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That is a tough decision, Melany.
Perhaps the break away to see your other kids would recharge your battery as well as being great for them to spend time with Mom. You'll have to go with your gut on this x
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I agree with SlimP--it'll probably recharge you and also be really good for your other kids. Maybe not for the whole weekend, though, that will probably be pretty hard for you. Do you have to commit to the entire weekend? If so, i say listen to your gut. If not then there's no harm in seeing how you feel once you're there, you can always go back to the hospital if its too hard.
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I'm at home and it feels SO weird. I really want to wake up the kids, but I'll let them sleep.


I went into baby's room and Pete has used it as a dumping ground. It was mostly cleaned out when baby was born and now it's really not. I did find some socks to bring back to the hospital with me so she can wear something other than the freebies from the hospital, but I had to shut the door and not look at the mess.


As far as baby clothes, she has to be in something bigger than she needs (she's up to 7 lbs!) but it has to completely open in the front and allow for her PICC line access and not press on her G-tube. So, we're limited to short sleeved onsies with snaps down the front. 


On the plus note, I brought a cooler of breast milk home and I may need to donate some milk to the milk bank. I think I have over 4 gallons of milk in our freezer! I should take a picture. I have a ton of the little premie medala bottles the hospital provides, 56 8 oz bottle and the rest in breast milk bags.


And, baby is up to 6ml of milk an hour, just over a teaspoon. I don't think we'll hit the 4 gallon mark anytime soon.

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Oh melany!  This must all be so overwhelming!  I am so happy Anna is on Breastmilk now, that's wonderful!  I hope you can be able to rest and relax while you are home.  Continued prayers for you... Much love being sent your way!!

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hug2.gif Thank you for keeping us updated! I'm so glad you were able to come home and spend some time with the older kids, I'm sure they will appreciate it! And that's awesome about the milk!! Being able to donate is such a gift!

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You are all in my thoughts and prayers!
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I imagine it's weird, but hopefully it's good, too!


I had no idea there were "milk banks," but it sounds like a great idea. And even if Anna's only on 6ml an hour, that's so much more than it was just a week ago! Hooray!

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Pete posted a photo on facebook and my daughter came over and hugged me. The kids have been hanging on me all day, which is also hard because I'm heading back Sunday or Monday.


There's actually a milk bank in WA now! The NICU nurses told me about it. The baby who came in next door to us right before we moved to a double room was on donated milk. 


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