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I like what spughy suggested, as well, though I suspect it will only delay the inevitable confrontation (which could be to your benefit, right now, since you already have enough on your plate without having to deal with crazy people sensationalizing your troubles.)

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greensad.gif Ugh, I would definitely give her an email saying something like you have chosen how public you want the information and please don't widen the sphere by posting it in her status. You might mention that you need her to keep her support positive, too. Then if she continues she knows exactly why you've unfriended her or moved her out of the sphere of information. I'm sorry!
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I agree with Spughy, Sunshinelove, Cabbit, and Tear - I'd send a quick email, asking her not to post things about Anna, that it's your information and you'd like to control who sees it, and not have it out there for all her facebook friends, too. 




I wish you strength if you decide to do this.  If I were in your shoes (which I can't even begin to imagine) I would un-friend her in an instant. 

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You've had some good advice!  I agree!  I completely understand how that would be so irritating and insulting.  You do not need this!!!hug2.gif

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I know I am late on this, but I would really like to contribute to any care package, so if there are PMs going out, please hit me up!
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I marked her as an acquaintance and I've shared with friends not acquaintances. That seems to have solved it for now. Not to mention, it really cleaned up my newsfeed with her other posts. smile.gif

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Good for you, Melany!  I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision, but as long as it results in less stress for you, it's the right one!

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Originally Posted by scruffy too View Post

Good for you, Melany!  I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision, but as long as it results in less stress for you, it's the right one!

Exactly! Facebook has some really neat settings, if you take the time to learn how to use them.

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Major update. We moved from the NICU to the surgical recovery floor. She was doing well and they had some emergencies come in, so they moved the stable babies on. We will still be here for a while, but now no one will commit to a time frame. The optimist in me hopes that means we aren't here for months plural but another month singular.

They also moved us into the Ronald McDonald house. Pete's going to bring the kids by tomorrow and they will stay with us. Pete wants me to spend the day with them while he's at the hospital. I think I need that mental health break.
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I'm glad she is doing so well, Melany smile.gif. I'm sure thats a big relief for you and your family. I've been following your posts on the caring bridge website. I just want you to know that you and Anna are in my prayers and i hope she keeps getting better and better very quickly hug.gif
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Well, I end up making my updates while I pump, which explains why I'm I here once in a while, too.

It's becoming less hard to read the posts on here, and at some point I really want to read all the birth stories.
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Melany - such great news that you guys are out of nicu!  hug2.gif

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Thats fantastic to hear Melany!! So glad you'll get to spend some time with your other kiddos too, I be they miss you like crazy. Are they allowed into the hospital to see Anna at all?

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Yes, they are allowed on, which is nice.
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Terrific news, Melany.
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I've also been following your Caring Bridge updates, Melany.  I think about you and baby Anna often.  You are in my heart and prayers!  

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I've been MIA for a bit, but you and Anna have been in my thoughts. So glad to read that she is out of the NICU!

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I'm struggling with this a little. Pete wants me to go home this weekend to be with our older kids and I don't think I can leave the baby.

Also in big news, apparently if you are in the hospital for more than 30 days, you become eligible for Medicaid regardless of income eligibility. That is quite a relief because they dropped the number of what our bill is up to and we've significantly topped the value of our home (before the housing crash) on just the facility charges. They didn't have the air flight or doctor fees in it, yet. The social worker joked that I could have a million dollar baby.
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Melany, I can understand that it must be very hard for you to leave your DD, and that you must be mentally struggling with staying or going. Is there any way you can go home and be with the older kids for just one day on Easter? I know it will be hard, but I also feel your older kids must miss you like crazy, and being with them for this holiday will be meaningful for them. It's just an idea, and you have to do what your heart tells you.


That is fantastic news about getting Medicaid!! It's there for this exact reason, and what a help it will be for you and your DH... 

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Melany, I can totally understand that it would be hard to imagine leaving Anna. Could Pete stay with her while you went home for just a short visit? Maybe there would be some positive parts to getting a little distance for a day or two? Like getting to reconnect with your other kids? Or just getting a little refreshed? I know that wouldn't work if you were worried about Anna the whole time, though. I hope you can figure out a decision that feels good.

The Medicaid news is awesome.

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