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Update on Melany and Anna

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Hi everyone, just got a longer email from Melany giving more details of their story. The most important positive information is that Anna's surgery went well and she is stable, though will need to remain in the NICU for at least 4 weeks and may have some other things going on. If you would like to know more of the details, please PM me and I will send on her message, because she's not feeling like she wants to put it out on a public forum (totally fair).


Hugs, Melany and family! grouphug.gif

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Prayers will continue!

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Thanks for the update.  She hasn't left my thoughts!

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Praying, Melany!

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So glad to hear she's stable. Still sending lots of healing vibes Seattle-wards x
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You're in my thoughts Melany!

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praying.gif for Melany and family

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You're in my thoughts and prayers Melany and Anna... I hope everything turns out well and Anna makes a full recovery!!



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Thinking and praying for your little one, Melany, i hope she recovers quickly and easily. Take care of yourself!! hug.gif
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Sending healing thoughts and hopes for a happy homecoming in the near future.

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Oh I'm so glad to hear this......I've been so worried!  Be sure to take care of yourself too, Melany!  {{{HUGS}}}



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I have been thinking of and praying for Melany and Baby Anna every day. Recover soon, little girl!
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Hi Ladies


Taking a moment to use the PC and set-up my leave of absence from work. Little worried that it looks like I may not be eligible for short term disability because I had baby at home and not at a hospital. I'll have to call HR and find this out because this is a shock and means I have 6 weeks less of leave.


Baby is stable, she opened her eyes a few times yesterday and it was so wonderful to see those little blue eyes. I'm really looking forward to when she can cry so I can hear her.


I break down a lot. The first few days, I'd start bawling every time I saw a pregnant woman, just thinking about when I was anticpating her coming, and feeling those last wild kicks right before she was born. She flipped from posterior during the pushing stage and that was the craziest sensation, and made it possible to see her two pushes later. Now, I tend to bawl at the sight of toddlers as I wonder whether she will be able to keep up with kids her own age when she gets there. Pete keeps telling me to try to just get through each day, but I need to think of her outside of this setting so I can remember that there is an end to today.


I spend my pumping time flipping through the iphone photos I took of her randomly over the weekend when we were home. The hospital staff is SO supportive of breast feeding and I'm stocking up their freezer for when she can finally eat. The LC here is fantastic. I pumped for 3 years of my life at work and I still learned something new when she came in to talk to me. Apparently my little ladies need bigger cones because you want to allow the ducts near the aeriola to also express into the pump.


My parents live close, and that's been nice, but REALLY stressful with my mother. She sits nexts to me and cannot just let us sit in silence. She needs to hear conversation and if no one else is talking, she talks. And talks. And talks. She wants make assumptions about what I'm thinking of feeling and then decides that everyone in the room needs to know what she thinks I am thinking and feeling at that moment, then the next moment, and the next moment. I feel like screaming "SHUT THE F*** UP!" but I do believe that would be frowned upon in a children's hospital setting. Honestly, I'm crying, do you think anyone needs a translation? And, she makes up what it was the set me off. Then when I get made, she gets defensive and I'm the evil person. She is flying out to visit my brother and his wife and new baby, ticket already in hand, I am releived. I am a little upset that she CHANGED the dates so that she will be out of town during my kid's spring break. I had asked her months ago for the kids to come visit for a few days after our new baby and she made airline tickets during that entire week? WTH? And now, with us here in Seattle and the kids at home with my MIL, what do I do during their spring break in 2 weeks? They cannot stay here? My SIL's baby is 4 months old and in day care. Couldn't she come home a week earlier than originally planned? My baby sister is in grad school and her spring break coincides with the kids. She's offered to go stay at my parent's house with my dad to watch them and that is a relief, but she has her thesis to finish before June and I feel bad about that.


Well, it's time to pump. Thank you for all the prayers. She needs as many as we can send up.

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Oh Melany,

I am praying for you and I am so sorry for the emotional and scary roller coaster you are on. I am so happy your baby is stable and you got to see her beautiful blue eyes. You are a great mom and your baby is blessed to have you right there with her. God bless...

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Melany, It's so good to know Anna is recovering! I have been thinking of you and your LO a lot over the past couple days. 


I'm sorry your mom is being such PITA. I would also be annoyed with her horrendous timing to see the other grand baby. I understand that she wants to visit them, but now? While sh*t is hitting the fan for you? It seems a little insensitive (I apologize if that is not the right thing to say, it is just how I am seeing it but there could be a million other facets to the story). 



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My phone photo. I'm looking forward to more photos of her pretty little face.
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Melany - Anna looks so precious!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for the update and photo - you're always in our thoughts!! 


Hugs and prayers, Kristin.

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Oh Melany.......there are no words except I am praying everyday and every night for you all. I live close to Seattle just a few hours drive, if you would like a visitor, just someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on I am on my way. I may have to bring Maddax as if she doesn't decide to come on her own by Monday we will be inducing. I really wish I could give you a big hug so driving up would not be a problem!

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So glad to hear you're getting good support at the hospital.  I hope you can work things out with your mom and your HR people - you don't need that kind of stress.



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Yeah, I second the "you don't need that stress!" Don't forget to take care of yourself! She is precious!
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