapped in the water and wanted to get out it was now 3am. and my contractions were every 7 minutes or so, some worse than others. I was still feeling the need to pee every 5 minutes so I sat on the toilet and had a wonderful strong contraction. we listened to baby for a second and everything sounded great. I tried the ball but baby was so low it hurt. I could feel squish filling my hips at that point. I got something to help with my nausea since I couldn't stop gagging and it was making me crazy. I needed to stay hydrated if I wanted to avoid an IV. I decided to go for a walk and got about 5 feet from my room when I had to pee again. I tried a few more times to go for a walk but had to pee constantly. I felt like I had something prodding my bladder constantly.

I figured out that raising the bed and leaning over it felt awesome.The contractions weren't super painful except for the very peak of it. sometimes I pictured god hugging me, sometimes I pictured random sexcapades DH and I had embarked on. So i did that for the next few contractions it was now 345.I asked them to lower the bed so I could sit on it one contraction later I had to pee again and went over to the toilet. DH informed me that I had a bunch of bloody show on the pad on the bed. I figured I had about another hour or so to go . As I sat on the toilet i suddenly felt my body push and felt Squish slide down and I found myself growling. The midwife came in and checked just to make sure baby wasn't going to be born in the toilet.


There was baby crowned and ready to go. it was now 355

She asked if I could get up and I told her I couldn't move. Her and my Hubby picked me up and moved me to the bed where I asked to be I could not move on my own and they helped me position myself so that I could push when I was ready.The  pressure was intense but not painful I felt full and slit in two along my pelvis. then my water broke as my body pushed on it's own again.. I remember saying "oh that took care of some of the pressure" then in the same moment baby came out with her hand by her face and she kicked at the same time. She flew out of me as the midwife tumbled her out of the cord that had corkscrewed around her body. 358


I looked and realized what I saw and asked " DID I JUST SEE BABY VAGINA?" (hows that for tact?!?)

baby was placed on my chest and latched right on. I squealed with absolute delight over baby. She was latched on cord intact for about 15 minutes. Then I cut the cord (first time in 6 babies) and about 10 minutes later the placenta came. 

Everyone was happy and then the temperature in the room changed and my MW was telling the nurse to start an IV right away. I started shaking violently. I couldn't talk and I could barely breath. My MW looked me in the eye and explained I was bleeding really badly. She told me quickly what was happening and assured me we were fine. I got a shot of pitocin in my leg. another shot of something else in my leg (methagin I think).I received cytotec as well, plus some other meds that they had to put in my bum. an IV in both arms and hands and 4 bags of fluids with pitocin while they got blood. I had an oxygen mask placed and I kept asking if I should give baby to DH but they assured me the best place for her was on me. Dh and my nurse helped keep baby latched on. at one point DH asked "what was that" and was told it was a clot bigger than my placenta itself! I started to feel a little faint and told him if anything happened to me to not leave the baby's side. I told the nurse she had pretty teeth .They called in the OB and prepped the OR. 90 minutes later everything was stable without them having to truss my uterus like a turkey. the OB was awesome and very caring. even came to check on my later and bring me info about what options were if the bleeding continued. my midwife at one point stood there rubbing my hands.

despite all of it I felt very cared for. and my birth was freaking amazing. i refuse to allow the drama to color that in any way.So I'm on bed rest for 2 weeks to ensure no issues. I am so in love with this little girl but struggling with being a mother to 6 children and 2 girls. Tandem nursing and supply issues from blood loss are not making it any easier 




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So glad you are healthy and got through it! Congratulations again on your girl.

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Whew! Your experience sounds like a heightened, more intense version of my story. Interesting that you had such intuition about what was going to happen, too...


Glad you're recovering well - bed rest is a good idea, as hard as it must be. Enjoy cuddling with that sweet girl!


(I love the juxtapositions of eminem/gospel music and god hugging you/dirty acts with DH! Haha.)

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Originally Posted by sgsnyder View Post


(I love the juxtapositions of eminem/gospel music and god hugging you/dirty acts with DH! Haha.)

story of my life lol

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Congratulations mama! sounds like a lovely birth except the hemorrhage, but glad it resolved.  I love the picture of her right after she was born- so so sweet!

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